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The Octonauts Toys, Characters, And Other Merchandise

Updated on September 19, 2014

All New Octonauts Toys

Yay! For Octonauts Toys

My son loves the Octonauts so it's no surprise that our house is covered in Octonauts toys.

From the Octonauts Octopod playset to the Gup-B, we've got them. He's quite happy playing with them in his bedroom and in the bath as well.

You can only imagine the excitement and noise that comes from the bathroom when the whole Octonauts crew are out to rescue a sick Narwhal.

Anyway, if you've got a little one who also likes them, then here are some toys that they would love to have.

Octonauts Octopod Playset

Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset
Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset

Every little fan would love to play with the Octonauts Octopod playset. Who wouldn't? It's the Octonauts very own moving home and submarine.

This isn't a bath toy like the other octonauts vehicles, but it is made of solid plastic and I have to say that my son has brought it in with him in the bath many times


This looks much like the Octopod in the show and comes with various accessories and sea creatures to play with. The top where the "control center" is also opens so that the figures can stand in it. There's even a chute where Kwazii can slide in.

Another good feature is that it comes with the Octo alert which in itself is already a toy that your child will appreciate. Just expect to constantly hear Captain Barnacles saying "Octonauts, to your stations!!!!"

Octonauts Gup Toys

In the past year, there have been a few different Octonauts gup toys that were released by Fisher and Price. All good news for us.

Still, the Gup X continues to be one of the bestselling gups right now. And for good reason. It's big, it's durable and it can transform into three different machines.

Dare I say, it's almost as good as the Octopod?

There are of course other Gup toys that you can buy at a much more affordable price than the Gup X rescue vehicle. Currently, the gup toys are:

  • Gup A Vehicle with Barnacles
  • Gup B Playset with Kwazii
  • Gup B Flying Fish
  • Gup C Playset with Shellington
  • Gup D Claw and Drill
  • Gup E with Peso
  • Gup F Build A Gup
  • Gup S Gup Speeders
  • Gup O and Dashi
  • Gup R and Kwazii

Who Are The Octonauts?

The Octonauts is the latest tv show from Disney that is capturing the hearts of many little ones in the USA. This was originally showed only in the UK, but it became so popular that it quickly spread to other countries such as Australia, Germany, Argentina and in many countries across Asia.

Apart from the very catching cinematography, the eight characters are also extremely lovable that children can easily identify with them.

Add to this the fact that the kids learn something new in each episode and you've got the perfect tv show for kids to watch.

It doesn't hurt that many parents are loving the star-trekky feel of the Octonauts show either.

Octonauts To The Launch Bay!

The Octonauts Characters

Get to know who these lovely animals from the Octonauts are.

There are eight main Octonauts characters. Three of them Captain Barnacles, Kwazii Cat and Peso Penguin are usually featured on every episode.

Captain Barnacles

The Captain of the Octopod and the leader of the crew. He has his own catch-phrases which many viewers love such as "Octonauts, Let's do this. Or "Octonauts, sound the octo alert."

Professor Inkling

Professor Inkling is the sea explorer who formed the crew in the first place. Without him, there would have been no Octonauts. He first met Captain Barnacles during his polar cub days. He stays in his library a lot and very seldom leaves the Octopod. He also likes to play table tennis with the crew - with eight legs, he's pretty good at it.

Kwazii Cat

The lovable cat who has a very infectious love for adventure. He's Barnacles sidekick and close friend (as shown in the episode: The Crab and the sea urchin). He used to be a pirate which was when he lost a part of one of his ears. He has lots of pirate stories and beliefs which are rather interesting and cute, if I may say so myself.

Peso The Penguin

The medic of the crew. He's a bit of a scaredy-cat but when someone is in need of medical attention, he quickly comes to the rescue disregarding the fear that he often feels. He and Kwazii are good friends too.

Tweak The Rabbit

Tweak is the engineer and is often seen with a wrench or some kind of a tool. She makes sure that the Octopod and the gups are in working order all the time. She often seem to be working on some kind of a new invention for the Octonauts to use in their sea adventures. She surprised Captain Barnacles with the Gup-X in the Great Christmas rescue and made the Gup-B fly so they could retrieve Professor Inklings grandfather's notebook from the Flying fish.


Computer-extraordinaire, she makes sure all the computers in the Octopod are in working order. She's also the crews photographer and often has a camera on hand. She was called Sauci in the original Octonauts books by Meomi.


the marine biologist with a great knowledge about the sea and the many creatures in it. He once stayed out all by herself in the Gup-E to observe some garden eels but instead got caught in a sea of sea nettle jellyfish.

Tunip and The Vegimals

Half vegetable, half human, Tunip, together with the other vegimals, is the Octonauts cook. She also has a garden in the Octopod where they grow among other things a lot of red seaweed which some Marine Iguanas were very interested in Episode 43, The Octonauts and the Marine Iguanas.

The Octonauts Gup A Claw Vehicle

Your Favorite Octonaut

After watching a few Octonauts episode, I'm sure you've become fond of at least one of the characters. My personal favorites are Kwazii Cat and Tweak..

Who's your favorite Octonaut?

See results

New Octonauts Toys For 2014

When the Octonauts toys first came out, there were only very few gups and figures that were available and many of them were out of stock very quickly.

But not for 2014. Fisher-Price has become a lot more ready for Octonauts merchandise and now have a lot of new Octonauts toys.

Check them out below

Octonauts Gup R Sailfish Vehicle

Here's a new gup that's also loved by many kids.

Like many of the other gup toys, this can be played with in water too which makes bath time really fun and usually very long.

And since Kwazii, who likes speed loves this SailFish too, it's only apt that it comes with Kwazii the Pirate himself...

The Gup B sure had competition -- the Gup AAARRRRR.

Octonauts 8 Figure Pack of 8

For a long time, finding a complete set of the Octonauts was not easy. They were at first sold in separate packs and even then, some of the characters were not even available.

This was always a problem with many kids who wanted to have all the beloved characters to play with.

Well, this year, they have finally released the Octonauts figure pack of 8. That means, all eight of them can now be bought in one set.

Octonauts Tweak Octo Max Suit

Who needs a carrot launcher? Well, only one Engineer I know, Tweak and this Octo Max suit will do just that. So Tweak can have all the carrots she wants while she goes about her building duties.

The suit can fit any of the Octonauts so if you've got the 8 figure set above, any one of the Octonauts can get in and rescue a giant Octopus or something like that :-)

Octonauts Party Supplies

With a huge fan base, many birthday parties now include the Octonauts theme. There aren't that many Octonauts party supplies yet, but the good news is that you can easily recreate this theme by making an ocean/beach birthday party.

Just add some Octonauts figures and you're good to go.

These Octonauts party supplies lens is of great help if you're planning an Octonauts theme party.

Octonauts Merchandise

There are other Octonauts merchandise that are available for purchase. There are duvets, lunch bags and cutlery set to choose from.

Click here for my lens on all Octonauts merchandise.

Octonauts Online Episodes - Octonauts on Youtube

It's possible to watch the Octonauts on Youtube, that's where we sometimes feed our Octonauts addiction. I can't wait for the DVD Octonauts to be out and ready soon though.

Octonauts Creature Report

Do your children like watching the Octonauts? Do you watch the Octonauts too? Which one is your favorite episode?

Do leave some comments below.

The Octonauts And You

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