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The Classic Lite Brite

Updated on June 5, 2014

How many of you remember the classic Lite Brite that came out in the 1967? It was one of my favorites as a kid. I loved to see it all lit up when I was done putting the pegs into my picture. The colors were so pretty and there were so many designs to choose from.

I was reading an article about 50 toys you can't get anymore and this was on the list. I thought how sad; I loved the Lite Brite growing up and so did my boys. In fact, my son sent me the article to see how many I remembered. I was surprised at how many I'd gotten for my kids when they were younger; even the Lite Brite, After reading this article I did a little research on Lite Brites. I haven't look for many toys since my boys aren't little anymore so I wasn't sure if there were any other styles of Lite Brites out there. I found they are still there but the style is different than how the original ones were. They are called Lite Brite LED Flat screen; a modern version that resembles the look of table computers such as a iPad. It was introduced in 2011. They come in colors that are eye appealing to both boys and girls with a peg tray in the bottom of it to keep the pegs safe so you don't lose them. The pegs are the same as used for the orginal one.

The Lite Brite is a great toy for kids because it gives a hand-eye coordination to putting the pegs into the designs. All they do is follow the pattern; they can even be creative and make their own designs. I love to see the.great masterpieces they come up with and to see their faces light up with satisfaction that they can do it! What kid wouldn't love to get one of these.

Here are what the new Lite Brite flat screens look like:


Lite Brite Flatscreen - Red
Lite Brite Flatscreen - Red

A fun new style that resembles an iPad. How neat is that! It has a peg box on the bottom for safe keeping of 200 pegs that comes with as well eight patterns to start with. You can order refillable sheets which are sold seperately.

Lite-Brite IlluminArt Easel
Lite-Brite IlluminArt Easel

I like the idea of the easel part. I think its neat way to show off a lite brite masterpiece as well as your own drawing. It comes with six markers, 400 pegs and 10 refills sheets.


The first two video's tell you a little about the new and the classic Lite Brites.

The third is a neat video by David Crowder Band who made a music video called SMS (Shine). They used 700.000 original pegs to create this video with over 2,000 hours of animation. I really love it!

Which Lite Brite Do You Like Best?

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