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Coolest Gund Teddy Bears

Updated on September 25, 2014

Gotta Get a Gund...

Are you looking for a top quality Gund Teddy Bear? Having trouble picking the best one? All Gund bears are quality made & easily make friends with any kids! This is a 10 ten list of the best selling Gund bears nationwide. No matter which one you choice it will be the perfect teddy for you.

Gund 2013 Amazon Exclusive Limited Edition Custom Bear

Annual plush bear for Amazon from Gund. It's a Limited edition for 2013 only. He's super soft and huggable and made for children of all ages.

Gund Peek A Boo Bear-Animated With Voice

Press peek a boo bear's foot to play. The bear will engage a child to play a game of peek a boo as bear interacts, the arms will move up and down bringing the blanket with him. The bear speaks an introduction and 4 random phrases which engage the child. 3 AA batteries required--included. The world's most huggable plush since 1898. Perfect for play or dcor. Great gift for holiday. Surface washable.

Gund 16 - Inch Manni Bear

Gund 16 - Inch Manni Bear
Gund 16 - Inch Manni Bear

Gund 16 - Inch Manni Bear

Always a source of charm and comfort, GUND's line of teddy bears warms the heart of teddy bear enthusiasts young and old. Manni is made of soft material and wears a light, pastel-colored scarf. Measures approximately 17 inches tall.

Gund 10" White Snuffles Bear

An all-time favorite from Gund, Snuffles the Bear is hard to resist. Made just for cuddling, Snuffles has a snuggly crescent-shaped body, a brown velvety nose and super-soft fur. He's lightly stuffed with bean bag material to help him sit up on his own. Measures approximately 19" long.

Gotta love the Gund!

Gus Bear 19" by Gund

Gus Teddy Bear from the Goober Family by Gund is an adorable little bear. Gus features plush light brown fur with creamy beige fur on his muzzle and tummy and a little tuft of fur atop his head. Gus measures approximately 19" tall. Surface washable. Ages 2 and up.

Gund Philbin Bear-Beige-13"

* Understuffed to be more cuddly and lovable

* Embriodered paw pads

* Sweet personality bear makes this bear impossible to resist

* The world's most huggable since 1898

* Surface washable

Giant Gund Teddy Bears

Alfie 19" Bear Plush

Alfie 19" Bear Plush
Alfie 19" Bear Plush

Enesco Alfie 19" Bear Plush

From Gund, Alfie the Bear is arguably the world's most huggable teddy. He's made with the softest, finest plush materials and has a floppy furry body. His adorable face and bulging belly make him impossible to resist! Alfie is light brown with an off-white belly. Measures approximately 21" tall. Surface is washable.

Gund Goober Bear 11" Tall

From Gund, this roly-poly teddy bear is sure to warm hearts young and old. Made of soft huggable plush fabric, Goober has a loveable face and silky chocolate-brown fur accented with cream-colored fur on his belly and muzzle. Goober's generous belly and ample muzzle make him impossible to resist. Measures 11" tall. Surface washable.

Downing Bear-Medium

Fluffy & cuddly this classic Gund plush bear is perfect for any occasion!

Gund Bear "Fleming"

Fleming is a lovable two-toned bear with a light brown body and a cream-colored face and belly. He has beans in his bottom and feet, so you can pose him and keep him steady. Fleming's sweet sulky face makes it impossible to resist wanting to pick him up and give him a hug. Measures 14.5".

Do you like Gund Teddy Bears?

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    • Elhamstero profile image

      Elhamstero 6 years ago

      My little girl's favourite bear is a Gund, called Pinkie Bear - although Pinkie is slightly less pink than she used to be and regularly has to have a trip through the washing machine.