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Sony PSP Go Information

Updated on September 20, 2014

Sony has finally done it. They released the sleek new $250 portable gaming console. The Sony PSP Go is a sleek and stylish new portable game system. In the world of video gaming, people have an insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest system.

It's really too soon to know whether or not Sony has hit a home run with the PSP Go console. Some things are easy to take note of. One is the notably smaller size. The Go is 35% smaller than the previous Sony console the PSP 3000. It's also 16% lighter. The screen on the PSP 3000 was 4.3 inches and the Go is 3.8 inches.

The Go is bluetooth compatible which is nice. One blaring difference is the absence of the UMD drive. This means that all games and data must be saved on the PSP Go's internal 16GB memory or on on a memory stick micro card.

Should You Buy One?

Many people who are reading this are wondering if they should rush out and and and by a shiny new PSP Go. As I mentioned before, I think it's a little too soon to know for sure. One thing that may be a deciding factor is whether or not you own it's predecessor, the PSP 3000. If you happen to have a large collection of UMD games for your 3000, you may want to stay with the old unit. As of now, Sony hasn't provided any way to transfer the old games onto the new PSP Go.

This may seem trivial to some, but too many it can be a real deal breaker. People invest quite a bit of money in the games for their gaming systems. If the old games aren't forward compatible that can be a big problem in my opinion.

Sony is attempting to make the new PSP Go similar too portable MP3 players in the sense that you don't need to carry any media or games with you. With the addition of a 16 MB internal hard drive, there's no more games, movies, or music to carry around.

I like the idea of all of your data being stored on an internal hard drive but I'm not that crazy about not being able to transfer the old games onto the new console. I guess that's not too uncommon since this is a new gaming console. If the console was actually that different in terms of game quality, I could see the new system not supporting the old games but that doesn't seem to the case. From what I've been able to determine, the games are exactly the same with now changes or improvements in graphics or performance. It seems to me that if they come up with a way for people to be able to transfer their old UMD games onto the new PSP Go, the system would be a real winner.

It appears that Sony wants to start a new trend in the gaming world. Much like Apple started itunes for it's ipod users to download media from, Sony is providing it's games through their own Internet portal. PSP Go owners will simply download the games, movies, and music that they want to store on their portable console directly from Sony.  I understand that not all of the PSP games are even available to download right now.  There should be no doubt that this will change in the near future.  As time passes, I would anticipate that the old games will all be available to download as well as new games that are developed.

The PSP Go comes with a new propitiatory mini USP cable for transferring games that you download from Sony onto your PSP Go. This is a bit strange to me. The last thing I need to keep track of is another cord.

Even though there are some concerns about the apparent inability to put the UMD games that you have already purchased on the PSP Go, I imagine that someone will find a work around for that before long.  Someone always does.

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