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Thief Chapter 4 A Friend In Need Walkthrough

Updated on March 5, 2014

In Thief Chapter 4, Basso has been taken by the baron in order for the baron to extract information from him about the book. This walkthrough will guide Garett on how to get into the Baron's keep and how to get Basso out. Prior to this, it will guide Garett on how to navigate the architect's house.

Garett should bring the following items along with him -

  • rope arrow
  • razor tool
  • wrench tool
  • blunt arrow
  • water arrow
  • wire cutter tool

Thief Find Jacob in Greystone Plaza

Garett will start at the rooftops. Run in a northerly direction and spot Jacob at the plaza. Jacob has been 'attached' to the plaza's central fountain, permanently. Garett needs another way to get into the baron's keep. What better way to do this than to use the architect's plans.

Thief Get to the Architect's Grand House

Move north on the rooftops. On the west, there is a ledge. Drop down onto it. Follow this until it ends. Then jump over to get to the neighboring building.

  • Always remember to loot, including this area.

Continue moving, dropping to a pouch and then jumping over a railing. There is a large explosion from the baron's keep. Slide down the sloped roof and get to a wall that Garett can climb. Use this and get to a window that is open. Get a poppy along the way. Now spot an anchor rope beam overhead. Use a rope arrow on the beam. Climb down using the rope to the alley below. Search for loot including the Lapis Lazuli Circle.

  • Climb back up the rope and get into the open window.

After climbing and getting through the windows and the pillars in the house , Garett will be looking over the garden of Eastwick's house.

Thief Get Into Eastwick's House

From the garden, eavesdrop on the guards' conversation.

Then dispose off the guards using your preferred playstyle.

There are then several ways to get into Eastwick's house.

  • Climb to the top of the scaffolding and get to a crawl space that will lead to a bedroom.
  • Use the balcony entry.
  • Use the front door (if Garrett has already disposed of the guards)

Thief Use the Greenhouse's Secret Entrance

  • Use the greenhouse's secret underground entrance. This method is cool because it takes the hero through some food and poppy. Use the greenhouse's skylight to enter. There is a wall near where some gas is sprouting through. First deactivate the valve to switch off the gas leak. Then inspect the wall for a brick.

Activate this to enter the greenhouse's secret back room. The back room has a hatch that leads to Eastwick's house.

Thief Use the Underground Passage to Get to the Eastwick's House

When in the underground passage, use the wirecutter to hack the control panel. The control panel is found near the ladder. This will disable the traps in the otherwise very dangerous trap laden underground passage.

Then, move on and come to an intersection. The passage on the western side leads to a larder. Devise a plan to eliminate the cook or at least sneak past him and plunder the larder of loot.

  • The larder is full of food, obviously.
  • Now, head upstairs into the house's first floor.

If Garett is in a hurry to finish this chapter and the story, and note that this is a major step in the storyline, then use the wire cutter tool to hack into the larder's control box.

  • The larder's control box is found on the larder's pillar in the center. This will reveal an elevator which will take Garett to the Eastwick study.

However, remember that Garett will miss a lot of loot and he needs gold to purchase those precious focus upgrades and other expensive thieves tools and expendables like the poppy flowers.

Thief Eastwick Estate First Floor

Of course, the larder leads up to the kitchen. Take out the guards using the predator playstyle and then loot the area. Proceed to the foyer.

  • Remember to save regularly using the cabinets.

Head to the foyer. Knock out the guard and then go to the office. There is a safe here which can be picked and opened, once revealed by pressing a button on the table. Get the collectible Morendrum Medal.

  • Next head to the foyer's entrance. Defeat all the guards here just to prove Garrett's thieving and predatory superiority. Of course, if Garrett has already defeated the guards, then proceed to the next floor.

  • Loot the area including a valuable poppy in the garden. Then save and use the stairs to get up to the second floor.

Thief Eastwick Estate Second Floor

  • On the second floor, Garett will proceed to the west side and get to Eastwick’s study.

However, for more loot and adventures, go to the east side and also catch a glimpse of Eastwick’s wife and maid. Pick the safe here for some real valuables.

  • Now, onwards to the study. Defeat the guard near the balcony. Use the razor tool on the painting near the candles and get a collectible. Head to the west wing proper and visit the library. Defeat the guard and knock out the maid here. Loot the area.

Then, look at the south bookshelf for a hidden switch. Trigger the book and activate a secret revolving door. This will lead to a secret passage which will lead to the greenhouse area as previously described, via an elevator downwards. However, go up to get to the study.

Thief Eastwick Estate the Study

On arrival outside the study, press a switch which will activate a revolving door to get Garett into Eastwick’s study area. The Baron’s watch is knocking on the door of the study, ready to come in and arrest Eastwick, who has hanged himself. Garett must act fast.

There is a ladder here. Climb it to get to the study’s balcony. Feel around the edges of the painting at the top and find two switches. Activate them. A large three dimension display of the city and the Baron’s Keep appears from the ground. Spin the model until Garett solve the puzzle in Eastwick’s study. Look outside the window and look at the real Baron’s Keep for a hint on how to solve this puzzle.

Then, the Baron’s watch gets past the study door and gets into the study. Garett escapes.

Thief Get to the Baron’s Keep and then Further Into the Keep

Garett must get to the Baron’s Keep, Run past the city’s rooftop and run past dogs, arrow and other things. Garett will eventually descend to the street level. Trade with the merchant here before going further.

  • Remember to get two new items to play with – the blast arrows and the sawtooth arrows.

There is a crate here and a rope above that. Climb both and then get to an attic. Pick a small box here to get arrows. Drop down and get into a crawl space. Continue into the bottom of the keep. There is just about everything related to chaos here, dust, fire, smoke and the thief Garett. Search around for loot and then get to the northeast gate and some stairs leading further down the keep on the inside.

  • Get the poppy flower at the bottom of the stairs.

Just keep going until Garett reaches the metal walkway. Then continue to more walkways and then continue to the far end to some pipes. Continue through, avoiding or swooping past the jets of flames here. The pipe will begin to collapse. Jump at the end. Then there is the piston trap. Swoop before the piston pulverizes Garett. Now, go into some crawl spaces and then go past some nearby flame jets.

Thief Find and Rescue Basso

As Garett moves on, he needs to use a valve wheel to switch off the fire jets. Continue onwards. Eventually, Garett will get to a broken stairwell with no gas. Jump down and then enter the boiler room. Loot the boiler room.

Look for a switch on the south wall and call an elevator. Now go up to the prison level. On arrival, look at the book at the reception desk to find out where Basso is held. Find Basso and then pull a lever on the wall to release him.

Thief Find the Great Safe

Garett must find the great safe to end this chapter and finish the storyline here. Use the elevator to get up as far as possible and then leap over to the next elevator. Then climb through the opening to get to an air duct. Exit from the air duct and make your way into a large room and then the Great Safe.

Thief Open the Great Safe

To open the great safe, first reset the locking mechanism. Press one switch and then go over and press the other.

  • Enter the correct combination – 3, 1, 9 for the left dial.

Garett is interrupted as he tries to open the Great Safe. Eliminate all guards in typical predatory playstyle and then open the safe by using the right dial.

  • Enter the correct combination – 0, 1, 8 for the right dial.

Open the great safe, get a fragment of the Primal Stone and then play through the misty scenes. Follow Erin’s instructions and finish off this chapter.


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