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Tomb Raider Get to the Radio Tower

Updated on March 16, 2013

Tomb Raider Get to the Radio Tower

In Tomb Raider, Lara must get to the radio tower and adjust the frequency so that she can send out an SOS. This is the last part of the Cry for Help quest. Lara must fight through lots of tough enemies and hone her fighting skills so that she can overcome them. This is also the first appearance of the shielded enemy (uses a large shield and has a lot of armor in front of him). This will guide Lara on how to defeat the countless hordes of enemies and then get to the radio tower and send out the SOS

Tomb Raider Get to and Climb Radio Tower

Tomb Raider Get to and Climb Radio Tower
Tomb Raider Get to and Climb Radio Tower

Tomb Raider Defeat Enemies at the Radio Tower Base Camp

After the previous mission, Lara will squeeze through some hot pipelines to reach higher grounds. Here, Lara will make her way past a narrow steel crossing and be surprise attacked by an enemy. Use the directions on the keyboard to throw the enemy down into the abyss below.

Then carefully make your way to the outside of the enemies’ territory. Here, Lara must take cover and survey the battlefield. Enemies of various types –

  • melee attackers
  • enemies using ranged weapons like submachine guns
  • grenadiers

will launch attacks at Lara from two areas – one from the building on the right and the other from the compound in front.

From cover, first use the submachine gun to take out the enemies in the tall building. If melee attackers rush in from the front, scramble, regroup from behind cover and take them again. Make sure to take out the grenadiers whenever possible and before they release their grenades. This will cause the fire explosives to fall near their area and cause collateral damage. As the enemies start to thin out, rush forwards and start climbing the tall building to attack the enemies within.

Note that if Lara is injured, staying behind cover will give Lara the time to recover. Hence it is of vital importance to eliminate the grenadiers first to prevent them from flushing her out.

Once the enemies in the building and the compound are taken care of, the first shielded enemy will emerge. To defeat this enemy, Lara needs to dodge just when the enemy is about to attack Lara, and then counter-attack the back of the enemy.

Tomb Raider Defeat Shielded Man

Tomb Raider defeat shielded man in the attempt to get to the radio tower
Tomb Raider defeat shielded man in the attempt to get to the radio tower

Using this method, and the submachine gun, this shielded enemy can be defeated easily. Take care of the rest of the enemies and then head inside the building. The key here after finishing off the enemies is to explore this building for salvage and other items. Then head for the radio tower base camp and level up or upgrade gear as required.

Tomb Raider Climb the Radio Tower and Adjust the Frequency

Then there is nothing much left to do except to overcome the fear of height and climb the radio tower. Adjust the frequency using the buttons until the required signal is clear. Talk to the pilot and watch the cutscene as Lara and her team appear to have gotten a plane to get off the island.


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