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SWTOR Become A Jedi Sentinel

Updated on December 22, 2011

SWTOR Become A Jedi Sentinel

In SWTOR, a jedi knight can become a jedi sentinel at level 10. To become a jedi sentinel, the jedi knight must approach a jedi in the central area of Coruscant (or in the Republican fleet), and be given a choice of becoming a jedi sentinel or a jedi guardian. He asks the jedi knight to approach Master Cassa Hun (located in the Republican fleet or in the Coruscant underground shopping mall) when the jedi knight is ready to make up his mind to become a jedi sentinel. This will guide the jedi knight in becoming a jedi sentinel and mastering the calm destructive damage intensive style that befits the jedi sentinel.

SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Dual Wielding Lightsabers

In SWTOR, the jedi sentinel can dual wield lightsabers and therefore deal damage from both hands and lightsabers. This amazing spectrum of colours when the lightsabers are being dual wielded mesmerizes the enemies (and the player) and deals enormous amounts of damage from the fighting style of the jedi sentinel.

In SWTOR, the jedi knight is given the sentinel lightsaber which is present in a bag within the inventory of the jedi sentinel when the jedi knight becomes a jedi sentinel. So open up the inventory, take out the sentinel lightsaber from the bag, and then place the more powerful lightsaber in the main hand, and the sentinel lightsaber in the off hand (or vice versa). To increase the damage in the off hand lightsaber for the early level jedi sentinel, one has to add skill points to the Dual Wielding Mastery skill within the combat (damage) category of the tree (increases damage by about 12% for each rank or skill point added).

SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Forms and Centering

In SWTOR, the jedi knight is very close to the jedi warriors seen in the Star Wars movie prequel (and especially in the Attack of the Clones). The jedi knight relies on force focus to execute their force melee attacks. Without focus, the jedi knight is nothing. When the jedi knight becomes the jedi sentinel, this ability to regenerate focus and therefore generate very powerful melee force attacks increases substantially, with some skills allowing for replenishing of focus when they are executed (rather than used up).

In SWTOR jedi sentinel advanced class, the jedi sentinel is able to execute the lightsaber forms - Shii-Cho form, Juyo form and Ataru form more effectively. Forms are like lightsaber attack stances of the jedi sentinel, allowing them to add different elemental damage or other abilities to their melee attacks. In addition, the jedi sentinel gains the ability to Center. Centering may be regarded as the force adrenalin rush of the jedi sentinel. When the jedi sentinel attacks with force, stacks of centering are added. With more centering stacking comes the ability to use advanced levels of fighting stances Zen, Transcendence and Inspiration. For example, the activation of Zen takes place with 30 stacks of Centering. The Zen activation and specific lightsaber forms add different abilities to the jedi sentinel. The Zen activation and the Juyo form increase the critical chance of burning melee attacks by 100% and heals the party through the burn damage on the enemies. Awesome!

In practice, this means the jedi sentinel starts fighting with low level creatures, and starts stacking up centering from creature number 1. There is a skill defensive forms which also adds to the centering when the jedi sentinel is attacked. This allows the jedi sentinel to rapidly build up a Centering of 30. Once this is reached, go into Zen mode, and then attack the elite boss monster.

SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Fighting Tactics

In SWTOR, by using these techniques, the jedi sentinel can become the ultimate damage wielding machine. The drawback is that for tougher enemies, the jedi sentinel should have a healer with him so that he can be healed as he deals away as high a DPS as possible.The jedi sentinel is definitely one for the Star Wars fans who want to wield those two delicious lightsabers and deal enormous amounts of damage with their strikes.


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