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Super Smash Flash 2 - Goku

Updated on May 26, 2016

Any die hard fan of the manga or anime Dragon Ball Z or the Nintendo universe who remembers the long run of Dragon Ball video games can’t deny the extraordinary powers of everyone’s favorite Sayian, Goku. Goku is back in the all new online flash game Super Smash Flash 2, a sequel to everyone’s favorite original Super Smash Bros. fan game, as one of thirty four starting characters with a powerful set of moves, combos, and a brutal final smash.

In Super Smash Flash 2, Goku’s moves and abilities include an above average aerial combat style thanks a floating capability which also assists in his decent to average horizontal recovery. Goku has an impressive array of different attacks, though given his abilities in aerial combat those tend to be his strongest average moves, other than specials, registering between 10% and 12% damage. Goku’s aerial attacks consist of a neutral aerial spin kick, a forward aerial hammer fist, a back aerial spin kick, an up aerial flip kick, and a down aerial stall-and-fall that consists of three stages. Goku’s ground attack damage ranges from 3% to his strongest non-special, a forward straight punch smash, doing 15% damage. Goku’s ground attacks consist of a neutral ground fake out punch, a forward tilt kick, an up tilt diagonal punch, a down tilt crouching punch, a dash attack elbow strike, the aforementioned forward smash, a jumping punch up smash, and a down smash in which Goku emits a severely damaging energy onto his opponent.

Goku’s move set also features grabs of average damage, ranging from 1% to 14%. Goku’s initial grab is a simple grab and is SSF2’s tenth shortest grab in the game. Goku also has a jab pummel, energy slamming forward throw, a powerful and swift spinning back throw, an up throw similar to his up smash in appearance and damage, and a flashing light trap down throw. Goku’s special attacks are where his strengths really show through though, with his first special being the Sayian’s most popular attack, the classic Kamehameha, that in its strongest form, when fully charged, can do upwards of 17% damage, making it Goku’s strongest attack other than his Final Smash. Goku’s other special moves consist of side special Ki blasts, an up special that allows Goku to instant transport, and a down special Kiao-ken that levels up his current move set allowing for a faster more powerful Goku for a short time. Goku’s final smash allows him to take on his Super Sayian form which increases all his moves to a far superior form dealing up to 18% damage, making it Goku’s most powerful attack. Goku’s other moves include a jumping floor attack that deals 10% damage as well as a ledge attach hammer fist doing the same. Goku has an amazing combo ability allowing for almost any ground, aerial, throw, and special to be used in conjunction with one another do deal high rates of damage at once.

In Super Smash Flash 2, Goku is designed as a middle to heavy weight fighter, meaning that the combined factors of height and weight, though focusing on speed and power and allowing for heavy damage close range moves, makes him just a bit slower than light to middle weight fighters. Goku’s fighting style also leaves him without a lot of range or reach. Goku’s projectiles are also far from the most powerful in the game and can be cancelled easily. These weaknesses leave Goku vulnerable to other heroes with disjointed hitboxes like Ichigo and Llyod, as well as faster characters like Sonic and Zero Suit Samus.

In conclusion, despite his vulnerabilities and flaws, Goku’s attributes and abilities overcome his weaknesses to make him a strong playable character and gives him a 12th tier ranking during tournament play. However, even with this middle tier ranking, Goku tends to have a small player base and lack luster representation in online play. In the end, many of Goku’s weaknesses and strengths are extensions from his overall character traits in the Dragon Ball Z manga, anime, and video games, with many of his attacks being straight forward stunners that are easily bypassed with some dodging and counters, but when they hit, they hit full force and leave Goku’s opponents feeling the sting long after the initial attack has taken place.


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