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The Best Sega Rpg Of All Time Phantasy Star The Original

Updated on June 12, 2014

Rpg starring a girl with a plot about revenge

First rpg Starring a girl (Alis)
First rpg Starring a girl (Alis) | Source

The Ultimate rpg game

Now though there are quite a few rpg's for the Sega master system/genesis, many have never stumbled across the greatest one of them. Not to say there aren't close runner ups like the Shining Force saga, or the different but great beyond the beyond game. This game just doesn't consist of flaws. Everything is amazing from the detailed character portraits to the cinematic scenes. For Its time it really had impressive graphics. Now the first of these games was initially a port for the Sega master system. Yet the genesis had a way to upgrade the cartridge. Once you got caught up in a game like this there is no stopping. This game plays as a turned based rpg but nothing about the monotony of battle and leveling up seemed annoying. It was always a joy to battle. Every sequel to this game was incredible too, the series of four games really never bores or fails you (Phantasy Star 3's story is the best part of that game due to the different paths available). While Final Fantasy had gained its popularity Phantasy Star truly beat it in every way.

opening screen and intro


Now the Story if watched above is one of revenge. The governor Lassic is trying to cause a great amount of damage throughout the planet. Alis's brother Nero failed at stopping him and is killed. In return it has become her mission to avenge her brothers death and kill lassic while stopping his evil plans (that's a good sister). Through out the story she will not only travel to different town as most rpg's like Final Fantasy but she will travel to different planets. There is a colorful cast of characters and the dialogue is quite enthralling. There is a somewhat adult overtone thrown into the game which is shown through the blood on Nero in the intro. There is so much more to the story but I'd spoil it to tell more. As the series develops there are slight tie ins to each other and each story pulls you into the world of the game. The story that you have here is nothing short of perfect. The things that happen in this game quite frankly not what you expect. There a twist and turns that you're just not ready for. Imagine that a game that came out around the time I was born has a more intricate storyline than a lot of games that out right now. This means with a system about as powerful as an nes, they were able to pull me in. 8 bit graphics and all I was hooked.

two of the planets



The game play is a turn based game but it is taken from a first person point of view with beautiful monster portraits. Final Fantasy graphics were a joke next to this and the attacking seemed so much more fluid and together. Attack magic defend everything gelled, but there is also talk and other available things to choose in battle. The attack graphics looked much better then rpgs of there time. If you have an opportunity to experience this game once you stop you can not stop. Now this is the type of game that you have to remember theirs no mercy. On the bright side you have five slave slots and can save anywhere you want in the game. However, if you use all your saves in a bad spot you may never be able to survive and you may have to start all over so be careful. This is a game for a person who isn't spoiled with start where you die rpgs like Fable. This game had all the basics to make it a turn based great. Speed was never preset and there are a lot of times where you just don't know who's got enough agility to start this thing off. Find me a game of this caliber, even in animation, back in this time period and I'll be amazed. Talk about impressive battle, when you fought an every day enemy you were ready to lose everything. There were times a non-boss looked so well drawn and large that you just assumed you walked into a game over. Honestly the game is beautiful anyway you slice it. The fun factor of this game is huge too. The bosses are relentless and make you realize that a few random battle wont keep you afloat. I really hope that the ps2 remake they made for this gets put on the PlayStation store and created for us in English. Phantasy Star Online and Universe just can't bring to the table what these original games brought especially the original entry.



Phantasy Star battle

Battles/Don't miss out on this gem

Now the idea here is to play your everyday battle style rpg. However, what makes this game different is the sprites are not beautifully designed and intelligently made. I mean not only is there an array of characters but they each have different attacks that customized to them. Not just that but not every enemy is a battle you must fight there are many different options. Attack Defend Run magic are not the only choices you have. You can inspect the enemy and even speak to the enemy. In some cases speaking to the enemy with have different effects. This choice is not found in any future games, yet, in this one it made the game more diverse. There was just so much more you could do then in your run of the mill jrpg. I mean really the game has cinematic scenes. Unheard of for a master system game. Enemies look beautiful and I can not stress that enough. The leveling up system really is effective in this game, Not to mention it is possible to be an extremely high level and still know that no part of this game is a breeze. However, it is equally impossible to feel like the game is hopeless unless you aimlessly travel to far, but even then with some luck you can survive and really gain a lot of experience points.

Now I will go into the other sequels a bit more in different blogs. I recommend you start with the series that started it all. This game has very few rivals in its generation that can even compete on the same level the music alone is so enthralling that you never want to stop battling. Try this game and unless you are jaded from today's games you'll enjoy this game. There is a complete PlayStation 2 remake but it never came out in United States. The remake looks beautiful. Not to say that the original doesn't have an amazing look. However, if you are an hd remix kind of person you need to get the remake. My hope is that some kind of online store will offer the remake in English or maybe give us an even newer remake. I mean the last remake was for PS2. We are already buying PS4's now so a whole new remake in my opinion should not be out of the question. Let just hope they don't change much. Same game with great graphic and some amazing cgi scenes or something like that. The Collection of all the games is also on the DS but its missing Phantasy Star 3. Though Phantasy Star 3 is the one that kind of missed the Amazing level and fell par to just really good, you don't want to miss out on the good things that entry offers.

Beautiful Remake Of The original Phantasy Star on PS2

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