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Tomb Raider Find the Survivors

Updated on March 10, 2013

Tomb Raider Find the Survivors

Lara views the wreckage of the ship and then she must find the survivors
Lara views the wreckage of the ship and then she must find the survivors

Tomb Raider Find the Survivors

In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft’s adventures began and then continued on this mysterious island. Getting out from the scavenger’s den was the first step. Next, Lara must find the survivors from her ship the Endurance on the island. This is the Signs of Life mission, where Lara must follow the survivors’ trail. This will guide Lara on how to find the survivors to the point of getting to the gate of the mountain temple.

From the vantage point overlooking the sea of ship wreckage, move Lara towards the narrow ledge overlooking the cliff. Spot the lifeboat and then walk gingerly across to the tree trunk to the other side. Next, run across and jump to the next ledge. Lara’s next task is to jump up onto and make way across a badly rusted B52 bomber. After that, run along and jump down to the bottom of a small cliff and spot Sam’s pack. Search it for a radio transmitter and then find the linear path here to a small campfire. Lara can set up camp here.

Enjoy the flashback via the video recorder.

Tomb Raider Search for Food

In Woman versus Wild, Lara is hungry. She must attempt to look for food. Follow the trail from the camp to the coaster forest. Then find a hut and climb to its roof. Spot a cadaver hanging upside down from a tree. Lara will attempt to get its crossbow by moving across to a tree branch and then stretching for the bow.

The makeshift bow will symbolize this generation of Lara Croft

Next, depart from the hut and run around looking for a deer. Walk slowly towards the deer and then release an arrow using zoom on the deer’s head. This will ensure that the deer is taken down in one shot. Go forth and get food from the carcass.

Lara must then return to the camp with the meat. Along the way, there will be lots of arrow quivers lying around. Retrieve the arrows from them and stock up on ammunition. At base camp, remember to distribute skill points to Lara’s skills.

Roast the deer meat and then use the radio transmitter to contact Roth. Roth will tell Lara to come and find the survivors.

Tomb Raider Find A Way Out of the Forest

This is the mission Keep Moving. Lara will have to find a way out of the forest. Use survival mode to get the objective marker in sight. Follow the objective marker back to the hut. Now the door is open. Lara knows a welcome when she sees one, so enter the hut and then descend to the bottom of the shaft. There is a hidden meat cache at the bottom of the ladder. A relic - Hannya mask lies here. Then use the torch to burn the items blocking the way into the butcher’s corner. Inside, Lara will find a pry axe. Next, head to the door and pry it open. The door leads to a water filled tunnel and eventually to a ladder. Climb up and run through some more ground and reach Sam.

Sam is with a man called Mathias. Sam starts telling a story. Lara falls asleep (from exhaustion, no doubt).

When Lara wakes up, Sam and Mathias are gone. Lara walks into a trap. Lara must defeat the wolves (in slow motion) whilst trapped. The rest of the survivors come and find Lara after the wolves are all slain. Lara is freed from the trap. Dr Whitman volunteers to accompany Lara as they group slits up. As Lara rests, Dr Whitman will venture forth and find the gate.


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