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Best Thomas the Tank Engine Toys for a 2 year old

Updated on December 21, 2014

Buy Thomas the train toys for 2 year olds

My two year old son loves Thomas the Tank Engine and people buy him lots of Thomas the Tank engine toys.

He enjoys watching Thomas DVDs, loves reading the books and is quite into some of the characters, his favourites include Percy and James. He has probably liked Thomas DVDs, books and toys since he was about 20 months old.

For Summer, there are also different Thomas toys you can use outside. A Thomas play tent is great for imaginative play, provides instant Summer shade and is featured below. Other ideas include a Thomas trike, a Thomas battery operated ride on or why not take the Thomas bath toys outside to play with in an inflatable pool or a water table?

If you're wondering what to buy a two year old you can't go wrong with some of the Thomas the tank engine toys.

Read on for the best Thomas the tank engine toys for a 2 year old.

The picture is of my eldest son aged 2 with his Thomas phone!

Thomas & Friends: Remote Control Toys

My 2 year old has a remote control car with simple controls to move the car forwards and backwards that he loves driving. It's a perfect toy for his age group.

You can get remote control Thomas the train toys like the ones featured below that I know any 2 year old Thomas fan would love.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Steam 'n Speed R/C Thomas
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Steam 'n Speed R/C Thomas

This remote control Thomas train is every 2 year old Thomas fan's dream toy.

Use the remote to control Thomas. The remote is the perfect size for small hands with big buttons.

Thomas puffs real steam that is safe to touch.

He whistles, makes chugging sounds, and says fun phrases

Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price My First, R/C Thomas
Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price My First, R/C Thomas

This is another option of a remote control Thomas.

It's a great first remote control toy for young kids with simple controls like you can see in the picture.

The buttons move the train forwards and backwards. It's perfect for little hands to hold too.

It's slightly cheaper than the steam and speed Thomas above.


Wooden Thomas the Train Sets

My son is now 2 1/2 and loves his wooden railway set. He plays for ages putting the tracks together and then moving his magnetic trains around the track. It keeps him occupied for some time.

You can get wooden Thomas train sets. These do tend to be on the expensive side so it may be worth considering a compatible Thomas track featured below. You could then add Thomas trains and accessories.

Click here to find out more about the the best train sets for toddlers

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Thomas
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Thomas

These magnetic trains are great to go with a wooden railway set. Make sure your wooden railway is Thomas compatible before buying although many are. My son spends ages putting all the magnetic trains together and pulling them around the track. He also "drives" them all over the house, over the sofa, up the walls, around the back of the TV.

If you have a 2 year old Thomas fan he will love a set of trains to play with.


More Thomas Train Sets

Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price My First, All Around Sodor
Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price My First, All Around Sodor

This is a perfect train set for 2 year olds.

It features a motorized Thomas which can talk to his friends as he chugs around the train set.

There are buttons on Thomas's roof which you press to select the location he should go to.

There are three destinations and each has an activity or friends.

Great sized trains for little hands.


Thomas the Train - Tidmouth Sheds Playset

Thomas the Train: Tidmouth Sheds
Thomas the Train: Tidmouth Sheds

Includes a whirling helicopter, Sir Topham Hatt figure, a free-wheeling Thomas train

Trains can enter through the front or the back of the building with the 3 ramps

Press down on the water tower spout to hear water sound effects

Features fun whistling and chugging sounds

Ramps double as a bridge for Thomas


Thomas Trike

My 2 year old loves ride ons including trikes. He's not quite able to pedal yet, but he goes on his trike and uses his feet to push himself around.

There are actually Thomas themed trikes for 2 year olds and the trike below is a great option, recommended age is from 2 years.

There is a three position adjustable seat so the trike is designed to grow with your child.

The trike features flashing lights, sounds, music, and “walkie-talkie” phrases from Thomas and Friends. There's also a storage compartment - my own son loves storage compartments on ride on toys and loves putting stuff in them and carting them around so this is a good features.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Lights and Sounds Trike
Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Lights and Sounds Trike

For safety the trike features easy-grip handlebars, slip-resistant pedals and a wide, stable wheel base,

There's also durable tyres and an oversized front wheel for faster pedaling.

There are six buttons on the handle bar unit that activate authentic sounds and fun phrases


Thomas the Tank Engine Take N Play Toys

Thomas the tank engine take n play toys are a great alternative for other trainsets. The advantage that they have over other trains is that they are portable (hence the name). The take n play trains are the right size to fit perfectly in toddler's hands and carry. The play sets are designed so with storage space so that you can throw a few trains into the play set, close it up and take it with you.

Have a look at some of the different suggestions below.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play, Thomas & the Treasure
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play, Thomas & the Treasure

This Thomas train also has a cargo load full of gold!

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends the Great Quarry Climb
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends the Great Quarry Climb

In this set Owen helps pull Thomas up the steep incline. He can also whizz down the bottom of the climb. At the loading zone, a spinning saw blade on the drop saw cuts the bluestone and deposits it right into Thomas' cargo car,

This set like the others can be easily folded up for storage or to take and play somewhere else.


