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DOTA Spirit Breaker hero guide

Updated on May 16, 2010

Introduction to Barathrum

The spirit breaker is a powerful and newbie-friendly Defense of the Ancients hero. His damage is increased with strength (which also boosts HP), and he has several skills that allow him to temporarily stun an enemy. Unprepared heroes don't have a chance if they're alone with Barathrum charging at them. Most DOTA players affectionately call him the cow. He's a tauren who swings a lantern around while calling out "Hoof to the head!".

This guide won't go into detail about the cow's skills. Instead, it's about how to play him during a DOTA match. Good tips for using Barathrum's skills effectively are on the Spiritbreaker hero subpages at (site closed down /cry).

Spirit Breaker picture
Spirit Breaker picture

The first few levels

This time's not good for the spirit breaker. Hopefully you're laned with an allied ranged hero who can harrass and keep you alive. If not, maybe you'll be lucky enough to be against other melee characters who can't do much damage to you. Lady luck isn't always with you: you might have to tower hug.

Sit back, leech experience, and try to last hit if you can. Don't only run out with Boots of Speed like many people playing Barathrum do. Bring some healing items (or at least a MiniPudge), you'll probably need them.

Take your charge first by the way. You never know when a stun will be useful in getting that coveted first blood. Don't get greedy and tower dive! A low level charge doesn't give enough movement speed to catch up fast... I personally try to get every Barathrum I play against in DOTA killed that way.


The spirit breaker makes an amazing roamer due to his stun potential. Go hunt some enemy DOTA heroes! However, he's also vulnerable to quite a few ultimate abilities you might end up facing. You shouldn't roam until you have several points in both charge and greater bash. This will allow you to keep anyone stun locked longer than normal while Barathrum attacks.

Any DOTA teammates asking for a gank? You can charge off towards them at any time. Tell your ally you're headed there and he can whittle down their health before you're even called MIA. Target retreating? No problem, you're still charging after them and almost there!

Are there invisible heroes around, like DOTA's Rikimaru? You can use Charge of Darkness to help out your ally lanes at this point in the game, even if you aren't anywhere nearby. It gives you permanent vision of the charged unit until you cancel or hit the enemy. All the other heroes can kill whoever's nearby with their auto attacks while they think they're still stealthed.

The spirit breaker really starts to shine once he's level 16 with all his skills maxed. Try to buy some items that increase your attack speed in the meantime. More damage is nice, but having extra chances to bash someone is even better. This will also make Barathrum more useful in a DOTA team battle.

Endgame as the Cow

How's your team working together so far? The spiritbreaker is great one-on-one, but not so good lategame during team battles. You're essentially the same as say, the Bane Elemental, able to disable one hero (with your stuns) and eventually kill them if you don't get disabled. However, at the same time, you're extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Have you been able to get many surprise kills roaming around chasing heroes? If so, chances are they're traveling together now. Most players start to wisen up as their levels get higher. You'll have to work a bit harder if you're after kills unless you're extremely fed. You can still hero hunt however, but it's a lot easier if you have a partner go out with you.

(Got a Sange & Yasha yet? It's the best orb for him. Don't listen to what anyone else says unless you've got a great reason.)

The faster you can end the game at this stage, the better. Try to push in barrack lanes instead of simply outlasting your opponents like most battlenet players do. Intelligence heroes will usually be purchasing disabling items, and DPS carries will be beefing themselves up. This isn't good for the Spirit Breaker, who is often the first target in any team battle when he gets near the enemies. Try to let other people tank initially whenever you can. Your charge combo works much better as a surprise thrown into the melee.

Well, that about wraps this up. I hope this spirit breaker guide was a bit useful. Have fun playing DOTA!


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    • profile image

      Aldrin01 6 years ago

      Hmm. I think ,Mask of madness and satanic has a great combination for spirit breaker ,yah its true,try it!

    • profile image

      kernel 7 years ago

      mask of madness make him stronger and the first skill is 2 skill and 3 skill then if your 3 is upgrade in 3 get a 1st skill

    • profile image

      kernel 7 years ago

      yeah this is true spirit breaker is power ful

    • profile image

      kayz 7 years ago

      hmmm. . .mask of madness is super great on him