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Thief Chapter 1 Lockdown Walkthrough

Updated on March 2, 2014

In Thief, Garett the master thief continues on his adventures. He comes out of the Manor and there are two changes -

  • Garett has been exposed to the Baron's Primal Stone and now has a special power - Focus.
  • The city is now in lockdown due to a plague like illness - the gloom.

This chapter 1 lockdown walkthrough will guide Garett on how to get to the clock tower.

Garett can now use focus to detect threats - guards and birds alike; they are all threats. Use focus to highlight precious thief items ie loot. As Garett uses focus, it will decrease. To restore focus energy, Garett will have to find poppies.

Garett can eat food to replenish health. Garett can carry up to five food items, so be very careful about when Garett consumes the food items.

Thief Chapter 1 Lockdown Get to the Clock Tower

With the end of the cutscene, search the area for precious thief items. Look for as many loot items as possible to get the loot count to 60. Use focus to help Garett.

  • There is a cabinet here, and a gear above a high pipe. Climb the cabinet and get the gear (loot 2/60).
  • Then climb into the cabinet and save.
  • There are some ladders here. Climb them and get a newspaper (document 1/13). The other ladder leads to the roof. There is some food at the top of the second ladder.

Remember to collect all loot before moving to the Traitorsgate.

There is a pair of guards below. They are speaking about the lockdown. To sneak past the guards here, go via the west walkway. At the end of this, go up a pipe and ghost to the alleyway.

The guards here should be taken care of so that Garett can steal the loot.

Open the door of the next building and enter. Find a water arrow and a coin purse. Leave the building and follow the path to the Backway.

Thief Backway

In the Backway, there is a guard looking after a corpse. He is not wearing a helmet. Look for a broadhead arrow to do a headshot. This will help Garett get the Headshot Thieving Challenge.

Get to the east wall and look for a secret side area. Jump down and collect some water arrows from the barrel far ahead. There are two ways to take down the guard above.

  • Climb up the wall and move along a wooden walkway. Go onto the beam and then air assassinate the guard.
  • Or sneak around the backway's central tree and note the broadhead arrows on the table near the guard. When the guard moves away, sneak up to the table and get the broadhead arrows. Then aim for the guard's head and take him out. This is the first of the headshot challenge in Chapter 1 (1/4).

Climb over the north wall in the Backway and climb the wall to get back to Traitorsgate.

There is another guard here. Use the other broadhead arrow, aim for the parts of the head not covered by helmet and take the guard down. This will accomplish the second of the headshot challenge (2/4).

  • Now head towards the jeweller's shop using the north wall of the backway. Remember to collect the sack of food on the ground as Garett makes his way to the jeweller's shop.

Thief Get to the Jeweler's Shop through the Underpass

Garett needs to get into the jeweler's shop. Observe the patrolling patterns of the guards and then sneak along the rooftops. There is a dark corner in the streets below Garett. Go into it and hide in the darkness. There is a gold coin on some crates and a small box on top of a barrel.

  • The small box contains 2 broadhead arrows and a water arrow.

Now head for the darkness in the alley on the east side. This area always appears to be free of guards. Try to collect as many broadhead arrows as possible. There are 2 broadhead arrows on the tall crates in the north end of the alley.

  • At west end of the alleyway is a roof. Get up the roof and then go across the gap to get to the east shelf. Get the coin here.

Then climb the stairs in the southern area to get to the Underpass.

Thief Underpass

Garett will use the underpass. Follow the path until Garett reaches a door. Open the door and get some food and a newspaper from beyond the door. Find a gold purse on the ground after closing the door.

Enter the crawlway nearby and get to higher grounds. From the underpass, get to the stonecutter's court west alley. Continue heading north until Garett reaches the Jeweler's Shop.

Thief Get Into the Jeweler's Shop

There are a few ways to get into the jeweller's shop.

  • Get to the jeweler's shop by climbing a rope in this area. Crawl into the jeweler's shop through the second floor window.
  • Carry on through the ground level. Arrive at a locked gate. Enter the jeweler's shop cellar by picking this lock. Then move through.

Using the second method, move past the gate and reach the guard. Use all of Garett's thieving skills to get the guard's loot.

Avoid the other 2 patrolling guards. From here, Garett can enter the jeweler shop several ways including -

  • the west alley has a locked cellar door. Enter and then stealth take down the jeweller.

  • In the cellar there is a cabinet, so go inside and save or checkpoint.
  • Loot the cellar and then get a letter on the east desk.
  • Weaponwise, remember to get the fire arrow from the box on the crate.
  • Search the painting in the room's southwest to find trigger. Press it and uncover a safe. The combination for the safe is in the letter - 7, 3 and 9. The safe contains the jeweled mask.

Thief the Jeweler's Shop First Floor

Use the cellar stairs and get up to the first floor. Then head up to the residence floor and find a cabinet to save / checkpoint.

  • From there, head upstairs to the overhead rafters. Using the overhead rafters will allow Garett to move around without the two guards detecting Garett.

There are two guards patrolling the floor. Eliminate them by whatever means possible.

Once the guards are eliminated, search every part of the shop for loot. Use focus where necessary. Now head up to the residence.

Thief the Jeweler's Residence

Advance into this area to see a guard asleep in his chair. End him using Garett's choice of weaponry. The jeweler's wife is sitting by the fireplace. Loot the place without her notice. Now explore around and find all the loot including those in the east bedroom.

Thief Get to the Clocktower

Once Garett has cleaned this place up, climb through the open window at the north end of the residence's hall to get to the next area. This area is an alley. Then pry open the window and get to a small house. The only thing Garett can do in this area is to snuff out the candles. Emerge from the house into an area with two guards. Then head west along the alley until Garett reaches some crates. Climb that to the nearby pouch.

Proceed onwards and reach two more guards. It appears most guards work in pairs in Chapter 1. They will walk and light two wall braziers. Use water arrows to douse these two lit braziers. This will help with the thieves challenge extinguish 9 flames.

Climb up a vertical pipe along the way and then reach a high walkway. Continue along the wooden beams and walkway until Garett gets to the clocktower. Garett may want to defeat some guards along the way.


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    • supreme gamer profile image

      supreme gamer 4 years ago

      thanks, please follow and share....

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 4 years ago from Australia

      Great walkthrough! I've only had time to play through the first chapter but I'm looking forward to the rest of Thief later tonight.