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SWTOR Become A Jedi Shadow

Updated on January 9, 2012

SWTOR Become A Jedi Shadow

In SWTOR, the jedi consular can choose to become a jedi shadow or a jedi sage at level 10. Let's examine the abilities of a jedi shadow and then decide if one should become a jedi shadow or a jedi sage.

In SWTOR, a jedi shadow has the following important abilities between level 10 and level 20. A jedi shadow can learn the ability force technique. This force technique allows the jedi shadow to add kinetic damage to the normal attacks of the jedi shadow. Later on, the jedi shadow adds combat technique to his arsenal. The combat technique allows the jedi shadow to deal less damage periodically but allows for some sporadic self healing of the jedi shadow, and increases the armor and threat generation of the jedi shadow. If the jedi shadow continues to advance in the Infiltration area of the jedi shadow tree skill, then he will learn the shadow technique. The shadow technique allows the jedi to apply shadowy damage to the enemies, increasing the amount of damage that normal attack does periodically, and can create huge amounts of damage through force breach.

SWTOR Jedi Shadow Stealth and Shadow Strike Ability

In SWTOR, the jedi consular gains the stealth ability, allowing him to stealth through some difficult areas. The smart jedi shadow can sneak through non-essential enemies, saving him time as he looks ahead to fulfilling the main objectives of any quest. Also the jedi shadow stealth ability allows him to approach an enemy from behind, and by doing this fast, the jedi shadow can use shadow strike on the enemy the first time, taking massive amounts of health off the enemy. Next, by using Qyzen Fess as the tank, the jedi shadow can continue to use shadow strike or backstab on any enemy.

SWTOR Jedi Shadow Force Breach Ability

In SWTOR, the jedi shadow aims to become the master of damage dealing, shadowy striking and kinetic damage specialist. To this aim, the jedi shadow adds more damage to his projectile ability with Shadow's Training. Later on, the jed shadow masters the art of Force Breach, allowing him to deal various combinations of damage to the opponents by breaching the enemies' shatterpoint. Combined with the jedi shadow's various techniques as listed above, the jedi shadow can deliver different kinds of damage to the enemy with Force Breach. These damaging moves include dealing massive kinetic damage to the enemy over time using force technique, group attacking the enemies with combat technique and dealing internal damage to the enemy using shadow technique.

As the jedi shadow progresses in the game, so does his skills and ability to blend in with the shadows and strike out from within the shadows. The jedi shadow's prowess within the shadows and his ability to use those techniques continues into the mid-game level.


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