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Tomb Raider Mountain Descent From Chasm Monastery

Updated on March 16, 2013

Tomb Raider Mountain Descent from Chasm Monastery

In Tomb Raider, Lara reaches the chasm monastery. This is the temple of the guardian. Lara must escape the chasm monastery and then make the mountain descent to rescue her friends. This will guide Lara as she tries to escape her bonds in the chasm monastery, followed by trying to weaken the wooden beam holding the bell so that it can smash the trapdoor. Finally, Lara must defeat enemies and then transverse the rapid waters and parachute obstacles to reach the town.

Tomb Raider Escape from Chasm Monastery

Keep swinging right and the Lara pendulum will swing wider and wider until she escapes.
Keep swinging right and the Lara pendulum will swing wider and wider until she escapes.

Tomb Raider Smash the Trapdoor

Tomb Raider smash the trapdoor by weakening the wooden beam and then allowing the bell to drop
Tomb Raider smash the trapdoor by weakening the wooden beam and then allowing the bell to drop

Tomb Raider Escape from Chasm Monastery

Lara is captured by the guardian and hung up in the food larder. To escape, swing right, and see that Lara will swing right and then left. When Lara starts swinging right again, push the button so that she swings right some more. This will cause the Lara pendulum to swing more and more to the right and left until Lara is able to escape the bonds.

After the escape, find the shotgun and the base camp and rest.

Next, Lara will advance until she reaches a windswept chamber. Here Lara will enter via a broken part of the wall. Once she enters, she will be attacked by enemies. Defeat them and move up to the second floor. The key here is to weaken the wooden beam holding onto the bell so that it will break off and smash into the trapdoor underneath.

To weaken the wooden beam, first open one side of the window blinds so that the wind will rush in. Next, use the rope gear to swing the structure before the bell so that it will move and crush into the vertical beam, weakening the horizontal wooden beam at the same time. Now close this blind, open the next one and then repeat the above step. The horizontal wooden beam will be very weakened. Now use rope gear to push the structure before the bell forwards and backwards. This will cause the horizontal wooden beam to break and the attached bell to crash down into the trapdoor beneath. Note that in between, more enemies will come for Lara. Eliminate them all.

Once Lara has activated the trapdoor, the whole chasm monastery will collapse. Jump from one platform to another and then land safely at a lower platform. From there, Lara must descend into the mountains below.

Tomb Raider Mountain Descent

Initially, the mountain descent will be smooth. Look around for salvage and then proceed down the path to defeat more enemies. Eventually, Lara will have to hasten the mountain descent. She is inadvertently flushed down the water rapids, and then must make her way to the bottom through parachute gliding.

After this, Lara is injured. She must head towards Helicopter Hill, where there is a helicopter with a first aid box inside. The way to helicopter hill is not difficult. Inside, Lara will find the required tools necessary to perform simple surgery. As Lara looks down at the helicopter floor, she sees an arrow and the firelighter – the perfect recipe for the fire arrows.

Come out of the helicopter to find Lara surrounded by swarms of enemies threatening to defeat her and flank her. It's time to use the fire arrows.

With the first group of enemies defeated, go forth and explore the town.


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