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Syma s109g R/C Apache Helicopter

Updated on October 28, 2014

A Perfect Heli For Beginners!

The Syma s109g Apache is a great remote control helicopter for someone with little to no experience. It's a little slower than other Syma helicopters and that allows for better control. Plus it's tough plastic exterior is very durable so it can crash over and over again without breaking (but if it does break, the replacement parts are super cheap).

Last Christmas I got all my nephews r/c heli's. I ended up getting this one for my youngest nephew because I thought it would be great for him to learn on. And I was right. He picked up on it easily and was the first of all of them to learn how to hover mid-air (which is wicked cool!).

Syma S109g R/C Helicopter

About the s109g Apache helicopter

  • It's 7.5 inches long and weighs only a pound
  • The durable plastic exterior protects it from breaking if it crashes
  • The 4-in-1 receiver allows this heli to fly up, down, right and left, forwards and back. (Just don't try to fly it upside down)
  • Flies 3-5 minutes on a 20-30 minute charge
  • The detailed exterior and flashing headlights give it a realistic look
  • The built in gyro makes it very easy to control, so it's great for all ages.

Syma s109 Parts

Better safe than sorry! Get your replacement parts now while you know they're in stock! Can you imagine anything worse than crashing and breaking your helicopter only to find out they're sold out of the exact part you need! The two parts that break most often are the balance bar and the main blades, so if nothing else, at least try to keep those on hand.

Syma S109G Full Set Replacement Parts, Main Blades, Connect Buckles, Tail Blade,Balance Bar, Spare Main Grips
Syma S109G Full Set Replacement Parts, Main Blades, Connect Buckles, Tail Blade,Balance Bar, Spare Main Grips

This replacement parts set for the Syma s109g includes 2 main Upper blades, 2 main lower blades,1 Balance Bar, 2 connect Buckles,1 set of Upper Main Grips and 1 Tail Blade (Rear Rotor )


Bid On A Syma s109g

Find this heli on Ebay!

I often search Ebay for things I want because a lot of times, I can find them cheaper. Plus, there's nothing like that feeling of having the winning bid (fist pump!). Go ahead and search below. Maybe you'll find a great deal!

Watch a Syma s109 Review

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