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Sony PS Vita

Updated on May 14, 2015

PS Vita Review

The Sony PS Vita is the new attempt by Sony to really gain a stranglehold on the handheld console market around the world. With the incredible leaps in graphic processing power that has been made by the mobile chipset industry in the past couple of years, the handheld gaming market has exploded with numerous new consoles from not only the usual household names, but also from the many new companies that have sprouted up. So as you can imagine the competition has become pretty fierce as they all vie to be the top selling console, so how good is this particular model and is it worth buying. Lets have a look.

Handheld Sony PS Vita

ps vita specs
ps vita specs

PS Vita Specs

Prior to buying the Sony PS Vita you will of course want to know what it is all about and what it is capable of doing and the first thing you will notice is that it comes with dual touch pads that are located at both the front and the rear, dual cameras that are also located both on the front and the back, a 5 inch screen that is more than enough to see what you are doing and is also a touch screen, dual analogue sticks, their six axis motion sensors, their three axis compass, and the ability to connect to the world wide web via Wi-Fi.

With regard to the hardware, then you are looking at a 4 core CPU as well as a flash card media support especially for this Console that allows you to save media and of course to also play the games. It also then comes with speakers, a microphone, and the ability to use bluetooth, so it is clear that it is not exactly lacking when it comes to the actual technical side.

sony ps vita
sony ps vita
PS Vita
PS Vita

Beneficial Aspects To The Sony PS Vita

One of the first positives that really should be mentioned is the battery life as this is often a real concern with these handheld devices as you always worry about running out of power just at that vital moment. It has to be said that the battery life with the Sony PS Vita is better than you would expect considering the console is dealing with quite a lot at the one time and you would think it would drain the battery quickly, but this is not the case so it is a winner when it comes to power.

Next is the screen and the colors are sharp enough and the image is clear enough for you to really get involved in the game with no real blurring. The movements are sharp, but that is due to the processor, which is certainly powerful enough that it does not hamper your gaming experience and this is, after all, what you are looking for from a console such as this.

The camera on it is also amazingly sharp and this does mean you can even use it for Skype without too many problems and the adaptability of the PS Vita is extended further when you see you can connect to the likes of Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook from it as well so it is just that little bit more than a simple handheld console.

Finally, there is the overall build quality and it does feel relatively sturdy and it looks as if it could survive being dropped without too many problems. The buttons and everything are spaced out well enough to stop your fingers falling over each other and considering they have limited space, they have done very well in managing to achieve this with the Sony PS Vita.

Sony PS Vita Youtube Review

sony ps vita
sony ps vita

Possible Bad Points To The Sony PS Vita

When it comes to any bad points, then one of them that sticks out the most is that you do need to buy some memory cards, so this is an additional expense that you must be prepared for and you are best to try to get the 16GB if you plan on downloading stuff. The only other real negative is that, at first, the home screen could be a bit confusing and it may take a bit of time to initially set up your console, but the key here is patience and you will work your way through it, then just sit back and enjoy the amazing gaming experience.

Play Station Vita
Play Station Vita

Play Station Vita. The Conclusion

The Sony PS Vita is certainly much better than the PSP as it is smoother, looks better, has a better screen, and you can tell that a lot of work has gone into its development. The price is very reasonable and when it comes to the pros and cons associated with it, then the pros win hands down. Do remember to add in the cost of getting a memory card if you wish to get the most out of the console, but overall you should be more than happy with the PS Vita and can just look out for all of the different games that are appearing for it on the market right now.


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    • profile image

      Mboy501 4 years ago

      Real gamers have this system at home :)

      right now it's worth the price

    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Great lens. Wish I had more time for games these days!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Viva Las Vita !