Thomas Floor Puzzle

This is a great floor puzzle that my son loves. He was given it for his 2nd birthday and it's a really nice thing to sit down and do together. It encourages him to concentrate on something for a while.I think it will last a while because eventually I am hoping he will sit down and do it on his own.

Thomas the Tank Engine Tents

Play tents are great for 2 year olds. They are especially great in the hot weather as you can put them up outside in the garden and there is instant shade. In the Winter they can be put up inside the house. My son and niece play with one at their grandmas. They love sitting in it, hiding in there, playing in there and will eat their lunch in their too. Here is great Thomas play tent.

Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle
Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle

You can set this tent up in a second and it provides hours of play.

You can get an extra optional tunnel to connect it to other play structures.

A carry bag is also included.


Thomas the Train Ride On

My own son loves ride ons and Thomas so this is like a dream come true for him.

Power Wheels Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track (Amazon Exclusive)
Power Wheels Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track (Amazon Exclusive)

Shake 'N Go Thomas can go fast

The more you shake him the further he will go

Thomas says fun phrases

Makes train sound effects

Fun addition to Shake 'N Go collection


Thomas books

I had to add a Thomas book to my list. My 2 year old son loves looking at books and Thomas is one of his favourites. As well as the set featured below you can get Thomas the train lift the flap books. My 2 year old loves lifting up the flaps and will actually sit for a couple of minutes on his own looking at the book which gives me a few moment to myself now and again.

Thomas and Friends: My Red Railway Book Box (Bright & Early Board Books)
Thomas and Friends: My Red Railway Book Box (Bright & Early Board Books)

This box set has 4 board books and is great value. The language and the stories are just pitched perfectly for 2 year olds. The stories are simple and the small books are sturdy enough for little hands to flip through.


Thomas the Train Trackmaster Sets - A toy that's on our Thomas wishlist

We haven't got any Thomas the train trackmaster products but if you are looking for a Thomas the train set another option is the Thomas the tank engine trackmaster sets. These are motorised train sets. This trackmaster sets tend to be slightly more affordable than the wooden sets The sets are durable and should encourage lots of imaginative play.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, Castle Quest Set
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, Castle Quest Set

This is a fun set with kid interaction required.

As Thomas chugs around the track you have to reset the obstacles to make sure he doesn't crash again on his way around!

It's a big impressive multilevel set which comes with Thomas engine, cargo cars, King's Crown as well as the track set.


Thomas the Train Bath Toys

Many 2 year olds still love their bath and to make it even better why not get them some Thomas the train bath toys.

Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Bath Squirters (3 Pack, Styles May Vary)
Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Bath Squirters (3 Pack, Styles May Vary)

Three squirting bath toys (either 3 trains or 2 trains and a boat).

Push them along in the water or along the side of the bath!

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Bath Tracks
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Bath Tracks

This is a track that can fit to the bath tub wall.

Thomas rolls along the track.

You can lift the crossing-gate so Thomas can splash-down!

You can also pour water to spin the water wheel or wash Thomas down with the water tower strainer


Thomas the Train Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

Another soft huggable pillow makes another cute gift for Thomas fans. My own 2 year old loves soft things to feel hug and cuddle so would definitely love this.

Jay Franco Thomas & Friends Plush Stuffed Toddler Pillow Buddy-Kids Super Soft Polyester Microfiber, 15 inch (Official Mattel Product), D
Jay Franco Thomas & Friends Plush Stuffed Toddler Pillow Buddy-Kids Super Soft Polyester Microfiber, 15 inch (Official Mattel Product), D

A soft huggable Thomas pillow for bed and naptimes.

You can sleep on it, cuddle it or play with it.

It can be spot cleaned and measures 15 x 8 x 6 inches.


Does your child have any of the Thomas toys listed? Or can you add any more favourite Thomas toys? Please feel free to comment below.

What Thomas toys does your 2 year old like?

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    • freecoolstuff4u profile image


      5 years ago

      my son is a big thomas fan too, nice to know the variety of toys that there is, he has most of it, just one or two items he hasn't got, i know what to get him now. thanks and great lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice and Interesting

    • fifta profile image


      6 years ago

      my son doesn't know Thomas really, but he loves train. When we bought him Thomas wooden train set, he was veery very excited.

    • nebby profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      My son isn't 2 anymore but back when he was (and Ringo was the conductor) he was totally nuts over Thomas & his friends. He still has all his Thomas toys, books & videos and plans to give it to his child when his wife when he marries & had children.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thomas, Thomas, Thomas has taken over any boys collection of toys. Thomas Items category at allows one to explore Thomas toys beyond train sets.

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 

      8 years ago

      Yep, looks like my son would love all of these. He just turned 2.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      All of my boys loved Thomas when they were younger! The show, the books, the train toys - we've been through them all. I loved the train set, too, and spent a lot of time setting up wooden tracks. Ahhh....miss those days! (My youngest is six, not like he doesn't play with Thomas anymore, but now he does all his own tracks!) :)

    • GreenEcoBean profile image


      9 years ago

      Yes, my little guy loves trains!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Welcome to the Childrens Toys Headquarters! Glad to have you in my group.


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