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SWTOR Basic Hints

Updated on December 22, 2011

SWTOR Basic Gaming Hints and Guide

SWTOR, or Star Wars the Old Republic is about the journey of the hero ie you through the Star Wars Universe. To maximize the enjoyment of the game so that the hero can concentrate on the journey of the eight classes of heroes (and total of 16 classes of specializations) through the SWTOR universe, it is essential to master the basic game mechanics of the SWTOR game. This will provide the hero will some SWTOR basic gaming hints and guide so that less time is wasted trying to understand the game mechanics, and more time on leveling up and enjoying the special powers of the various specialization classes that SWTOR fans have dreamed of since SWTOR was first conceived many many years ago.

SWTOR Binding and Fast Travel

SWTOR Binding and Fast Travel
SWTOR Binding and Fast Travel

SWTOR Fast Travel and Binding

In SWTOR the MMORPG, there is a lot of traveling from one point to another (by foot initially). Some locations in SWTOR are very loosely described on the map (and often concealed) initially, and the hero must roughly gauge where the location is and start from a point closest to that location (by best guess). This means that there could be lots of tracking back and forth if the hero gets the starting point wrong and gets lost. Add to this the sheer number of monsters and mobs along the way, and this could turn out to be a very hard dungeon crawl. Therefore fast travel and binding are very important.

In SWTOR, at various strategic points, there are binding machines. These machines allow the hero to bind himself or herself to that point, so that when the hero gets lost or has finished an objective and wants to fast travel back to that point (which could be very far away at the end of that objective), he or she can do so immediately by evoking the fast travel icon. The fast travel icon appears as a whitish ion ball on the quick key or select section. At each new strategic point or location with a binding machine, the hero is recommended to bind to that machine or location. Use Map to make sure that binding site has been activated.

In SWTOR, in addition to binding and fast travel, it is imperative to discover the various taxi or speedster stations around each planet by talking to the taxi droid at least once. This will ensure that the taxi station is activated. This will allow the hero to fast travel from one taxi stand to another and significantly reduce the travel time and game time so that more time is concentrated on actual game playing and using the special powers and experiencing the storyline of each class.

SWTOR Credits and Selling Junk Items

In SWTOR, credits are very important in all parts of the game from the start to finish. Credits are especially important at the beginning of the game, when the hero will invariably perish at the hands of some low level mobs or elite boss. With each hero death comes the penalty - the wait time for the hero (increases from seconds to minutes to ten minutes for revival at that point) to revive, and the credit costs to repair damaged equipment. Combine time consuming hero death with the low credits that the hero has at the beginning and the hero could become overwhelmed and find it a mighty struggle to progress past that stage.

In SWTOR, one of the keys for SWTOR MMO newbies is to attack all low level mobs at first - this will allow the hero to level up, collect credits by selling all junk items and accumulate enough credits to repair equipment when the hero does perish at some point in the beginning of the game. It takes some time, but unconsciously the hero can accumulate some thousands of credits through this technique early on.

SWTOR Leveling Up and Finding the Ability Trainers

In SWTOR, the most important thing next to leveling up is to find the ability trainers. Without the ability trainers, the hero cannot purchase new abilities and cannot defeat more monsters at the next stage. Make sure that the hero can easily travel back to the ability trainer (hence the need to bind, find taxi stands and fast travel) once the next stage of level up is reached. And of course, the hero must have enough credits to purchase all the abilities. After all, a part of the SWTOR game is about using the star wars abilities that all star wars fans have dreamed of.

In SWTOR, if the hero finds that he cannot progress past the current stage of the quest line for that class, then more level up is needed. There are lots of side quests at each stage for leveling up. Pick the interesting ones or easy ones depending on the energy levels of the hero at that stage. For example, one of the more interesting quests in Dromund Kaas involves the Master Revan, who walked the path of the Jedi and the Sith and became something more. There are also heroic quests where the hero gets to team up with other heroes to eliminate monsters and elite bosses. Rewards include good class items and a sense of team work to defeat the mobs. The most exhilarating of all team action in SWTOR are the flashpoints, where heroes team up and dungeon crawl through a series of story scenarios. More experience points, more level up and more unique class items are available in the flashpoints.


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