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Tomb Raider Get the Compound Bow At the End of A Pirate's Life Quest

Updated on March 23, 2013

Tomb Raider A Pirate's Life

In Tomb Raider, Lara will reach shipwrecked beach and the camp where her friends are gathered. Here, Lara will learn that her friends have been busy trying to restore the boat that will get them out of the island. To complete the boat and make it workable, Lara must get the tackle and block from the galleon. This is a pirate’s life quest. Return to camp with the tackle and block and Lara will get the compound bow from Jonah. This will guide Lara on how to complete the above objectives.

Now, turn on survivor mode and go towards the marker. The marker will lead Lara towards the galleon. Lara will attempt to reach the galleon by jumping past a series of broken platforms on a pier. At the end of the pier, climb up another long ladder and then use a zipline to reach the other platform. Climb the ragged cliff side and reach the interior of the galleon.

Tomb Raider Collect the Block and Tackle

Explore the galleon and note that there is some loot here to salvage. There are also some enemies here, but their numbers are so diminished they are absolutely no match for the battle hardened Lara. In fact, Lara can test out some of her newly modified weapons and new dodge and takedown skills here. Take them all down and climb and navigate a series of wooden beams (on the outside hull of the galleon) until Lara reaches the bow of the ship. Look up to see the anchor and the attached block and tackle. Use the handgun to shoot it down and collect the block and tackle.

Collecting the block and tackle will cause the mast to crash down. Use this beam as a footpath and head to the next platform. Use bow and arrow attacks to silence the enemies on the stern of the ship. Jump onto the aft-most platform of the ship and then use the zipline to get to shore.

Now return the block and tackle to Jonah at camp.

Tomb Raider Get the Compound Bow

Tomb Raider get the compound bow and use the napalm arrows after a pirate's life quest
Tomb Raider get the compound bow and use the napalm arrows after a pirate's life quest

Tomb Raider Get the Compound Bow

When Jonah receives the block and tackle, the infamous Dr Whitman appears, just like that. Lara does not trust him, but allows him to stay in camp. Jonah chases after Lara she walks away. Jonah hands over a gift to Lara. Lara will get the compound bow.

With the compound bow comes the ability to add the napalm arrows to Lara’s arsenal. This special category of the fire arrow allows the fire to spread out over an area. This is needed as the enemies will get tougher and tougher and more numerous.

Tomb Raider Shipwrecked Beach Tomb

Remember to explore the shipwrecked beach thoroughly as this will allow Lara to pick up more loot, salvage and parts. Lara will also get the opportunity to explore a secret tomb here (Temple of the Handmaiden). However, she cannot open this without the rope ascender. This can only be obtained in the next part of Lara’s adventures on the island.


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