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Thief Chapter 3 Dirty Secrets Walkthrough

Updated on March 4, 2014

In Thief, Garett continues his adventures in the city, this time going into the House of Blossoms. This time, Garett is working for Orion. He wants a book in the House of Blossoms, of all places. This will guide Garett on how to complete chapter 3.

  • Get the wire-cutter tool before embarking on this mission.

Thief Get to Erin's Hideout

The city map area comes into play before Garett can get to the brothel. First, Garett will have to travel south from his hideout at the clocktower and then get to Basso. Basso introduces him to Orion and the Graven, and then Garett blacks out. An ominous sign indeed. When Garett awakens, he accepts Orion's quest, but he does not visit the House of Blossom. So he must find someone who does or did - Erin.

So Garett must travel to Erin's hideout and then find the medallion. Then, he must find the alley that leads into the brothel.

Thief Find the Entrance into the Brothel

The House of Blossoms is a brothel, not a library. Garett will start in a dark alley. Garett will tail a wealthy man as he is being led north through the shadows towards the brothel.

  • Note that there is a valve behind some guards here. Shoot at it with a blunt arrow and some flames will be released, killing one guard and distracting the other guard and knocking him out.

This will give Garett Opportunist points.

  • Remember to search up and down and left and right (for example, the pipes here) for loot.

Otherwise sneak past the guards and then go down the north stairs. Garett will close in on the rich man as he is about to get into the brothel. The guard escorting the rich man is having trouble trying to open the gate. Go forth and pickpocket the rich man's purse before going on.

  • Looking up, Garett will see some beams. The way to get up to the beams is via the crawl space which is accessible through a vent in this area. Wait for the rich man and his escort to leave.

Then use a variety of methods to take down the guards.

There is a secret side room east of the beams. Slide down the north slope to avoid the guards. Go back to the start point and look for some thick pipes above Garett. Get to a control box on the west wall. Hack the control box with the wire cutter. Drop down and get into a secret side room.

  • The secret room contains a poppy, a sack of food and a small box with Broadhead arrows.
  • Go north from here. Climb a tall crate and get to a high passage. A raven will drop a collectible called jewelwing.

There are alternative ways to get into the brothel. Follow the rich man and his escort rather than taking them down.

Thief Get Into the Brothel

Apparently the rich man cannot get into the brothel. Go into sneak mode and go east through the shadows. Go south and get to an ancient ingot.

  • Then go north to reach an alley. This will take Garett beyond the House of Blossom front door. Go to the east end of the alley. Climb the crates to get to a higher platform. Climb further until Garett reaches a narrow beam. Then go across and reach a secret passage. Go into it. There is not coming back.

Continue through and move a fallen beam out of the way. Then climb the pipes to reach a even higher window. Get to a window and get into the brothel.

Thief Explore the Brothel for Clues for the Book

Garett will reach a small storage room using the above method to get into the brothel., There is some food on the floor.

  • Move past the nearby curtain and get into the foyer.

In the foyer, there is a woman moving east. Swoop behind her and steal her earrings. Loot the area clean. Then look around the eastern side of the foyer a curtain that leads to the door of a small room. Garett spared the woman so that she would open this door. If Garett had knocked the woman down, then this door remains closed.

  • Stay hidden in the shadows as the woman seduces a guard and moves downstairs into the kitchen.
  • There is a cabinet here. Get into it and save.
  • Then get into the kitchen.

There is a woman here preparing some opium in a big container. Find a wall that Garett can cliimb onto and then get to the kitchen's overhead pipes. Do an aerial takedown on this woman and quickly take down the other woman in the kitchen. Loot the kitchen.

  • Note that there are other options to knock out the guests and people in the brothel completely.

One such option is to get to the south balcony and pick the east door. Get to a short crawl area and then get to the area underneath the opium boiler. Use the wire cutter to pry open the control box and use it to activate the boiler.

Now there is a lever near the woman who is tending the opium boiler. Crouch and sneak to the lever and pull it. Opium is released into the brothel, killing everyone in the brothel.

