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Skyrim the Path of Knowledge Quest

Updated on December 14, 2012

Skyrim Dragonborn Path of Knowledge Quest

The path of knowledge takes the hero to Nchardak. Defeat the dwarven master centurion to complete the path of knowledge quest.
The path of knowledge takes the hero to Nchardak. Defeat the dwarven master centurion to complete the path of knowledge quest.

Skyrim the Path of Knowledge Quest

In Skyrim, the hero needs to seek out Neloth in Tel Mithryn to embark on the path of knowledge quest. The Path of Knowledge quest will see the hero go to Nchardak to find the second black book. This will guide the hero on the path of knowledge quest and do the Nchardak walkthrough to find the second black book.

Skyrim Nchardak Walkthrough

First go to Tel Mithryn and find the largest mushroom habitat there. Tel Mithryn lies far to the east of Raven Rock, but is still on Solstheim. So from Raven Rock, head east until the hero sees this distinctive mushroom like structure. Head inside the largest mushroom house and speak to Neloth. Together, the hero and Neloth set out for Nchardak.

Nchardak lies to the north of Tel Mithryn. When the hero and Neloth arrive there, reapers will come out and attack the hero. So stay in sneak mode and surprise attack the reavers before they openly attack the hero. When the reavers are defeated, head inside Nchardak.

Neloth tells the hero that he needs five cubes to unlock the machine that contains the Black Book. Much of the Nchardak walkthrough is based on trying to find the cubes. On entering Nchardak, Neloth will beckon the hero to activate the lever and get to the Nchardak great chamber. There the hero will be able to pick up the first two cubes.

With one of the first cubes, unseal the first door that will lead to the Nchardak workshop.

Skyrim Nchardak Workshop

On entering the Nchardak workshop, the team will be attacked by dwarven spiders. Once they are defeated, follow Neloth. He will lead the hero to two pedestals where the two cubes obtained from the main chamber can be placed. The water level in the Nchardak workshop will be lowered, unmasking some dwarven shields and spider workers. Go up some stairs to defeat a dwarven centurion. Now go back and grab of one of the cubes and find a control switch facing a door. Activate it and the stairs leading to the door will be activated. Go up the stairs and follow the marker on the map to reach a door. Open the door to find the third cube.

Removing the third cube will cause the water level in these parts to rise. Go back through the door leading to the chamber with the two pedestals and collect the remaining cube. Now use the other door on the left (of the pedestals). Go through the door and defeat more dwarven constructs, including some dwarven ballista. Once the ballista are defeated, find a switch control to activate a bridge. Going back past the bridge will allow one to head back to the Nchardak Great Chamber.

Get the Fourth Cube

To get the fourth cube, go underneath the bridge where the dwarven ballista were. The fourth cube will be in an alcove somewhere here. Taking the fourth cube will cause the water level to rise and a dwarven centurion to be activated. Defeat this and then go back to the Nchardak Great Chamber.

Lower the Three Bridges in the Nchardak Aqueduct

Place two cubes on the pedestals to lower the water level in the great chamber. When the cubes are placed, dwarven constructs will come out and attack the hero and team. Defeat them. Follow Neloth as he walks along a (now uncovered) pathway towards a door. Defeat the dwarven ballista here.

Enter through the door once the constructs are defeated. To get the fifth cube, the hero needs to lower the three bridges in the Nchardak aqueduct. The three bridges are lowered by following a certain pattern of activating the control switches.

Get the Fifth Cube

Defeat some of the monsters released when the bridges are lowered. Follow Neloth as he traverses the bridges and eventually leads the hero to an area with some stairs going up. Climb the stairs, turn left and place a cube on the pedestal. This will cause the water level to sink, revealing a set of doors in front of the hero. Go forward and activate the control switch. Go pass the one way passage to a pair of swirling blades. Activate the control switch, open the gate and grab the fifth cube.

Defeat the Dwarven Centurion Master

Return to the Great Chamber and place all four cubes on the pedestals on the lower platform. This will lower the bridge in the Great Chamber and release the Dwarven Centurion Master. With Serena's ice attacks, Neloth's electricity attacks and the hero's sneak bow and arrows attacks, the Dwarven Centurion Master will be no match for the trio and will be defeated. Go inside the treasure room where the centurion master came from and loot it.

Then head back to the Nchardak reading room and release the Black Book from dwemer control by activating the button. This will complete the Path of Knowledge quest. Read the Black Book and prepare to meet the daedric prince of knowledge.

Other black book locations will be available from Neloth in the future.


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