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Skyrim Waking Nightmare Quest

Updated on December 4, 2011

Skyrim Defeat Nightcaller Temple Veren and Thorek

Skyrim Defeat Nightcaller Temple Veren and Thorek to get Skull of Corruption or Erandur as Follower
Skyrim Defeat Nightcaller Temple Veren and Thorek to get Skull of Corruption or Erandur as Follower

Skyrim Waking Nightmare Nightcaller Temple Quest

In Skyrim, the hero undertakes the waking nightmare quest in the nightcaller temple east of Dawnstar to either recruit Erandur the healer mage as a follower, or get the Skull of Corruption as a daedric staff artifact. This will guide the hero in going through the nightcaller temple with Erandur (including trying to solve the bug of Erandur missing in Nightcaller temple), defeating Thorek and Veren Duleri and then either getting the Skull of Corruption or Erandur as a follower.

Skyrim Starting the Waking Nightmare Quest and Finding Erandur

In Skyrim, the Waking Nightmare Quest inside Nightcaller Temple is actually started in Dawnstar by approaching a group of people surrounding Erandur, who claims to know why they are having these nightmares at night (and of course waking them up). If the hero is in a hurry and has missed speaking to Erandur the first time, find him in the Windpeak Inn. Find and speak to Erandur in the Windpeak Inn, and be informed that he knows the source of the nightmares - the daedric princess Vaermina and her followers in the Nightcaller Temple. Erandur wants the hero to follow him there, so follow Erandur to Nightcaller Temple.

Skyrim Monsters of Nightcaller Temple

In Skyrim, the monsters in Nightcaller Temple could be quite difficult for the hero if he had tried to take on the Nightcaller Temple quest at low levels. The monsters outside and inside Nightcaller Temple include -

  • Ice Wraiths outside the temple - use Erandur as a tank and then equip the hero with dual destruction spells of lightning of some kind. One can use slow time if the ice wraiths are too fast. Take down the ice wraiths from behind Erandur, but be careful not to hit him.
  • Skeevers inside the nightcaller temple - these are easy
  • Orc Invaders - these have invaded the nightcaller temple from the past due to the recurring nightmares; they were put to sleep by the Vaermina devotees in the temple who released the miasma. They will reawaken when the hero deactivates the miasma, and can be dealt with by sneak attacking them before they fully awaken.
  • Vaermina Devotees - these cast magic especially lightning, and again the same tactics apply here - defeat them before they awaken; otherwise they will be quite tough at low levels. If they do awaken before they can be put down with sneak attacks, use Erandur to tank them and then return the favour by striking them with lightning.

Skyrim Follow Erandur in Nightcaller Temple

In Skyrim, the waking nightmare quest puts Erandur in charge within Nightcaller Temple. He will cast a spell to make the stone wall become ethereal and then go through. Follow him through.

Note - before following Erandur into Nightcaller Temple, remember to save the game. If the hero enters Nightcrawler Temple and cannot find Erandur, reload the last save game. Erandur should now appear inside the temple. If Erandur still cannot be found inside the temple, the gamer may have to use the console to bypass this stage.

Follow Erandur to the chain and Erandur will realize that the miasma blocks access the chain. He asks the hero to accompany him to the library where the hero should attempt to find the Dreamstride. Marking this quest as active in the journal should do make this search really easy. Just follow the compass and find the required Dreamstride book. The Dreamstride states that to enter the Dreamstride the tester should consume the Torpor potion. Follow Erandur to the laboratory section of the Nightcaller Temple and find the Torpor potion (again using the compass to help the hero).

Skyrim Using Skull of Corruption

Skyrim Using Skull of Corruption - Giving the Sabretooth Tiger Nightmares
Skyrim Using Skull of Corruption - Giving the Sabretooth Tiger Nightmares

Skyrim Defeat Veren Duleri, Thorek and Erandur to get the Skull of Corruption

In Skyrim Nightcaller Temple, the hero consumes the Torpor potion and becomes one with one of the Vaermina devotees from the past, witnessing the last minutes of the fall of Nightcaller Temple. Eventually the hero reaches the activation chain for the miasma and the potion wears off. The hero returns to the present, and must remove the soul gem from the ledge to deactivate the miasma. This is the stage where all the monsters in Nightcaller Temple (see above) come back to life. Defeat them to reach the ritual room of Nightcaller Temple where the Skull of Corruption lie.

In Skyrim, to get the Skull of Corruption, the hero must defeat Veren Duleri and Thorek and finally Erandur. Veren Duleri and Thorek will attack together. Use slow time to slow them down, and then dual destruction magic spells to blast them away. Loot them to collect some good treasures. Now Erandur will step forward to perform the ritual to destroy the Skull of Corruption. Vaermina will whisper in the hero's ears, tempting him to take down Erandur for the skull of corruption. Choose one of the following -

  • Take down Erandur and get the Skull of Corruption. The Skull of Corruption allows the hero steal dreams from sleeping NPCs, and allow these dreams to be released as nightmares for monsters, dealing them 50 points of damage. This is quite convenient if the hero is playing as a vampire, as he can feed on the sleeping NPCs, followed by absorbing dreams from the NPCs.
  • Let Erandur finish the ritual to destroy the Skull of Corruption, and receive Erandur as a mage follower


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