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Team Fortress 2 Raffles - How to get Free TF2 items

Updated on June 16, 2013

TF2 Raffles and Giveaways

There's plenty of items in TF2, everything from hats and other silly things, but getting the hats and items that you want can be hard sometimes, that's why I made this guide to help people learn how to get the Team Fortress 2 items that they want. There are a few methods available out there, some more efficient then others, not all methods are great and you should keep in mind that getting free items in TF2 isn't always that easy, if it was easy everyone would do it.
In this guide I will talk about different Raffles and giveaways that are handing out free TF2 items.

There's actually a handful of sites that are handing out items to players, all these giveaway raffles are free to join and gives you a chance of getting free items. Most of these giveaways are community driven, meaning it's players giving other players items, but there's also raffles that websites and companies have, these have often a better reward but are generally harder to win.

The Raffle House

The biggest community driven raffle site is the Raffle House with new raffles filled with items starting all the time. All you need to do is to sign in with your Steam account, then you can start entering raffles. Some raffles has certain requirements, for example that you should have a certain amount of reputation on the site (other users on the site can give each other reputation when they're making a raffle of their own)

It's a nice site and you will see some pretty good items now and then on the site, just a heads up though, the chance of winning on the Raffle House isn't the best, a lot of users join in on these raffles making the odd very low, you can even see the odds of winning on each raffle, and it's always below 1%, but joining the raffles is free so you have nothing to lose, give it a try to let's hope the luck is on your side. Visit the site by clicking the link down below.

The Raffle Site

Free TF2 Items Giveaway

Next up on the list is the, which is a site with both giveaway raffles and other guides on how to get free TF2 items. It's a fairly new site but it's growing each day with new giveaways and guides.

The giveaway section work a bit different from TF2 Raffle House, here you enter the raffle by doing simple tasks like tweeting about the site, facebook liking some page, and for each of these tasks that you complete you earn yourself a giveaway ticket, and the more tickets you get the higher the chance of you winning gets, this way you can affect the outcome of the raffle a bit more.

There's not as many people joining these giveaway as the Raffle House ones, giving you a much higher chance of winning. Though there's not as many giveaways on because this site isn't community driven, but the prizes are usually better then the Raffle House, with prizes like keys and hats for example.

Free TF2 items Giveaway Raffles

Free TF2 Keys

Our next raffle site is a site that gives out free Team Fortress 2 keys, it's not much to say about this site, it's sort of a mix of the two above sites, where you can increase the outcome of the raffle by doing certain tasks but you still going to need a lot of luck.

There's plenty of people joining these giveaways too, so you won't have a super high chance of winning these keys, but it's not impossible.

The amount of keys that are given away each month depends on how much ad revenue the owner of the site gets from the site each month, but there's usually a fair amount of keys being delivered all the time.

Tf2 Keys Raffles

Non-TF2 Giveaway Raffle (Steam Raffles)

Here's a few other Steam related raffles and giveaways, I know these aren't giving away any Tf2 items but you can get free Steam games from these raffle sites and Steam games can easily be trade for TF2 items if you wish to do that, see it as TF2 currency, or just great games you can win.


The biggest and best giveaway site when it comes to Steam games, a bunch of games are given away all the time, not the best chance of winning, but keep joining the raffles and you'll win sooner or later. Some really good games are given away on this site. The only requirement for joining is that you have at least $100 worth of games on your Steam account, it's to avoid people creating accounts and joining giveaways with several accounts.


This Russian site recently gone international and are now accepting new members from all around the world. Similar to Steamgifts with a lot of free game giveaways. This site hasn't as many giveaways though and the games are generally not as "good" but it's still a great site with some great games being given away each and every day.

(You need an invite to get access to the site, leave a comment down below or go to gameminers facebook page or any other site to find a invite, it's not that hard)

That's all the TF2 raffle sites that I know, if you have any suggestions of your own that you thing I should add feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to include them.

I know winning Raffles can be hard, but it's not impossible. Just keep trying, today might be your lucky day :)

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