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Tomb Raider Get Out of the Solarii Fortress

Updated on July 24, 2015

Tomb Raider Get Out of the Solarii Fortress

In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft will have to get into the Solarii Fortress. After she gets into the Solarii Fotress, she realizes that the whole palace is on fire. She must find and rescue Sam, and then get out of the Solarii Fortress. This is the Into the Fire quest. This will guide Lara as she gets into the Solarii Fortress, and will focus on Lara’s journey as she tries to escape the Solarii Fortress.

Tomb Raider Survive the Ambush in Into the Fire Quest

There is little cover in the palace main chamber fight. Lara must use melee and ranged attacks and dodge appropriately to survive the ambush.
There is little cover in the palace main chamber fight. Lara must use melee and ranged attacks and dodge appropriately to survive the ambush.

Tomb Raider Into the Fire

After the adventures in the underground caves below, Lara will find a way into the Solarii Fortress. The Solarii Fortress is part of the Palace of the Sun Queen. Lara must navigate through narrow openings, roofs, ledges, walls and enemies on the inside and outside of the fortress palace and finally arrive at the main chamber of the Sun Queen. On route, Lara will discover a map of the island and (later) uncover the secrets to destroying the power of the island.

Within the main chamber of the Sun Queen, Lara will witness Mathias trying to convince Sam of her rightful place in the ritual that will proclaim her as the Sun Queen. Lara interrupts the conversation, and downs one of Mathias’ lieutenants. Lara urges Sam to escape. The two separate after a brief reunion, and Lara must now fight her way out of the Solarii Fortress.

The first fight is a melee and range weapon fight extravaganza between Lara and the Solarii brotherhood men. There is not much cover here. Lara must hide behind the pillars and then use the submachine gun (likely already upgraded) to rapidly take down the enemies. When the pillars are destroyed by the enemies’ submachine gun attacks, run for the next pillar and take out some of the grenadiers using axe melee attacks. Finally, all the enemies in the Sun Queen Palace main chamber will be defeated.

It’s time to move on.

Tomb Raider Defeat Nikolai and Escape the Solarii Fortress

There will be several fights as Lara tries to escape the Solarii Fortress. First tackle some men from behind cover along a corridor. This area will mark the first appearance of the polearm enemy. This enemy can be defeated easily using the shotgun. Just do not allow this enemy to get too close. After these enemies are defeated, move on to face Nikolai, the second of Mathias’s lieutenants.

This will show Lara how to move to the appropriate cover and then take down Nikolai, who will be using the mounted submachine gun.

With Nikolai defeated, Lara will get the grenade launcher.

Use the grenade launcher against the metal door and then “test” the grenade launchers on a series of enemies just beyond the metal door. These enemies are not that challenging. The most challenging sequence will be the next group of enemies. Here is a run through of how to defeat this group of enemies.

  • first hide behind cover. Then use bow and arrow attacks and headshots on the first group of enemies. If the enemies get too close, use the grenade launcher against them. Try to save ammo for the submachine gun for the latter group of enemies.
  • a range attack enemy will then attack from a platform far away. Go back one platform, hide behind cover and defeat this enemy first and then deal with the rest of the enemies, especially the grenadier who will come close to Lara and try to flush her out from hiding.
  • next will be the part where the Solarii brotherhood men come very close to Lara. From the second platform, aim Lara’s weapon at the opening into the first platform and do not allow the enemies to come into the second platform. Use the submachine gun and the grenade launcher for this particular scene. The final enemy here will be the polearm enemy.
  • then, it’s time for Lara to leave these 2 platforms and go down to the hut on the opposite side to pick up some ammo. From behind cover in this shack, take out the submachine gun wielding man and the two grenadiers far away amongst the smoke. Lara will have to use bow and fire arrow attacks and use rapid firing attacks in the dark.
  • the final group of enemies will advance towards Lara. Head back to the second of the two platforms and use the submachine gun and grenade launcher to defeat them all.

With the enemies gone, climb up the remainder of the Solarii fortress and avoid another mounted gun attack using the cover. Towards the end, rush in to defeat the men standing guard outside the mounted gun and then throw a grenade at the mounted submachine gun.

With this final enemy defeated, go downstairs and rendezvous with Sam. Then climb up and get out of the Solarii fortress in the helicopter.

The next quest - get down to the beach.


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