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The Adventures of Van Helsing Find Your Way to the Orichalcum Mines

Updated on June 25, 2013

In Van Helsing, the heroes Van Helsing and Katarina must find their way to the Ink Gate that leads to the Orichalcum Mines. They must travel from the village of Markovia through Gallowsbog and then reach the Ink Gate. At the inkgate to the mines, they must defeat the horde of monster bosses guarding the Inkgate into the Orichalcum Mines. This will guide Van Helsing on how to find his way to the Orichalcum mines, and provide tactics on how to defeat the monster bosses guarding the way in.

The Adventures of Van Helsing Find Your Way to the Mines

The way into the mines is blocked by four boss monsters.
The way into the mines is blocked by four boss monsters.

Van Helsing Travel from the Village of Markovia to the Inkgate

From the Village of Markovia, Van Helsing will enter Gallowsbog. This is a monster infested area. So, to add to the difficulty of having to find a way through Gallowsbog, Van Helsing will have to face swarms of monsters that are relentless in chasing him. Van Helsing will have to reach two checkpoints –

  • Checkpoint 1 – there is a checkpoint in Gallowsbog
  • Checkpoint 2 – the entrance into the mines

The first checkpoint is found north when Van Helsing comes out of the gate of the village of Markovia. Just go through the congregation of monsters and Van Helsing will reach the checkpoint. This checkpoint is essential if Van Helsing wants to proceed further. Van Helsing can use the checkpoint to go back to the village and stock up on healing potions and then return to Gallowsbog.

Now head east and north and the hero will reach a bridge. Go past the bridge and head west when one is past the bridge. Be persistent. Do not get too distracted by the monsters coming to attack Van Helsing. Persevere and keep moving until Van Helsing sees the morale drenching sight of the mechanical soldiers. This is a sign that the hero has reached the destination. The entrance to the Orichalcum Mines has been found.

Now, all the hero has to do is to run past the soldiers and get within the perimeters of the fence outside the ancient inkgate.

Van Helsing Defeat the Bosses Guarding the Entrance to the Orichalcum Mines

Once the hero is within the perimeter of the fence, the area will be locked off, and the hero cannot get out unless he dies and wants to respawn outside the area. Or until he defeats all the bosses. This whole area is guarded by four boss monsters–

  • Electriferous Beast-King
  • Judge Obesovsky
  • Monsieur Flambeur
  • Vrikolak Predator

The sequence of bosses to defeat should be the Monsieur Flambeur first. Otherwise he will heal the Judge Obesovsky and the hero cannot eliminate the bosses. Once Monsieur Flambeur is down, defeat Judge Obersovsky next. Then concentrate on the Electriferous Beast-King. Finally, take down the Vrikolak Predator. This has to be the last boss to take down, because it can regenerate health.

Initially, Van Helsing will have employ hit and run tactics. Run around, heal up and then return to the thick of the battle and hit the Monsieur Flambeur. When health is low, run out and heal up using potions or the healing aura spell. Then return and finish off the boss monsters one at a time. Until they are all defeated. Note that Van Helsing should equip himself with healing skills and weapons that will grant him health every time he strikes a boss. In this way, Van Helsing can ensure that he survives long enough to defeat all four bosses.

Finally, Van Helsing will find and access the entrance to the Orichalcum mines.


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