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SWTOR Blood and Sand Quest

Updated on January 6, 2012

SWTOR Blood and Sand Heroic 4 Quest

In SWTOR, the blood and sand heroic 4 quest represents an excellent opportunity to suggest and explain the tactics needed to defeat mobs and elite bosses (gold star bosses) in heroic quests for mid to high level characters heroes. These tactics are needed for the blood and sand heroic 4 quest on Tatooine as the party needs to eliminate 50 powerful sand people and the bonus boss chieftain. The blood and sand heroic 4 quest is started by talking to Gezda at the Rennar Outpost on Tatooine.

SWTOR Blood and Sand Heroic 4 Party Configuration

In SWTOR, to complete the blood and sand heroic 4 quest, the party configuration should be right. The suggested party configuration should consist of a tank, a DPS character and a healer. The last member of the party should be one with the skills to crowd control the sand people, or cc in MMO terms. An example of this character is the sith assassin, who can sneak and mind trap at level 20, and also create whirlwind. This will allow the sith assassin to mind trap one sand people, and then create whirlwind for another sand people, thus trapping two sand people for a brief period of time. It would be nice to have 2 such characters for the blood and sand heroic 4 quest.

SWTOR Tactics to Complete the Blood and Sand Heroic 4 Quest

In SWTOR blood and sand quest, the sand people will attack in groups of three to six or seven. The difficult part of the blood and sand quest will be being attacked by six or more sand people, of which two or three will be elite gold star mini bosses. So when the hero spots such a group, the character in charge of cc (crowd control), for example, the sith assassin, will sneak in and mind trap the gold star sand people. If there are two such hero characters, then it will be better as two of these sand people can be mind trapped or otherwise be stopped from attacking the hero party. Now single out the most powerful enemy left not otherwise stunned and surround the enemy and then attack it relentlessly (from all party members, except the healer who needs to heal). For this particular enemy, use single powerful attacks and do not use area effect attacks as it will damage the crowd controlled mobs, and release them from their stunned effects. Once this particular gold star mob is defeated, repeat this technique for the other mobs. Use whirlwind from the sith assassin and other similar abilities from other classes to crowd control the other mobs, so that the party can concentrate on one monster at a time. These tactics will allow the party to maximize their chances of defeating the 50 sand people required to complete the blood and sand heroic 4 quest. Then report back to Gezda at the Rennar Outpost, and receive the appropriate rewards.

The above techniques can be modified and applied to other mid to high level heroic quests.


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