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SWTOR Find and Defeat Lord Nefarid

Updated on January 11, 2013

SWTOR Find and Defeat Lord Nefarid

Holding Lord Nefarid in force stasis whilst cauterize and the companion are busy damaging him.
Holding Lord Nefarid in force stasis whilst cauterize and the companion are busy damaging him.

SWTOR Find and Defeat Lord Nefarid

In SWTOR, the jedi knight will finish off his class mission on Alderaan by trying to find and defeat Lord Nefarid. Lord Nefarid is another one of the sith lords serving Darth Angral. This is the facing Lord Nefarid quest. Lord Nefarid is one tough enemy to find because he can stealth and then attack the hero using stun moves without the hero knowing. The hero can finish off Lord Nefarid and this will guide the hero on how to find and defeat the sith lord.

SWTOR Find Lord Nefarid with the Help of the Companion

First, the hero needs to travel to the compound of the sith lord Nefarid. Here the jedi knight will face Nefarid’s minions. Defeat groups of these minions with the companion one small group at a time and then proceed into the laboratory to find Nefarid and the death mark.

Nefarid will appear and then disappear as he stealths. The way to find him is to look at the companion. The companion will be the first to spot Nefarid even before he uncloaks. Just head over to the companion’s position and the jedi sentinel will find Lord Nefarid.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat Lord Nefarid

Of course, identifying the location of Lord Nefarid is not enough. He needs to be stopped. There is a fixed amount of time before Nefarid stealths again. It is a good idea to be a jedi sentinel at this time. First force jump onto Lord Nefarid as soon as the hero spots him. Then use the ability force stasis to hold him still. In addition, the hero needs to drop his health as fast as possible whilst being in stasis. So use cauterize to burn Nefarid before using the force to freeze him. For the first and second time, Nefarid will unfreeze and then stealth as he cloaks again. He may even have enough time to force choke the hero.

The hero just needs to repeat the tactics and nail Nefarid’s location each time. Then force jump, burn and freeze Nefarid. In between use rapid heavy damage melee attacks to reduce Nefarid’s health. It is worthwhile to equip the jedi sentinel’s companion (Kira Carsen in this case) with particularly good equipment. This will allow Kira to last longer during combat and also damage Nefarid when he is held in stasis. This is needed as the hero needs to escape the missile targeting abilities of the death mark during this entire battle and may miss attacking Nefarid whilst trying to dodge the death mark. The companion will help produce additional damage.

Using the above tactics, Nefarid will be defeated eventually.

And then it’s time for a showdown with Darth Angral.


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