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Stuffed Animal Must-haves

Updated on November 12, 2014

Kids and Their Fluffy Toys

Before I became a mother, I was hesitant about having stuffed animals in our home because I remembered how awful mine looked after time had passed, but once we had children they were just one of those things that came along with having kids. My husband and I had a few that made it through our childhood and into our kids' lives, but not many. Pretty soon our home was being taken over my these cute and cuddly creatures. As they started to get some use, I realized that the stuffed animal toys would become breeding grounds for germs and they were already starting to look a little worn. It was then that I began searching for ways to keep the stuffed animals clean, preserved, and contained. It took more time than I thought it would, but I finally found some items that I now feel no home with stuffed animal toys should be without. They will save the stuffed animal, which will keep your child happy and give you peace of mind.

Did You Know?!?...

A child can often become quite attached to their favorite fluffy friend and that means it goes EVERYWHERE with them and the most frequent place they like to put them is in their mouth. According to recent studies; viruses can stay on "soft toys" possibly for weeks. These are viruses that cause ear infections, the flu, strep and more that could be on your child's stuffed animals. This is why it is so important to keep them clean.

Stuffed Animals CAN Take Baths!

In my search for stuffed animal care, I was pretty discouraged that I couldn't find much out there. Then, my husband and I found out about a great product line called Teddy Needs a Bath from watching the show Shark Tank. This was the ultimate answer to our problem! I immediately ordered a bath laundry bag and couldn't wait for it's arrival. You just throw as many stuffed animal toys that will fit (that don't make noise) in the bag, put it in the wash on the gentle setting, use your favorite detergent, and let the washer do the rest. The result; completely clean stuffed animals that have not been ruined.

Teddy Needs a Bath Bag - As Seen on Shark Tank

Adding Something Special

Once the stuffed animals have been washed, before putting them in the dryer on low heat, just put a couple of the cotton candy dryer sheets in the bag and they come out smelling great! I wish "smellovision" existed because I can't even describe how great the scent is; it will take you back to your childhood when you visited the fair or circus. I can't imagine there being a better scent for your stuffed animals.

Good as New

After you wash a stuffed animal it often comes out looking flat, which children tend to dislike because they are meant to be cuddled. I have found for my children's toys the best way to resolve this problem is to brush the stuffed animal. Use soft, short, strokes while making sure not to put much pressure on the toy to avoid pulling out fur. Brushing is really more of a fluff than a full brush for this use. The best brush for the job comes from the Build a Bear experts. It is soft enough for toys and gets them nice and fluffy again.

Brushing a stuffed animal really brings it back to life.
Brushing a stuffed animal really brings it back to life. | Source

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Turn the Mess of Stuffed Toys Into Something Useful

If your house looks anything like mine did when the stuffed animals seemed to multiply, then you probably are almost ready to throw the toys out, but before you start ripping the stuffing out of those stuffed animals, there is a solution for this problem too! Boon Animal Bags are the neatest way to store stuffed animals and they have dual functionality. You can stuff tons of fluffy creatures into this bag and it makes for a very comfy bag chair. This type of storage makes it easy for kids to get access to their toys, as apposed to nets like I had as a kid, and even easier for them to clean up. It is also machine washable! To find out more visit:


Happy and Healthy

Keeping stuffed animals clean and stored has never been so easy! It is no wonder most of my childhood stuffed toys were destroyed; there were not nearly as many great items available at that time to keep them protected. It is a relief to know that I am able to take one more step towards keeping my kids healthy while they have fun. Now, you can have fluffy friends in your house without worry or limitations and everyone will be happy.

© 2014 Rymom28

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      Jill 2 years ago

      Yoy can also surface clean them and after they are dry, stick them in the freezer to kill the mites or whatever is on/in them.