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Thief Chapter 6 A Man Apart Walkthrough

Updated on March 13, 2014

In Thief Chapter 6, Garrett chases after Erin, and right into the Baron's Northcrest Manor. Here, Garrett will have to take down guards and get deeper into Northcrest Manor. Then he will escape and complete chapter 6. This will guide Garrett as he tries to achieve his objectives.

  • Garrett should bring at least one rope arrow in this chapter. Also bring along the wrench tool and the wire cutter.

Thief Find A Way Into the Baron's Mansion

So Garrett is back in the gardens of Northcrest Manor. Climb onto a high vantage point and observe the movements of the guards. Garrett should be a master thief now, so eliminate all enemies on the east side and the west side.

Then loot all items.

Thief Get Into Northcrest Manor

There are several ways into the Northcrest Manor.

  • Use the drainage system and get into the manor
  • Use the path to the north

By using the north path, Garrett will encounter more guards. Either sneak past them or take them down.

At some point, Garrett will get to some cellar stairs. He has to vault over the south railing and sneak into the manor that way.

  • Use the attic entrance

There is a stone archway here. Find it, use a blunt arrow to knock down the crates, and then the crates will fall.

  • Always remember to look for any loot, even in unexpected places.

Jump down from the archway, climb onto the crate and look up to see an anchor beam. Fire a rope arrow at the anchor beam. Climb the rope and get to the manor's top floor. Pry open the window here. Get into the manor that way.

Thief Find the Baron in his Private Study

The attic way is good because there are no guards in the attic. However, as Garrett proceeds, there will be a guard further down. He is setting a trap. Go forth and set up your own trap - take him out.

  • Then use the stairs to get to the second floor of the manor.

Thief Northcrest Manor Traps

Use focus to identify the traps in the manor, then follow the connections back to the source and use the wrench tools and wire cutter to disable the traps.

Thief Northcrest Manor Second Floor

  • Remember to save regularly in the cabinet.

This is even more important because there are traps in the halls of the second hall. Once the traps are gone, explore with less caution. Loot everything. Of course, there will still be some guards here. Finish them off.

The Baron's bust lies in a room on the second floor. It is imperative and symbolic of the master thief Garrett to steal this bust. This room is accessible from a storage room. Climb a cabinet across the hall to get onto a ledge and from there into the room on the second floor. In similar fashion or roughly similar fashion, disable the traps on the second floor and the cellar, and loot everything.

There is a secret room in the second floor, where, Garrett can get the collectible Heart of the Lion.

Thief Northcrest Manor First Floor Area

Explore and loot the first floor area as per thieving methods above. Then enter the southern waiting hall. Defeat all the guards.

Look around for a stone ledge. This will lead to a balcony on the second floor. Jump over the vault to the balcony and get to the second floor of the waiting hall. Now enter the west door and get to the study tower.

Thief Study Tower Area

Look around for a high crawl space. Climb up to this space, move to a room with pipes and then get to another side room and climb another vertical pipe. Get to another crawl space.

  • The stairs in the central tower are broken. Instead, use the elevator shaft to climb up.

Get to the doors leading to the baron's study. Save and get in.

Thief Get Into the Ceremony Room

Garrett will pick the door and get into the waiting hall. Graven have entered this area. When possible, just take them down. Keep moving and taking down Graven and guards. Loot and pillage along the way. Finally get to the ceremony room.

  • Garrett has another vision in an untimely fashion. When it ends hide in the shadows. Graven appear again. Use innovative methods to knock them out.
  • Look for a poppy flower in this area to loot.

Now, look at the southwest wall in the ceremony room to find a loose stone. Get into a secret passage after activating the loose stone. There is no going back.

Thief Get Down into the Laboratory

There is a lever as Garrett moves along that he will activate. The lever will show a way that Garrett can use to move forward. Descend via a spiral staircase. Loot everything.

  • Finally look for another lever that will open up a central machinery - there is a primal stone fragment inside.
  • Find two valve wheels. Spin the left wheel and then the right wheel to match the speed. A crack will grow larger and then another crack appears. Repeat the procedure and a third and final crack will appear.

The machinery breaks down, allowing Garrett to enter and get the primal stone fragment.

Thief Escape from the Manor

All that is left to do is for Garrett to escape from the manor, after a tussle with the general thief taker.


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