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Tomb Raider Get to the Research Base

Updated on March 24, 2013

Tomb Raider Get to the Research Base

In Tomb Raider, Lara must get to the research base. There, Lara must learn the secrets of the research base and these secrets will allow Lara and her team to leave the island. This is the storm chaser quest, where Lara must start climbing and get into the research base. This will guide Lara as she tries to reach the required chamber within the research base, including how to get rid of the wheels at the bottom of the lift to make the elevator work and get her into the chamber of the general within the research base.

Tomb Raider Climb Up and Get Into Research Base

Tomb Raider Climb and Get Into Research Base
Tomb Raider Climb and Get Into Research Base

Tomb Raider Start the Climb Up to the Research Base

From shipwrecked beach, use the marker in survival mode and reach a locked door. Use the rope arrow with rope ascender to open the door. Then pry the lift lever inside and the lift platform will drop down onto the ground. This will allow Lara to follow the pipes on the wall and climb up the elevator shaft and then rugged cliff to the next level. Lara will then enter the research base. Do this by shooting a rope arrow into the rugged cliffside and then scaling horizontally and vertically to another level. Here, scale the vertical structure and then what looks like a water tank. Then ascend the long ladder and get to the gondolier transport system again. Use rope arrows and ascender to pull the two gondoliers close to Lara before jumping across. Then, before the second gondolier crashes down, jump onto the next platform. From the next platform, jump down to the zipline and catch it before Lara falls any further. Use the pry axe to slide down the zipline and then climb some pipes horizontally (and a ladder) to reach a higher platform. Jump across to discover some enemies here. Take them out from range and stealth positions. Then continue the climb to the research lab. The research lab is in sight when Lara must jump across to reach a yellow ladder, and then use the rope arrow with ascender to pull a damaged stone wall apart. Continue traveling and Lara will eventually reach a water filled cavern at the bottom of a crevice.

Tomb Raider Discover the Ancient Tomb

Now wade through the water filled passage and find a vertical rugged cliffside. Climb up and go through a small passage and then jump down to a lower level. There will be a base camp (research lab camp). Go through and eliminate the enemies here with stealth mode and then rest up at the camp. Then follow the marker in survival mode to reach a control console. Activate this to open a steel door. Then activate another control console and the lift inside will descend …… but only halfway. The elevator is jammed.

Tomb Raider Unjam the Elevator

First climb up the small stacks of chests on the right of the lift control console to unjam the first under-section of the elevator. This will show how to unjam the other three under-sections of the elevator.

Once the four under-sections of the elevator are unjammed, the elevator will drop to the bottom and smash through the floor, creating a space for Lara to go into floor number 1. Then go through a small crack in the wall and emerge onto the other side. There will be some enemies here. Take them down, and follow the path to discover the truth behind the storm guards of Queen Yamatai.

Following this discovery, enemies will appear to stop Lara from leaving. Use Lara’s improved weapons and tactics to defeat them all.

Then follow the relatively straightforward path to return to the survivors’ camp as Lara receives a call for help from the survivors.

It’s time to take the PT boat back to the source of the storms on the island.


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