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SWTOR Legacy System

Updated on April 16, 2012

SWTOR Legacy System

SWTOR Legacy System - As the sith inquisitor advances in his class quest, his buff ability Mark of Power becomes available
SWTOR Legacy System - As the sith inquisitor advances in his class quest, his buff ability Mark of Power becomes available

SWTOR Legacy System

The SWTOR legacy system has launched, and swtor characters can now experience the results of their legacy that they have built up in the SWTOR universe. In order to create an effective legacy system, the gamer should have more than one swtor character for one character to pass on his legacy to the next. If the SWTOR gamer has lots of characters, then one could potentially create an swtor empire that will last for generations.

SWTOR Creating the Family Tree in the Legacy System

Let's use the example of the high level male sith inquisior, the mid level female jedi shadow, the low level male jedi sentinel, the newbie female sith warrior and female bounty hunter to create the family tree in the SWTOR legacy system.

In events unknown to anyone except members of this particular family, the sith inquisitor gets acquainted with the jedi shadow through his missions and some initial rivalry and animosity with the jedi shadow. Along the way, romance blossoms between the sith inquisitor and the jedi shadow. Married in secrecy and divided by their beliefs, these lovebirds would spawn a daughter the sith warrior, before separating and moving on with their lives. In the swtor family tree section, pull the sith inquisitor icon and the jedi shadow icon together. Create a union known as marriage (spouse) or rivalry or whatever the gamer fancies. Next, place the sith warrior as their daughter below the family tree. Perhaps this sith warrior will follow in her father's footsteps and get acquainted with the jedi sentinel. The next family tree level could spawn the female non-force sensitive female bounty hunter. Or the female bounty hunter could be the love rivalry of the sith warrior.

Create the family tree as you see fit in your SWTOR universe.

SWTOR Legacy Abilities and Skills

Now in SWTOR, the high level sith inquisitor would have completed all or most of his class quests. He would then pass some of his legacy abilities such as the sith inquisitor buff through his gene line (or legacy system) to her daugher the sith warrior. The sith warrior will receive the mark of power buff when she activates the sith warrior buff.

If the sith inquisitor is level 50, then his sith lightning ability damage will be transmitted in the family legacy tree to his daughter the sith warrior. In addition, certain species not normally allowed when starting a certain character class would now be allowed for that character if the swtor legacy system so allows it.

Play around with your SWTOR legacy system when it begins to learn which abilities can be transmitted through the family gene pool.

What the Han Solo Legacy would look like with Jaina and Jacen Solo

SWTOR Legacy Ship Upgrade

Just as the swtor legacy system will see abilities passed on from one generation to the next, so will family heirloom be inherited by the other generations of the family. In this case, this would be the swtor ship. There would be ship upgrades as the hero levels up in the legacy system. Some examples are described below-

  • At level 7, for 1 million credits, the ship obtains a repair droid that can also sell unique modifications to one's protocol droids.
  • At level 10, for 500000 credits, a mailbox is unlocked in all characters' ships.
  • Eventually, at legacy level 25, and for 5 million credits, a neutral galactic trade network terminal is unlocked on all characters' ships.

SWTOR Other Changes Implemented with the Legacy System

With the legacy system, other changes have been implemented within the SWTOR game. This includes -

  • addition of the sprint ability to all characters.
  • a convenience section within the legacy system where advancement in the legacy level and credits will unlock more abilities. An example is the rocket boost ability at level 8, where a intense burst of speed can be added to the characters for a brief period of time, increasing movement speed even more.
  • legacy of sacrifice - at level 50 and with dark side of the force level 5 achieved, one can use the sacrifice ability to heal oneself, at the expense of the other characters.........

These are but a few of the legacy levels, unlocks and abilities. Play on and play through the swtor legacy system to unlock more legacy levels and abilities.


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