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Star Trek the Video Game Walkthrough

Updated on May 1, 2013

In Star Trek, the Federation heroes Kirk and Spock embark on a mission to save the galaxy, sometime between the events of Star Trek the movie and Star Trek: Into Darkness. The Enterprise receives a distress beacon from a space station orbiting a binary star system. Scotty states that teleportation is not an option due to excessive interference. Captain Kirk seizes the opportunity “not to miss out” and boards the space shuttle to the space station, along with Spock. This will guide Kirk and Spock as they try to save the captain and crew of the space station from certain death by radiation inferno.

Star Trek the Video Game

Star Trek the Video Game Walkthrough begins
Star Trek the Video Game Walkthrough begins

Star Trek the Video Game First Puzzle

Star Trek the Video Game - crack the first puzzle to open the door.
Star Trek the Video Game - crack the first puzzle to open the door.

Kirk and Spock will have to solve various puzzles and overcome some obstacles as they try to achieve the above objectives. First, land on the space station and use the tricoder to unlock some doors. The first puzzle will be to match one control on the left with a certain frequency and another control on the right with the same frequency.

The door will open, and Kirk and Spock will proceed. Then the bridge to the control room will be severed. In classic Star Trek action, Kirk and Spock must crawl through a vent to arrive at another obstacle.

Here robotic arms must be deactivated, and Spock and Kirk must climb through some ledges to arrive at the door. Pry open the door. Go through and then crouch to go underneath some laser like beams to reach the space station control center.

Star Trek Spacewalk and Rescue Captain T’Mar

After talking to the commander in the command center, learn that the captain of the space station is stranded on the other side of the space station. Kirk and Spock must put on space suits and embark on a spacewalk to rescue the captain.

The first part of the spacewalk is simple. Hide behind cover and then make a run for the other side of the corridor. Reach cover before the radiation flare from the star fries the heroes. Continue going from cover to cover and then reach the door. Pry open the door and proceed with the spacewalk.

The second part of the spacewalk will be at the space station’s ring core. Here, Kirk and Spock must activate the controls and then shoot at the locking mechanism so that it will engage and the wheels will stop turning. Kirk or Spock must scan the controls and activate it, while the other will shoot at the locking mechanism. It is easier to scan and activate the control console. So proceed to do so. Once the first wheel stops turning, go forth and do the same for the second core ring. The third core ring will be the hardest. Here, Kirk or Spock must simply shoot the control panel to make the third ring stop moving. Then run for the door and move onto the final part of the spacewalk.

Star Trek the Video Game Shoot for Cover

Star Trek the Video Game - shoot for cover and hide from the radiation blast.
Star Trek the Video Game - shoot for cover and hide from the radiation blast.

In this part of the spacewalk, Kirk and Spock must dash from cover to cover. However, there is no cover to begin with, and Kirk and Spock must shoot at the ground to create some cover. Then, in between the radiation blasts, run from cover to cover and get closer to the door. Eventually, reach the door and find Captain T’Mar there.

With T’Mar rescued, prepare to be transported to the Enterprise. But at the last minute, the radiation flare rips the transporter platform apart. T’Mar, Spock and Kirk sprint for the shuttle bay and the shuttle.

Now, it’s time to descend into New Vulcan.

Star Trek the Video Game is just wetting the appetite for those waiting for Stark Trek: Into Darkness to be released.


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