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Tomb Raider Geothermal Caverns

Updated on March 18, 2013

Tomb Raider Geothermal Caverns Walkthrough

In Tomb Raider, Lara is dumped down into the geothermal caverns after interrupting Mathias' ritual to prove that Sam is the descendant of the Sun Queen. She must find a way through the geothermal caverns to complete the mission No One Left Behind. Lara will rescue her friends and then try to escape herself. This will guide Lara with a geothermal caverns walkthrough as she attempts to find a way to the palace.

Tomb Raider Defeat the Denizens of Geothermal Caverns

Tomb Raider defeat the zombie like denizens of Geothermal Caverns
Tomb Raider defeat the zombie like denizens of Geothermal Caverns

Tomb Raider Defeat the Denizens of the Geothermal Caverns

Lara will meet the denizens of the geothermal caverns as she steps out of the blood that covers the first part of the caverns. These denizens look like zombies but are very much alive and will likely enjoy eating Lara if there was no resistance. But Lara is no easy prey.

The way out of the geothermal caverns is actually quite straightforward. But Lara may want to explore the geothermal caverns. As she goes around this dark cavern, the denizens spring out from dark corners and attack Lara. However, without any armor, the denizens are easy to defeat. Be at the ready with the bow and fire arrows. When the denizens spring out, shoot immediately. Lara will not miss as they are quite large targets. Collect as much salvage as possible and then head for the first gate of the geothermal caverns.

Tomb Raider Use the Gas To Defeat the Enemies in the Geothermal Caverns

There is a valve near the first gate. Lara needs to pry open this valve to release the gas. Then send a fire arrow towards the gas. The resultant explosion will force open the gate.

Now go up the stairs until Lara sees some enemies. Hide behind the cover here and take down some enemies from stealth ranged positions. Then when the enemies become aware of Lara, lure them down the stairs and to the gate. Go past the first gate and hide behind some nearby cover. Then as enemies come through the gate, defeat the enemies by firing into the gas.

With the first batch of the Solarii brotherhood men gone, proceed further into the geothermal caverns, and then spot some men downstairs from a platform. Whilst they are near the gas cloud, shoot at the gas cloud and the explosion will eliminate the men. The principle is the same here. Whenever there are enemies, shoot at the gas nearby to cause an explosion to put them all down. Repeat this for another group of Solarii brotherhood men at the shrine in the Geothermal Caverns.

Continue to the final part of the geothermal caverns. Here, there are four enemies which will guarding a cage that contains Lara's friends. The key here is to hide behind cover, then take out the two enemies on the left. Then jump across to the small area where these two enemies were and hide behind cover here. The two remaining enemies will advance towards Lara. From behind cover, take them down with fire arrows.

Tomb Raider Save Lara's Friends From the Cage

The final step in the geothermal caverns is to save Lara's friends, by moving the container so that it will hit the counter weight and allow the cage to stabilize. Then use the gas explosion to swing the cage to the other side and save Lara's friends.

Escape from the geothermal caverns by jumping from one platform to the next and enter the fire.


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