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SWTOR Defeat Lord Praven in Desert Duel

Updated on January 1, 2013

SWTOR Defeat Lord Praven in Desert Duel

SWTOR Defeat Lord Praven in Desert Duel
SWTOR Defeat Lord Praven in Desert Duel

In SWTOR, the jedi knight or jedi sentinel will meet Lord Praven in the Desert Duel on Tatooine. Lord Praven is a disciple of Darth Angral (the jedi knight’s nemesis) and will combat the jedi sentinel to prove his worth to Darth Angral. This will illustrate the use of the dual wielding abilities of the jedi sentinel and guide the jedi sentinel on how to use his jedi knight and sentinel abilities to defeat Lord Praven.

SWTOR Dual Wielding Lightsabers

In SWTOR, the jedi sentinel will dual wield the lightsabers. In this particular case, the jedi sentinel will wield the main jedi lightsaber in one hand and the sovereign mind lightsaber in the offhand. The main jedi lightsaber has various augmentation slots and augments can be added to the lightsaber to make it more powerful. The augments include hilt, mod, enhancement and color crystal. The sovereign mind lightsaber can also be augmented and is picked up from Nar Shaddaa. Altering the sovereign mind lightsaber will alter its strength, endurance, power (or critical rating) and force power attributes.

SWTOR Use Abilities to Defeat Lord Praven

The jedi sentinel has the following abilities with which to defeat Lord Praven -

  • Cauterize – this will allow the sentinel to strike the target for damage and then create additional elemental damage over a period of time.
  • Zen – allows the jedi sentinel to convert 30 stacks of centering into a zen state. In the zen state, depending on the jedi sentinel’s form, the sentinel can produce special effects from the abilities.
  • Juyo Form – an offensive lightsaber stance which when combined with Zen and cauterize will produce a burning, critical and healing effect.
  • Force Stasis – subdues the target, stunning and dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Overload Saber – this is part of the ability of the watchman (damage) skill tree and allows the jedi sentinel to charge the lightsaber with deadly energy, increasing elemental burning effect with the next melee strikes.
  • Force Leap – leaps and attacks the opponent.
  • Pacify – calms the enemy, reducing melee and ranged accuracy by 90%.
  • Blade Storm – a wave of kinetic energy and damage is projected towards the target.
  • Crippling Throw – throws the lightsaber at the enemy, damaging it.
  • Defensive Abilities – these include repulsion and saber ward and are used to reduce damage to the jedi sentinel.

The jedi sentinel will use the above abilities in the following sequence against Lord Praven in the Desert Duel –

Make sure the hero is already in Juyo form. Then use force leap, and activate Zen if there is enough stacking to center. Follow this up with cauterize. If the jedi sentinel had invested in the watchman part of the jedi sentinel skill tree, then Lord Praven will burn and will burn critically with damage. Next, use force stasis to hold Lord Praven in a burning no action state. When force stasis wears off, use Pacify to decrease the accuracy of Lord Praven. Then use overlord saber to charge up more burning effect and use slash melee attacks to damage the enemy with elemental damage. At this stage, the hero may have been damaged quite a bit, so heal up and use defensive abilities to reduce further damage. The hero may want to back up further from Lord Praven and use crippling throw and blade storm from a distance. Or he may have been repelled from Lord Praven, and can use the above offensive abilities, or force leap back to Lord Praven. When the offensive abilities cool down, repeat the above techniques and Lord Praven will be defeated.


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