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Tom and Jerry Games for Kids

Updated on October 20, 2015

Who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry? These two enigmatic cartoon characters, conceived by William Hanna and Joseph Barber almost more than half a century back, 1940, are a true example of timeless characters that can cross the boundary generation in terms of popularity. And these two most popular cartoon icons have proved to be ageless and timeless cat and mouse and mouse of our world. Since my young ages, I have been watching tom and Jerry and till date when I find time don’t mind to peep into cartoon network to take a look how Tom and Jerry are getting along now-a-days.

Little History of Tom and Jerry Cartoons

The originator of Tom and Jerry, Hanna and Barbera, wrote and directed one hundred and fourteen episodes of the popular series, in between 1940 to 1957. Among these 114 Tom and Jerry series, total seven of them own academic award in the animated film category,

Interesting Facts about Tom and Jerry

  • In 2000, Time News Magazine named this series as all time best television show.
  • At present, Time Warner has the sole rights of Tom and Jerry
  • This series celebrated its 70th anniversary in February 2010
  • In his debut appearance Tom was called Jasper
  • Almost Every action in this series is supported by classical, jazz, and pop music
  • Have you noticed Jerry never speak any word?
  • Late Palestinian President Yassar Arafat loved this carton
  • Tom always uses axes, firearms, and traps, explosives to kill Jerry and never succeed. In fact, Jerry outwits Tom with her cunning improvisation power. Have you ever noticed any man, in real life, using dynamite to kill a mouse?
  • Most of the time Jerry attack Tom, when is either sleeping or pre-occupied with something.
  • Despite the use of extensive violent scene, none of them had ever got heart, not even a scratch
  • Tom Loves to sing when he see any female cats-the only Casanova cat of our planet. There is one episode called “Casanova Cat” that portrays Tom as a cat with exquisite dress sense.

Tom chasing Jerry
Tom chasing Jerry
Tom, with a club behind :), offering friendship to Jery
Tom, with a club behind :), offering friendship to Jery
Tom nearly missed Jerry
Tom nearly missed Jerry

My Favorite Scene

One of my favorite scenes is Jerry plugging Tom’s tail into a power socket.

Why Tom and Jerry is so Popular?

Tom and Jerry both share a kind of love and hate relationship. Though they seem to bother each other when they get the opportunity to do so, yet the truth is none of them can stay without seeing each other. Perhaps, the way they fight and make fun of each other or try to fool each other is the only way they can express love for each other or perhaps this is the only entertain they can imagine of. Sometimes I wonder perhaps both the character-Tom and Jerry-are virtually reflection of two sides of a man/woman, who lives in everyone’s heart.

This hub is for kids who loves not only to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon movies but are looking for games. When I searched in Amazon games section resulted in a number of Tom and Jerry games, and I have selected the best selling 10 Tom and Jerry Games, that you might be looking for too.

Best Selling Tom and Jerry Games

Best Seller 1-In this game, Tom steals Jerry's cheese and Jerry to recover it. Tom stole the cheese not to eat, but to catch Jerry. He knows Jerry will go crazy for cheese and by mistake will fall into his traps. As a Jerry you have to avoid all the mouse traps and recover the cheese.

Best Seller 2 (War of Wishkers)-At the begging of this Tom and Jerry game, you can be either Tom or Jerry, as the approaches different levels, you keep unlocking some interesting characters such as Tyke, spike, butch, duckling.

3 .Fists of Furry-this game you can play in one-on-one or in tag-team mode. It is a real fun game with amazing graphics. You have to help Jerry so as Tom does not catch she and you can do some funny stuff with Tom like cutting his mustache or put mousetrap of Tom’s tail. In addition, you will find other popular characters like Spike, the duckling, etc.

4.  This is number 4 best selling Tom and Jerry game. This game has total 10 levels, where you have to slow the movement of Tom with marbles so as Jerry find her nephew Tuffy. At all level, you will have option to increase your overall score by adding some power-ups such as cheese, stars, clocks, etc.

5. This is another Tom and Jerry War of Whiskers game that you can play in Xbox platform. Everything you saw in Tom and Jerry cartoon is also included in this game. This game has nine different characters with varying strengths and weakness, plus a typical special boss character. You can play this game with eleven interactive fighting environments and will have option to pick out 75 different weapons.  It can be played in single player, double player, tag team and team play mode.

tom and jerry games
tom and jerry games

6. The Magic Ring- this is the 6th among all the best selling Tom & Jerry games, by Game Boy. It is very realistic type game, based on the home video with the very same name of this game. This game becomes a bit harder at the end levels. The storyline of this game is that Jerry gets a magical ring that goat stuck to its head and he desperately wants it to get it off his head before Tom finds it. This is only single player game, in which you can be either Jerry or Tom and it has eight different environments.

7. This game is super easy to play with. Most children will love to play this because of its super easy control and beautiful graphics. This game’s specialty is its advanced animation and it has the largest selection of characters that any Tom and Jerry game that ever offered, and huge weapon selection option. You can play it in four modes.

8. This is the only Hi-Tech Expr’s Tom and Jerry game that I have included in my top 10 list.

9. House Trap- this a great fun game for kids between the age of 5 to this game you have to explore some in houses filled with traps. This is recommended for kids who just start playing games.

10. Tom & Jerry in Infurnal Escape-you can play this game in Windows Vista platform and comparative much cheaper in price.

Tom and Jerry games are not only for fun, it is a reminder of the classical era of cartoons ruled by a Master cat Tom and a lovely mouse Jerry.


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      @whoisbid-Thank you for your feedback.I'm glad that you know about it now :)

    • whoisbid profile image

      whoisbid 6 years ago

      I never knew these existed until just now

    • profile image

      tom and jerry 6 years ago

      tom and jerry keren dan lucu karena ada tales,show,kids

    • profile image

      Tom and Jerry 7 years ago

      i love towatch Tom and Jerry, I elove to watch Tom and Jerry, I even watch this cartoon in Youtube en watch this cartoon in Youtube

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @Lady_E-Thank you so much.I guess both the characters-Tom and Jerry- have something universal and special that anyone can related with.I always love to watch Tom and Jerry, I even watch this cartoon in Youtube :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Oh.. I love Tom and Jerry. I never noticed Jerry didn't speak though. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

      Enjoy the weekend. :)

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @WebMag-Thanks WebMag, how is everything.Glad to see you again :)

      @Ign Andy-Thank yo so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about Jerry :)

    • Ign Andy profile image

      Ign Andy 7 years ago from Green Home Office

      One of my favorites movies, jerry is so funny. I still watch this cartoon once in a while.

    • WebMag profile image

      WebMag 7 years ago

      It is a great cartoon. One of my favorites.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      Still,I love to watch this cartoon.Thank you so much for your comments :)

    • MelissaNRodgz profile image

      MelissaNRodgz 7 years ago

      I love Tom and Jerry. This is a great hub.