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Tipis - A Fun Way To Stay Outdoors!

Updated on January 25, 2015

Why Tipis are great for your child

Tipis - also known as teepees or tepees - are a great way to get children interested in camping outdoors. You can use them for camping trips, or just in your own back yard! These sturdy, safe places to sleep and play are great places for a child's imagination to run wild, and are much more fun than standard tents.

Many canvas tipis are extremely lightweight and can be erected virtually anywhere, making them ideal to carry on trips. They are great to protect you against the elements, blocking out rain as well as heat to ensure you remain comfortable.

If your child doesn't enjoy the tipi then try decorating it - buying a blank canvas and designing it with your child will boost their interest in using it.

Setting up your Tipi

How cool does this look?

How amazing would it to be to sleep in one of these in the great outdoors?

Would you prefer a Tipi or a Tent?

Which would you prefer to sleep in? A tipi or a Tent?

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Living in a Tipi

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