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Thief Walkthrough Begins

Updated on February 27, 2014

Thief the Game

Thief the Game walkthrough begins with the drop prologue quest.
Thief the Game walkthrough begins with the drop prologue quest.

In Thief Walkthrough, Basso instructs Garrett the thief to start his thieving adventures in a studio apartment. Basso says that tonight's assignment will be dangerous. This thief walkthrough will start with the Prologue the Drop and guide Garett through up to the end of the prologue.

The Drop Prologue Quest

  • The apartment with the sleeping man

In this apartment, Garett's master thief abilities will hardly be tested. This initial scenario will require Garett to search and steal. Look through every drawer, chest and container that is interactable.

Next, test out light and darkness by snuffing out the candles with the fingers. Then stealth in the darkness. Of course, Garett is easily detectable in the light.

  • Then get to the window on the north side. There is a wooden beam here. Climb out and onto the wooden beam.

Get to the window on the far side. Use Garett's lever and pry open the window. Enter the attic.

Thief Prologue Walkthrough The Attic

The attic is filled with caged birds. This part will teach Garett how to crouch and sneak. Do this well enough and earn the Ghost Playstyle at the end of the drop quest.

Being the master thief, Garett appraises a painting of a man on the wall. There is a bird cage near it. There must be something behind the painting. Indeed there is.

  • Feel the painting edges until Garett hits the trigger switch. Press the switch.

The painting moves, allowing Garett access to a safe. Pick the lock, which consists of 3 pins.

  • Get the collectable loot "the Glittering Plumage" (collectible loot)

Something stirs the birds in the cage. Get up to the rooftop aka the thieves' highway.

The Thieves' Highway

Move around until Garett reaches a small box on a crate. Open it to find the rope arrow inside. Now open up the inventory and select the rope arrow.

  • Look up and fire the rope arrow at the roped wooden beam above Garett.

A climbable rope is made above Garett. Climb up. Then move along and jump to the nearby rooftop. Be reacquainted with your female criminal in arms Erin. Erin explains that they have to work as a pair. Then she makes a run.

  • Chase after Erin.

The Alley Below

After the rooftop chase, Garett lands in a dark alley. Crouch sneak and be silent in movement. When Garett reaches an intersection, he can peek at the next street ahead.

  • There is a pair of guards here. Wait for them to walk away. Then make your way through, following Erin to the alley's end.

Erin then starts showing off again, this time using a claw to climb a tall wall to a walkway. Garett stares in envy, and then reluctantly makes his way in silence and in stealth to the next street until Garett reaches a long ladder.

  • Climb up the long ladder to the rooftop.

The Thieves' Highway Continued

Erin shows off her claw tool, and then runs. Chase after her. These are the steps to get to Erin.

  • Crouch sneak under the large pipe.
  • Jump down to the lower rooftop.
  • Erin wnts to steal more loot than Garett. Beat her at her own game.
  • Climb onto the beam and get to the other roof.
  • Use Garett’s blackjack to smack the crank once Garett is on the other side. A ladder will drop.
  • Climb up the ladder
  • Sneak past more pipes.
  • Spot Erin in the distance. She seems happy about something.
  • Run and then jump past the broken ledge into the open window in Erin’s direction.

Voyeur's Apartment

Garett lands into a passageway with some candles. Snuff them out and proceed to the door. This is locked. Peer through the keyhole to make sure that no one is in that room beyond. Pick the lock. In this next room, Garett will find a telescope on a desk. Pick this up. Collect the note on the desk. Open the desk. There is more treasure underneath. Pick the apartment clean and then climb through the window to the rooftops.

On the thieves’ highway, eavesdrop on the civilians below and then cross the narrow beam to the next roof. Now use the lever to pry open the window and get into the building.

In this building, there is a caged bird. Do not surprise it. Search the cabinet for a cup. As Garett the master thief, nothing goes amiss. Look at the room’s southeast wall to find a loose brick and a hidden treasure cache in the wall. There is a ring and a necklace. Then head upstairs to meet with Erin.

Courtyard of Baron Northcrest’s Manor Walkthrough

The courtyard of Baron Northcrest’s Manor is the next location.

  • The target is to steal the primal stone from the Northcrest Manor for Basso. But Garett and Erin must cross the courtyard to reach the Northcrest Manor proper.

This is more or less a sneak tutorial as Garett follows Erin. Follow Erin, sneaking in the shadows and then learn her rapid shadow through light to shadow technique. Climb the wall and meet with Erin. Steal some gold from a guard. This guard will move away to speak to another watchman. Follow Erin south, remaining in the shadows.

Garett will reach an area with some shallow water. Move very slowly to avoid detection. Continue moving through the courtyard, and then reach a container with some water arrows. Equip and then fire the water arrows at the torch ahead. Sneak through this area and reach some stairs. Go up the stairs.

It’s time for some stealth takedown. Erin will take down one guard. Garett will sneak and take down the other with his blackjack. After lecturing Erin, Garett should proceed to open the south door through lockpicking.

Unfortunately, Garett does not have Erin’s claws. Erin uses the claws and scaffolding to get to the rooftop. Garett has to find an alternative way to the roof. Distract the guard using a bottle from the nearby crate. When the guard goes to investigate, go through the previously blocked passageway. When the guard returns to his position, come out and climb the crate to get to the top of the gate.

At this point, Garett can either

  • Move through the top of the gate to meet with Erin.
  • Take on the guards below. There is a cabinet here which is a save or checkpoint.

Climb past the top of the gate and meet with Erin. Erin has just taken out another guard….. lethally. As Erin turns her back to Garett, steal her claw tool.


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      TA Williams 3 years ago from BYB/Skeleton Tree

      Going to be a good one!