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Thief Chapter 2 Dust to Dust Walkthrough

Updated on March 4, 2014

In Thief Chapter 2 Dust to Dust, Basso has instructed Garett to get a ring from Cornelius. Cornelius is dead, and so Garett must get the ring from his corpse. The corpse is in the old Vale Street Ironworks beyond the chapel. This will guide Garett on how to get the ring from the corpse of Cornelius.

Thief Guard Dogs

There is a guard dog near the east side. These guard dogs can sniff out Garett and start barking, causing guards or the dog's owner to become alert. Avoid this dog.

Thief Chapter 2 Dust to Dust Walkthrough

Thief Get Into the Foundry

From a relative high point, observe the situation below. There are some guards near the main gate. Spot a rope nearby and climb down. Then drop down further to the ledge below. Drop down into the trench beneath the trench.

  • Look up and around for a ladder. Climb up from the trench and use the ladder.

At the top, Garett will see a guard on the bridge. Depending on your playstyle, combat or stealth takedown or arrow headshot takedown the guard. He does not have any loot though.

  • Look for a wooden fence near the west wall in this area, once the guard is down.

Vault this fence and go south to another guard. This one is sleeping. Another guard is doing a patrol around this area. Wait for this other guard to depart, keep clear of the dogs and then take out the sleeping guard. Then hide this guard's body and wait for the takedown of the other guard.

  • Look around the area for loot. Remember to use focus to highlight objects but be conservative if focus is low or Garett does not have those focus restoring poppies.
  • Get the choke arrows in the locked box near the ex-sleeping guard's chair.

Now go pick the northeast gate. There is a wall beyond. Make sure Garett has collected all loot before going over the wall.

Thief Dust Yard Walkthrough

Beyond the wall, Garett will use speed to go through the initial dust yard area.

  • [storyline] Garett suddenly experiences Erin calling out to him. Is Erin still alive? Remember the cutscene earlier did not actually show Erin dying.
  • [important loot] There is a poppy in the centre of the dust yard. Collect it along with the pocket portrait.

Garett can hurry on to his objectives, or take the time to get to a secret shack.

  • Get to the top of the crane by climbing onto the crate and then the crane.
  • Use the beam and get to the roof of the shack.
  • Get past some pipes and find a ladder leading down. Get into the shack.
  • Search the shack for loot, including Charity's memory.
  • From the secret shack, climb out and see a drainpipe on the wall of the north building. Climb up and get to the west side. Climb up more pipes and continue to move west. Eventually Garett will get to an opening in the wall. Get into the ventilation shaft.

Once Garett is in the ventilation shaft, there is no coming back.

Follow the marker on the HUD and get to an opening with a guard below. Air takedown this guard. Search for loot including that on the guard and some food.

  • Head towards until Garett gets to a tall crate. Climb up and beyond to continue.
  • Get to an office. Search everything for loot.

Next, Garett will use the assembly line to get to the bodies. There are some windows that overlook the main line hall. Garett can explore the areas beyond the windows and get to some beams and loot, but the essential path is -

  • climb through the east window and get to some wooden beams.
  • Now there are some better quality guards coming up, including an armored crossbow guard. Find ways to take them down using your preferred playstyle.

Search the area for loot and then get to the next area east past the crossbow armed guard.

  • There is a cabinet here for saving. Look for it.

Garett's next objective is to get close to the assembly line's hook and interact. Its like a skyline and zips Garett deeper into the facility. Drop from the hook, and get into the shadows, sneaking past some tables. There is another armed crossbow guard here. Take him down. The next room is an office with plenty of loot. Then open the door beyond and get into the corridor.

  • Remember to search the area thoroughly for loot. Thief is not a game of speed, but increasing your gold.
  • Climb up the stairs. There is a guard there. There are six blunt arrows in the box. Take the arrows and then use innovative ideas to defeat the guard.

Once the guard is gone, look around and up for an overhead beam. Fire a rope arrow into it and the climb up the rope. Jump from the rope to the shelves ahead. Get the collectible the Daisy Brooch here and go along the corridor.

There are some guards at the next doorway. Follow the guards and then save in the cabinet. Then go through to the next corridor.

Go across the walkway to the crossbow guard is positioned. The key here is to defeat the inspector whilst the crossbow guard is far away. Then take the key from the inspector and open the locked door in this corridor.

  • The locked door leads to another section in the manufacturing area.
  • The first thing to do beyond this locked door is to save in the cabinet and then get the loot in the chest.

Then its time to head to the hook lines and get deeper into this mortuary factory and find Cornelius's body.

Thief Find Cornelius's Body

First, Garett must unzip himself from the assembly line before he reaches another crossbow guard. Otherwise he's just target practice.

  • The key here is to find a small crawl space and then crawl through until Garett reaches the furnace chamber. Cornelius's body is kept here.

Unfortunately, as Garett is in the crawl space, the General (of catching thieves) spots Cornelius's ring and takes it. Garett must steal the ring from the general.

Within the furnace room, there are four guards. Take them down and find the office of the General. Unfortunately, it is locked.

Thief Find Another Way Into the Office of the General

Look around the furnace room for a ventilation shaft. The guard here should have been taken care of. Jump into the ventilation shaft and then get to the office. Search for loot and food and then try to crack the strongbox which will contain Cornelius's ring.

Thief Solve the General's Puzzle

Garett can either -

- look at the posters on the wall, or follow these steps:

- form a circle in the middle of puzzle by doing the following -

  • turn the first set of tiles twice in each direction right or left
  • turn the second set of tiles once to the right
  • turn the third set of tiles once to the left

Once this is done, the General's Puzzle is solved, and Garett can get Cornelius's ring. But now, he must escape the Foundry.

Thief Escape the Foundry


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