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Summer Fun Trivia Quiz

Updated on August 23, 2017

Summer Fun Trivia Questions and Answers

Some of my best childhood memories come from summer fun activities. It seems that my childhood summers were spent swimming, playing baseball, and just hanging out with my friends. My family camped a lot when I was younger and then when I was older we had a boat and spent a lot of time on the water.

What are some of your favorite childhood summer memories? Come take a walk down memory lane and test your knowledge of summer fun with my fun summer fun trivia quiz.

Artwork by AllPosters

Do you have a favorite summer memory?

Do you have a favorite summer memory?

How well do you know your summer fun?

summer fun trivia quiz
summer fun trivia quiz

How is your performance on this Summer Fun Trivia Quiz?

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Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it ~ Russell Baker

Summer Fun Trivia Facts - Part 1

summer fun trivia answers
summer fun trivia answers

  • The first bathing suit worn in Greece in 350 BC. Later, togas were worn when swimming and bathing reached the heights of its popularity in the ancient world

  • The Chinese invented and wore the first pair of sunglasses more than 2,000 years ago.

  • About one-quarter of the world's lemons are grown in the U.S. California is home to the most lemon trees.

  • In 1776, the first ice cream parlor opened in New York City.

  • Naming the birthplace of the American hotdog is problematic as Coburg, Frankfort, and Vienna all claim the honor, although in truth the American hotdog is most likely a descendent of the traditional sausage eaten by many Europeans and brought to the U.S.

Ice Cream - The Delicious History

From ice harvesting to gelato, to the origin of the sundae and the ice cream soda, to Baked Alaska and ice cream bombes, this book mixes together everything ice cream for a sweet, breezy blend of food history, personal anecdote and cookbook.

summer fun trivia questions
summer fun trivia questions

How well do you know your summer fun?

summer fun trivia questions answers
summer fun trivia questions answers

How is your performance on this Summer Fun Trivia Quiz?

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"Busy old fool, unruly Sun...

...Why dost thou thus,

Through windows and through curtains call on us?

Must to thy motions lovers' seasons run?"

~ John Donne

Summer Fun Trivia Facts - Part 2

summer fun trivia quizzes
summer fun trivia quizzes

  • Did you know that 98 percent of American households buy ice cream each year.

  • In the 4th century the first two-piece bathing suit was featured. In the18th century lead weights were sewn into the hems of bathing suits

  • In 1939, King George IV partook of hot dogs and beer with President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House

  • Scientific experiments have established that on average a single scoop ice cream cone takes 50 licks to eat.

  • 10. In 1896, the first modern Summer Olympics was held, the first marathon was run, and Athens, Greece, hosted the Summer Olympics as it did again in 1906 and 2004.

Contested Waters - A Social History of Swimming Pools in America

The first public swimming pools in the United States were "large community bath tubs"—indoors, relatively small, and intended to encourage good hygiene among the poor. By the nineteen-twenties, pools had become elaborate "public amusements," accommodating thousands. Wiltse’s history argues that, at every turn, these sites of "intimate and prolonged contact" between swimmers of different races, genders, and social classes stirred intense conflict. The book is most incisive in its discussion of swimming pools as what one editorialist called "one of the touchiest problems in race relations." Between the wars, swimming pools began to mix the genders, but African-Americans were gradually excluded from the "sexually charged" spaces. In the fifties and sixties, as civil-rights activists persevered in the courts, many cities chose to close municipal pools rather than integrate them.

summer fun trivia facts
summer fun trivia facts

How well do you know your summer fun?

summer fun trivia
summer fun trivia

How is your performance on this Summer Fun Trivia Quiz?

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Summer’s lease hath all too short a date ~ William Shakespeare

Summer Fun Trivia Facts - Part 3

summer fun trivia quiz
summer fun trivia quiz

  • These Summer Olympics were cancelled: 1916 in Berlin, 1940 in Tokyo, and 1944 in London. The 1980 games planned for Moscow, as were the 1984 Los Angeles games, were heavily boycotted, but not cancelled.

  • Although lemonade may be a popular summer drink, not everyone is aware that it is also the citrus fruit with the most uses. In addition to cooking and drinking, lemon juice is used for perfume and medical purposes as well as a cleaning agent. However, lemon juice is still the most popular use. About one-third of California lemon production is used for juice or concentrates.

  • Once upon a time, American men were required to wear a skirt with their bathing suit. According to the "Bathing Suit Regulations" published May 17, 1917, men's suits had to be worn with a skirt or have at least a skirt effect. The skirt had to be worn outside of the trunks.

  • The average American consumes a yearly average of 23.2 quarts of ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, ices, and other frozen dairy products.

  • According to meteorologists, summer extends for the whole months of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere and the whole months of December, January, and February in the southern hemisphere. However, most calendars note that summer begins with the summer solstice (on or around June 21) and ends with the Autumnal Equinox (Sept. 22 or 23).

