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SWTOR Descent Quest

Updated on January 11, 2013

SWTOR Descent Quest

SWTOR Defeat Lord Scourge in Descent Quest
SWTOR Defeat Lord Scourge in Descent Quest

SWTOR Descent Quest

In SWTOR, the jedi knight hero will embark on the descent quest to infiltrate the emperor's fortress. The jedi knight will team up with other jedi in the hope of subduing the emperor and then bringing him back to Tython. This will guide the jedi knight on how to defeat the various enemies on route to the Emperor's throne room, including the defeat of Lord Scourge, the Emperor's wrath.

SWTOR Find Your Way to the Emperor's Throne Room

As the jedi knight makes his way to the emperor's throne, he will meet various sith. The jedi sentinel must make use of slightly different tactics for the different sith groups.

For the sith assassin and sith adepts group, the jedi sentinel should attack the sith adepts and make his melee companion take on the sith assassin. The jedi sentinel can use crippling throw on the sith adepts and prevent them from using their healing abilities. Defeat them rapidly and then go help out the companion. Make sure the companion has enough hit points to last the combat round. Otherwise the jedi sentinel will have to come back from the medical droid to finish off the job.

The most difficult of the sith groups blocking the way to the Emperor's Throne will be Commander Trahg and his invisible sith adepts. The jedi knight can actually bypass him by going to the right and then jumping past a fence. If the jedi knight wants to defeat Commander Trahg and finish off the emperor's defenses bonus quest, then use the companion to hold him off. Activate legacy skills sith lightning storm to help finish off the adepts and then use a combination of force camouflage, guarded by the force and healing packs to prolong the fight and then defeat Commander Trahg.

The final group of enemies blocking the way to the Emperor's Throne include a sith assassin and four sith adepts. This group will lead to the demise of the hero. However, the hero should be able to defeat a few of the adepts before being defeated. Respawn at the nearby medical station and then go ahead and defeat the remaining enemies. Finally reach the Emperor's Throne.

SWTOR Defeat Lord Scourge

And then the hero will reach the Emperor. Here the Emperor's wrath Lord Scourge will appear and confront the hero. Again, use your companion to tank the hero and then use cauterize to burn Lord Scourge. Hold him in force stasis and then allow more damage to be done. Lord Scourge is actually not much harder to defeat compared to Commander Trahg.

Once Lord Scourge is defeated, the jedi sentinel and his strike force will move in to seize the Emperor. However, the Emperor is no easy foe. Watch the ending of Chapter 2 as the jedi knight is turned to the dark side of the force, and finds a dark ally, his sixth and final companion.


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