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Best Survival Games like Dayz

Updated on April 7, 2014
There are many interesting post apocalyptic games like Dayz.
There are many interesting post apocalyptic games like Dayz. | Source

Dayz is a very popular survival game. There are thousands of fans of this game. Most of them will look for getting more games like it. There are many such survival games like Dayz. You can get similar game playing thrills and experiences with different flavors from these games. Some of these Dayz alternatives are single player and some are multiplayer. There are massively online RPGs too. The games like “Dead State” or “How to Survive” are upcoming. These games features zombies or infected people pouncing around for kill. Check this list below and choose your favorite survival game.

Dayz Alternative RPGs

Project Zomboid

“Project Zomboid” is a survival zombie game. It is an open world type horror game. The player should survive on a post apocalyptic world as long as possible. Besides zombies, the player has to deal with hunger, fatigue and pain. There are two modes, story mode and sandbox. Project Zomboid will be liked by the “Dayz” fans for sure.

Dead Island

A horror RPG game like “Dead Island” has its own fan bases. This game is developed by Techland. The principal character has to survive on a walking dead infested island. If you like to play those survival games then you may give it a try.

The latest version of the game is “Dead Island: Riptide”. The game is full of actions. You have to fetch different items besides killing zombies in it.

Dead Island Game Play Video


Combine Dayz with Minecraft and you will get Rust. This is a very realistic survival game. Search the wilds for resources and organize those items for enhancing your chance of survival. You have to built many things for survival. There are external threats like different types of animals and rouge players. Yes, other players can kill your character. Playing Rust is a great experience and it is mostly depended on the other community members.

Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier is a zombie based game. It can be played on your browser. It is one the best free RPG games available in the market. One of the best things about this game is the vast opportunities to customization. There are plenty of professions to choose for your avatar. There are player vs player (PvP) fighting here. you can also team up with other players for better chance of survival.

Killing Floor

The game Killing Floor is another top quality game like Dayz. The game is about killing zombies. You have join the teams of zombie killer. A good team is essential for survival. There will be a lot of missions on different maps to be completed. There are even zombie boss fights in each map. The game is a quick pick up and play type. There is no complex story telling, no epic journey or difficult skills to learn.

Killing Floor is a great game and one of the best Dayz alternatives
Killing Floor is a great game and one of the best Dayz alternatives | Source

The Dead Linger

“The Dead Linger” is created by “Sandswept Studios”. It is a “Dayz” like zombie survival game. The game has a huge world. It can be explored even on a car. The game requires strategy to survive from the zombie hordes. You can join with 16 others players on the multiplayer mode via LAN or internet. The game is in alpha mode still now. The full version will be released soon.

The Last Stand Union City

It is free Dayz like game. “The Last Stand” is a online RPG developed by Armor games. There are two modes: survivor and run ‘n’ gun. In the survivor mode you have to eat and sleep to be alive. The “Run’N’Gun” mode is quick action mode. This zombie game is played by millions of players.

Lone Survivor

“Lone Survivor” is developed by Jesper Byerne. The game has retro style 2D graphics. It is a very interesting game. The player can see hallucinations besides real images. The survival is difficult. There are no zombies but mutants. The player has to scavenge often to get foods, ammunition, torch light batteries and other things. The game play through time can be three to eight hours.


“WarZ” is called “Infestation: Survivor Stories” now. The name has been changed. It is a “Dayz” clone. The game is a massively multiplayer RPG. You have to pay to enter the servers. It has been widely criticized for various reasons. New players are often killed by other players for loot. The game is full of bugs and hackers. You have to buy a lot of things to be competitive. The gaming experience is also not that interesting.

Dayz vs Left 4 Dead

Which one is the best?

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Left 4 Dead

The game “Left 4 Dead” has been highly praised. It is an arcade style first person shooter cum zombie killer. It is a team based cooperative game. There are four players. If you play it singly then other three members will be guided by the AI. The AI of the game is very good. You can play with three other players to form a team. Two such teams can play as competitors. The replay value of the game is very high. The group(s) fights infected zombies for being alive. You can also play as zombies to kill the survivors. Anyway, the overall experience of playing this game is really satisfying.

Dead State

“Dead State” is an upcoming game scheduled to be released on December. The developers are collecting funds. The player will have to defend the survivors sheltered on a school from the horde of the zombies. They have managed to get almost double of their required funds for fully developing the game.

How to Survive

“How to Survive” is coming soon. It is a Dayz like game. The characters have to make crafts and other tools to escape from infected islands. The game can be played on single or multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes can be online or via LAN.

"State of Decay" is a nice survival type game.
"State of Decay" is a nice survival type game.

State of Decay

“State of Decay” is a high quality epic survival RPG. The game has huge open world. The player has to build bases, towers and shelters to be safe from the murdering zombies. You have to save NPC survivors. The game is very realistic. It is not very easy to be alive for long. Your guns and weapons are breakable and exhaustible. There are also options of driving cars. There are fully developed other characters too. If you have enjoyed Dayz then you must have to try this game.

Mortuus Insanis

The game “Mortuus Insanities” is free to play. Actually, it is now on alpha mode. The game is known for its similarities with Dayz. It is a survival shooter. You have to defend yourself form cold and hunger. You have to kill the undead. Surviving from cold is very important here.


The game “ZombiU” was previously called “Killer Freaks from Other Space”. The game is developed for the Wii platform. The setting is post apocalyptic London. The PC will die and the player will get the personification of another character. The previous PC will become a zombie who must be finished off. There are interesting other characters like “The Preper”, Dr.Night, Sandra, and King Boris.


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      TurtleSpoderSweg 3 years ago

      MiniDayz is f2p, browser based, and supported by DayZ

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      The Wrangler 4 years ago

      You missed Dead Pixels.