Hot Dog - A Global History

n this slim and highly readable study, food historian Kraig (Cuisines of Hidden Mexico) produces arguably the definitive work on one of America's classic foods. From the first evidence of processed meat in the Upper Paleolithic (some 20,000 years ago), Kraig traces the gilded ancestry of the lowly hot dog, finding it interwoven into cultures around the world. Ingredients differ from country to country, as do toppings: in Montreal, a hot dog isn't fully dressed until it's doused in an herb-laced tomato sauce; Venezuelans and Columbians prefer onions, mustard and crushed potato chips. Kraig's attention is focused largely on the United States, where the hand-held delicacy is firmly embedded in the national palate. An impressive inventory of regional variations showcase the food's versatility, and stories of industry giants like Oscar Meyer and the evolution of all-important casings make for entertaining reading and retelling, especially over the grill with tongs in hand.

summer fun trivia facts
summer fun trivia facts

How well do you know your summer fun?

summer fun
summer fun

How is your performance on this Summer Fun Trivia Quiz?

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What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance ~ Jane Austen

Summer Fun Trivia Facts - Part 4

summer fun
summer fun

  • During the 1960s three successive Summer Olympics produced a boxing gold medalist who went on to win the professional heavyweight title. The games were 1960 (Rome), 1964 (Tokyo), and 1968 (Mexico City) and the boxers were Cassius Clay (who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali), Joe Frazier, and George Foreman, respectively.

  • The favored ice cream topping is chocolate syrup.

  • If you need help with your hot dog etiquette then you should consult the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council's rules of Hot Dog Etiquette which includes such rules as: Don't put the hot dog toppings between the hot dog and the bun. Always "dress the dog," not the bun; Don't use a cloth napkin to wipe your mouth when eating a hot dog. Paper is always preferable; Do eat a hot dog on a bun with your hands. Utensils should not touch hot dogs on buns; Don't take more than five bites to finish a hot dog. For foot-long wieners, seven bites are acceptable; and All condiments remaining on the fingers after the hot dog is eaten should be licked away, not washed.

  • During the 18th century, ladies went so far as to sew lead weights into the hems of their bathing gowns. Black stockings and a ruffled cap or straw hat completed the fashionable sewing costume in the 1880s. Men started wearing rubber or synthetic bathing suits in the 1950s

  • Midsummer Eve is also known as Saint John's Eve because it is the night before the festival of the nativity of John the Baptist. Throughout Europe peasants often celebrated this night by lighting fires in streets and marketplaces. Although the fires were often blessed by priests, the celebration was generally conducted by the laity. Midsummer eve celebrations were a continuance of the Teutonic pagan festivals and fertility rites associated with agriculture at the time of the summer solstice.

Of Sugar and Snow - A History of Ice Cream Making

Before Quinzio can address ice cream’s the history of ice cream, she must first debunk a number of widespread myths. Neither Nero nor Marco Polo nor Catherine de Medici nor England’s Charles I had anything to do with introducing ice cream to Europe. Ice cream’s history began when sixteenth-century Europeans discovered the freezing effects of mixing ice with salt and applied it first to wine. Although medical opinion of the time disapproved, the technique caught on and spread across the continent. By the seventeenth century, recipes for “icy creams” appeared in England. Americans took to ice cream with a vengeance, and the invention of mechanical refrigeration made the treat available to everyone at any time. Quinzio masterfully documents ice cream’s modern evolution from tablets for the home icebox through the vast array of flavors offered by industrial ice-cream production.

summer trivia
summer trivia

How well do you know your summer fun?

summer trivia
summer trivia

How is your performance on this Summer Fun Trivia Quiz?

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"The day of the sun is like the day of a king.

It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening."

~ Wallace Stevens

Summer Fun Trivia Facts - Part 5

summer trivia questions
summer trivia questions

  • A lemon tree bears about 3,000 lemons each year . Now that's a lot of lemonade!

  • Dolly Madison created a sensation when she served ice cream as a dessert in the White House during an inaugural ball in 1812.

  • While you might think kids ages 2-12 eat the most ice cream apparently older adults (ages 45 and up) eat just as much!

  • The average person eats 60 hotdogs a year. In fact, during the average summer festival in America, 5 tons of hotdogs, 20 gallons of mustard, 930 pounds of onions, 125 gallons pickles, 40 gallons of ketchup, and more than 3,000 rolls are consumed.

  • The three American cities with the highest per capita consumption of ice cream are: Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Splash! - A History of Swimwear

In a manner both grandiosely metaphorical and plainly factual, the authors (directors at Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology and coauthors g of The Historical Mode ) have taken what many would perceive as a frivolous subject and transformed it into a meaningful commentary on the interplay of culture, society and fashion. So, although Martin and Koda g touch upon the various styles of swimsuits that have appeared over the years--from Jean Patou's proper 1928 two-piece wool suit to Gianfranco Ferre's provocative 1988 sheer, long-sleeve bodysuit--they also interpret the significance of swimwear in relation to "our encounter with the water," to the bather as an ideal of beauty, to the cults of fitness and fashion, to the expression of geographical exoticism and to Hollywood's everchanging notion of what becomes a sex symbol most. The photographs in this oversize volume are g forceful and include stunning work by Helmut Newton, Andre Kertesz, Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Martin Munkacsi, as well as campy pin-ups of movie starlets--Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner--and Olympic swimming champions.

summer fun facts
summer fun facts


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