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SWTOR Sith Hierarchy Quest

Updated on January 19, 2012

SWTOR Sith Hierarchy Quest

SWTOR Sith Hierarchy Quest - advancement up the sith hierarchy passes through Darth Thanaton and his sith warriors
SWTOR Sith Hierarchy Quest - advancement up the sith hierarchy passes through Darth Thanaton and his sith warriors

SWTOR Sith Hierarchy Quest

In SWTOR, in the aftermath of Darth Zash's demise, Darth Thanaton summons the sith inquisitor to Zash's old office at the Sith Sanctum in Dromund Kaas. It would appear that the sith inquisitor will be moving up the sith hierarchy very fast indeed. Here the sith inquisitor uses the holoterminal to communicate with Darth Thanaton. Darth Thanaton commands the sith inquisitor to head to the Tomb of Darth Andru near the Dark Temple region (use the map to guide the sith inquisitor). Within the tomb of Darth Andru, Darth Thanaton asks the impossible - he wants the sith inquisitor to find and extract the writings of Darth Andru, knowing that this is an almost impossible task as this area is guarded by the ghost of Darth Andru. However, Thanaton has not counted on the interventions of Lord Kallig, and a hidden power within the sith inquisitor. Lord Kallig asks the sith inquisitor to go to the Tomb of Ergast within the dark temple, and drink from the servant of Ergast's poison. Drinking this particular concoction leads to the learning of the ancient ritual of Force Walk, where the sith inquisitor can bind the spirit of any ghost and use their powers to increase the force powers of the sith inquisitor. Using this technique, the sith inquisitor binds the ghost of Darth Andru and returns to face Darth Thanaton with the writings of Darth Andru. Darth Thanaton then commands his sith warriors to attack the sith inquisitor.

SWTOR Defeat Darth Thanaton Sith Warriors

In SWTOR, the most difficult part of the sith hierarchy quest involves defeating Darth Thanaton's Sith Warriors. This will guide the sith assassin in using the most appropriate tactics to defeat Darth Thanaton's sith warriors.

For the sith assassin, it may be worthwhile to change the fighting companion to Andronikos Revel, as his damage per second is higher than Khem Val. Now, when Darth Thanaton's sith warriors attack, use force cloak to go into stealth mode and come out of the room. The sith warriors will go into passive mode. Now use blackout and go back into the room. Use mind trap to "mind freeze" one of the sith warriors. Then backstab maul the second sith warrior (who has not been subjected to mind trap). Andronikos Revel will shoot at this second sith warrior only, whilst Khem Val's area attack may unfreeze the first sith warrior trapped by mind trap. With only one sith warrior, the fight is easy. When the second sith warrior is defeated, concentrate on the first sith warrior.

In SWTOR, when both sith warriors are defeated, Darth Thanaton will move in to attack the sith inquisitor. Despite binding and using two ghost, the sith inquisitor is unable to beat Darth Thanaton. The sith inquisitor falls, but the force walk abilities keep him alive. When the sith inquisitor awaken, he realizes he has been rescued by people loyal to him.

It's time to build up a powerful force and challenge Darth Thanaton. This includes getting the sith inquisitor companion dark jedi.


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