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The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Gameplay

Updated on August 7, 2012

The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Gameplay

The Force Unleashed 2 Demo
The Force Unleashed 2 Demo

The Force Unleashed 2 Juno

The Force Unleashed 2 Juno in Starkiller's head
The Force Unleashed 2 Juno in Starkiller's head

The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Gameplay

The Force Unleashed 2 will be released in full version in 2 weeks. Before the full version, there is always the force unleashed 2 demo to demonstrate how good the game is. Here we take a look at the initial walkthrough of the force unleashed 2 where Starkiller tries to escape from the clone factory.

In the initial cutscene in the force unleashed 2, Starkiller dispatches a few clone guards using powers of force push and lightsaber swings. This is followed by a dialogue with Darth Vader as he assess his newest clone's mental stability. Starkiller intermittently breaks down with voices and images of his love Juno in his head. This culminates in Starkiller's inability to strike down Juno with his lightsabers. Darth Vader reluctantly accepts that this Starkiller clone is another failure. An image of the previous Starkiller being killed by Vader flashes across Starkiller's mind. He turns around, and launches a lightning attack at Vader, and throws himself through the walls and descends into the depths of the clone factory.

The Force Unleashed 2 Descend

Starkiller jumps from the training platform into the depths of the clone factory. As he drops down, he must navigate through obstacles and either sieve his way past them or force push them aside. Not entirely sure what is the point of this exercise, other than to give the gameplay continuity rather than interrupt this with a cutscene.

The Force Unleashed 2 Lightning

The Force Unleashed 2 Lightning
The Force Unleashed 2 Lightning

The Force Unleashed 2 Escape from the Clone Factory

Starkiller crashes onto another platform in the clone factory. Here Starkiller must use his force powers and lightsaber skills to get past the clone guards. Here is a list of the force powers that Starkiller can use -

  • Jedi Mind Trick - Confuses and enrage target - this is used initially to make the stormtrooper guard fall from the platform on his own accord. This is a new power in the force unleashed 2.
  • Saber Throw - Dual Sabers are thrown at enemies
  • Grip - lift and throw an enemy or object
  • Sith Favourite! - Lightning - Electrocute 3 enemies
  • Push - Force Push to blast target away from Starkiller, combinations include Cannonball, Dashing Blast and Charged Push
  • Saber - pretty standard attack, although repeated pressing of X will trigger different forms of attack, including Makashi Strike, Soresu Strike, Shien Strike and Saber Blast (X,B)

The Force Unleashed 2 Tie Fighter

The Force Unleashed 2 Tie Fighter
The Force Unleashed 2 Tie Fighter

The Force Unleashed 2 Tie Fighter Escape

Finally Starkiller makes his way to a tie fighter after unleashing his force powers on countless storm troopers. Vader force pushes a pair of doors, but is too late to stop Starkiller as his tie fighter zips into the rainy night sky.

More walkthrough available when the full version of the Force Unleashed 2 is released.


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