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SWTOR How to Make Augments

Updated on January 13, 2013

SWTOR How to Make Augments

SWTOR How to Make Augments
SWTOR How to Make Augments

SWTOR How to Make Augments

In SWTOR, the hero may want to make some augments in order to increase his character’s stats and make his character more powerful. This will guide the hero on how to make augments.

First the hero needs to learn the following crew skills to make the augmentation manufacturing process more smooth and enable the hero not to have to rely on outside help to make the augments. The crew skills needed are –

  • Armstech
  • Scavenging
  • Slicing

Get the Materials Needed to Make Augments with Scavenging

After getting the crew skills, the hero needs to use scavenging to get the materials to make some really low level weapons. Here, the assault shrieker will be used as an example. Click on the assault shrieker and learn that a certain amount of silica is needed to make the shrieker. To collect silica, go on the Scavenging mission Jungle Medicine. Keep repeating the mission until enough silica has been made. Now make the assault shrieker and the Armstech skill will increase.

Repeat the above steps until the armstech skill is 40.

Increase the Low Level Armstech Skill

Once the armstech skill is 40, head to the nearest armstech skill trainer and learn the reflex barrel 5 and skill barrel 5. Now use the appropriate scavenging missions to collect the materials needed to make the reflex barrel 5 and skill barrel 5 and then make these items.

At the armstech skill trainer, learn the appropriate augmentation kit MK schematics once the required armstech skill level is achieved. The first augmentation kit learned will be the Augmentation Kit MK-1.

Reverse Engineer Low Level Armstech Items

Once low level armstech items are made, use reverse engineering to deconstruct the items. This will yield the augmentation set component MK-1. 10 of the augmentation set component MK-1 are needed to make one augmentation kit MK-1, along with desh. Desh can be obtained from scavenging missions.

At this point, the hero will have the augmentation kit MK-1. Head over to a crafting station and put the appropriate item onto the station to construct an augmentation slot. Purchase the augmentation slot and it will be created on the item, say a lightsaber.

SWTOR Get the Augment Schematics and then Make the Augment

Now the hero needs to use improve his slicing skill and then undertake the mission Dirtying the Slate. This mission will give a rich yield of sliced tech parts and on occasion will give the augment schematics needed to make the augment.

Learn the augment schematics and then look at the materials needed to make the augment. Go on more scavenging missions to collect the materials and then make the augment. Now place the augment onto the item's augmentation slot and the hero will become more powerful.


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