  • Garett will get the Predator Playstyle rating at the end of chapter 3 using this technique.

Thief House of Blossom Get to the Upper Level and Sneak into Madame Xiao Xiao's Office

If Garett had just used the above gassing method, then he can just about take his leisure time and loot everything in the central hall and beyond. So do that and then move up the west stairs to get to the upper levels of the House of Blossoms.

  • The key here is to get to Madame Xiao-Xiao's office.

If the gassing method had not been used, then Garett may have to use a rope arrow and fire it into a beam above the save cabinet. On the second landing, get onto some pipes and climb the wall to get into a high crawl space.

  • There is a ring in the crawl space, a collectible called Emerald Circle.

Drop from the crawl space onto the bed of a bedroom. Find a "door" that has a curtain blocking it. Then continue through some stairs on the northen side and get to a door on the landing.

Garett must get into Madame Xiao Xiao's office. Once inside, begin looking around for clues. Then head into Xiao-Xiao's private chamber. Read the diary on the table. This is the book that will provide the clues that Garett needs.

  • Look for a east wall safe. Use the wire-cutter tool to hack the control box to negate the massive damage if a trap is triggered. The combination code for the safe is 5, 7 and 3. Loot the safe.
  • When facing the safe, look to the left to see a bookshelf.

Thief Find the Mysterious Podium

  • Garett must find the first mysterious podium.
  • On the left of the safe is a bookshelf. Feel along the books until Garett activates the search that makes the bookshelf revolve.

Find some stairs and get down to get to a lower corridor. Continue along until Garett gets to the mysterious podium. Then use the medallion in the proper way ie solve the medallion puzzle.

Thief Solve the Medallion Puzzle in the House of Blossoms

  • The first symbol is the markings on the wall near the podium.
  • Move along the west stairs and get to the passage's end. There are two bedrooms here. Look through the keyhole of one bedroom and see a second symbol in the room.
  • Look through the other keyhole and see the third symbol.
  • Now, move towards the podium and keep going until Garett reaches the first peephole. See the fourth symbol through the peephole.

Move back to the podium; place the medallion on the podium and align the four symbols until they form a line.

  • A wall slides back, revealing some ruins.

Thief Explore the Ancient Ruins

  • Jump down from the ledge and get into the ancient ruins. Note this is the point of no return.

Loot each chamber as Garett passes through each. Continue, but be very careful of traps in this area. The first trap is a gift, causing no harm. The second trap will can be disabled by activating a brick in the east wall.

Collect scrollholders as Garett goes through each chamber.

Finally, get to a locked door and continue down a set of stairs to a passage lower down. There are four symbols in the passage's alcoves. Reach a shrine and then use the medallion with the four symbols in the passage. The statue rotates and Garett will get a collectable called the Ancient Figurine.

  • There is a fifth symbol on the statue. Go back to the shrine and align the fifth symbol. Now reinsert the medallion. Two more statues will rotate. Get the loot.

Go back to the main chamber and then look for a loose brick on the main chamber's west wall. Activate this and a pressure plate will deactivate. Go through the passage and get to a tower. In the central tower will be the book that Orion wants.

Thief Get to the Central Tower

Use the stairs to descend. Get to the scriptorium. Look at the bookshelves. There are trigger books on them. The southeast bookshelf has a trigger book that will rotate the bookshelf and send Garett into a cavernous area with some broken staircases.

  • Garett must get to the central tower.
  • The key here is to align the staircases with the numerical symbols on them until they all line up to a shattered window on the central tower. Jump across and land inside the tower. The book Orion wants is here.

Thief Get the Ritual Book from the Ornate Casing

Use focus to identify four symbols in the podium. Use these four symbols and do the same thing with the medallion and then insert it into the podium. Garett will get the ritual book.

Now, the final thing left to do is to escape the area as guards pour into the forgotten ruins area.


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    • supreme gamer profile image

      supreme gamer 3 years ago

      video walkthrough coming soon to show, just lagging behind written walkthrough, sorry guys...

    • profile image

      Chris 3 years ago

      There is another podium after this one. Got the key for it?