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Thief Chapter 5 the Forsaken Walkthrough

Updated on March 9, 2014

In thief chapter 5 the forsaken, Garrett picks up a hint from Erin in the other realms and decides to visit the Moira Asylum. This will guide Garrett on how to navigate the asylum.

  • Garrett should bring some fire arrows in this walkthrough.

Thief Get to the Asylum Grounds

Getting to the island with the Moira Asylum is easy enough. Meet with Basso at the Siren's Rest in the South Quarter and he will take you there.

  • Once on the island, run along until Garrett gets to the gate of the asylum. Then, climb over the wall.

Search the asylum grounds boldly and thoroughly. The front door into the asylum is initially blocked. After exploring the asylum grounds, Garrett returns to find the asylum front door open. Rather mysterious indeed.

  • Garrett will enter the asylum through the front door. Then it slams shut, trapping Garrett inside.

Peer through the keyhole of the door that leads into the lobby. This door will open after a vision of Erin. Go inside. This is the ghostly part of the Thief game.

Thief Asylum Lobby, Men's Ward and Women's Ward

  • Search the asylum lobby for loot - documents and valuables.
  • Search the men's ward for loot.

In the men's ward, there is a room in the southeast room which is blocked. This blocked room should be explored last. The way to enter this blocked room is to access it from the adjoining room. Sneak through the hole from one room to the next.

  • There is a key in this particular room in the men's ward. Collect it and use it to enter the women's ward.

However, once this key is collected, the Night Warden will be released. His coming is heralded by a notice that's now attached to the wall. Be prepared.

  • [Note] - When the Night Warden appears, just run away into one corner or into the cabinet. Ghostbusters need not be called.

Thief Get Further Into the Women's Ward

Go into the women's ward and find the west office. There is a keyhole here which requires the key from the men's ward to open. The west office has a valve wheel, which when turned will raise a gate. Then Garrett can go through two revolving doors to the east.

  • Remember to loot all items here before moving on. If Garrett explores carefully, there is a secret door here.

Thief First Floor Asylum Area

Finally, after getting all the loot, climb the stairs and get to the first floor north wing. Search for valuables and then go into the women's shower area. Continue moving and getting loot and then enter the women's dining hall. Remember to collect the poppy flower near the elevator in the dining room area. Carry on into the women's ward rooms.

  • The main thing here is to get into the Central Seclusion room. There is a table here that Garrett can climb up to and then from there to the narrow ledge and into the room.

In familiar creepy fashion, the door to the central seclusion room swings open on its own. So much for thieving and climbing through windows. Then the south office door swings open too. There is not much clearer hint about where to go next.

  • Go to the south office.
  • Loot all areas before proceeding to the south office.
  • At the south hall, a wheelchair starts moving along. Clear signs that this is the way to go. Go through the debris and get to the treatment centre.

Thief Get to the Treatment Centre

Go down the stairs and get to a circular stairwell. Then jump onto a wooden beam in the centre. Jump from the beam to get to the west landing. Next, go upstairs to find a valve wheel. Use this to unblock access to the next area.

  • Go down the stairs.

In the next area, Garrett will find a door that he cannot open. However, on looking up, Garett will see a hole in the bars above. Climb up and go through the door.

  • There is an opening in the wall in the next area. Crouch sneak through and get into the treatment centre.
  • The treatment centre, in keeping with the creepy theme here, has peep holes that will yield disturbing images as Garrett peers into them. However, Garrett cannot enter the rooms (unless power is restored).
  • Go further down the hall, and there is another vision. Garrett is on the right track.

Thief Find and Start the Power Generator

  • The power generation is somewhere down the west hall.

Note that Garrett can save in a cabinet here, but the cabinet is bobby trapped. So disable the trap first.

  • There is a cabinet here (not bobby trapped), with a lever. Activate the lever and the power is on.

Now go back down the hall and use the switch in the office. The cells in the treatment centre will not be opened. The idea here is to get to room 3F. However, the gate leading to it is still closed, so use the nearby room to access it instead. There will be a vision here. Then the door to the room will open.

  • With the opening of the cells of the treatment room, crazy patients pour out of the rooms. They are the equivalent of the guards in other areas, somewhat so anyway.

Finish off the crazy patients and then look for a safe in one of the rooms here. The combination for this safe in Moira's Asylum is 7, 3 and 1. As usual, loot the place clean.

To exit this crazy part of the asylum, look for a room with a doctor being tortured. Knock down the torturer and then press the switch so that the doctor will be moved up. Go to the bottom of the pit and take note of a crawl space here. Finish looting the treatment centre clean and then get on through the crawl space.

Hints and Tips on the Freaks in Thief

  • Upgrade the stealth focus ability completely to sneak past hoards of Freaks.
  • Upgrade to the Leather Oil from the shady merchant at the Crippled Burrick.
  • Upgrade to the strong bow from the shady merchant.
  • Freaks can be killed using fire, from blast arrows, or headshots from fire arrows.
  • Don't take on the Freaks with Garrett's blackjack. Garrett will be shredded to pieces.

Thief Old Prison Area in Moira's Asylum

The crawl space allows Garrett to get to the Old Prison. It will also afford Garrett a lot of loot. Garrett will eventually get to a lever. Pull it and then enter the stairwell.

  • Collect more loot like arrows and poppy flowers along the way.

Now, Garrett comes "face to face" or "face to side" with a Freak. Use blast arrows against the Freaks, including this one. At the bottom of the stairs is another Freak. However, the light here will cause this Freak to flee.

  • There is glowing symbol on the side of a well. This will add 1 focus point for Garrett. So stare at the symbol.

Thief Get to Erin's Holding Cell

Garrett will get to the Reformation area of the asylum. Here, more visions appear.

  • In this area, there is more loot, including food. Restore the health to the max with the food here. Garrett will need this.

Be aware of a host of Freaks here. When moving, be stealthy, or they will detect Garrett and rip him to pieces. See the box above for hints on how to defeat Freaks. The key is - just sneak past them when possible and conserve expensive and valuable equipment.

Later, Garrett will move on and discover more Freaks. Go to a high point, and use fire based arrows to eliminate the Freaks.

  • Collect all loot after defeating the Freaks.

Thief Maximum Security Area of the Asylum

  • Continue onwards to the lower level and the west passage.

Past some debris, Garrett will face a horde of Freaks. Garrett will have to swoop past the Freaks, in timely fashion. Beyond this point, at the end of the freak show, Garrett will start hallucinating.

Move along, and remember to collect the poppy flowers. Then reach a series of Garrett portraits and pick the lock of one of them. Finally get to Erin's cell and understand what happened that night in Northcrest Manor.


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