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Top 10 Most Beautiful Monster High Dolls 2014

Updated on March 17, 2014

Prettiest Monster High Dolls

All of them are boo-tiful, pretty, gorgeous, fangtastic and clawsome! Actually all of them are my all time favorite. But if you are looking for the top 10 most beautiful monster high dolls ever made. Here is my top 10 list.

Don't forget to cast your vote. You can also vote for the top 10 monster high dolls you deemed should be included in the top ten list. We will update this post as soon as we gather hundreds of votes.

Scroll down below to see the top 10 prettiest, beautiful, good looking, cutest daughters of famous monsters studying at Monster High.

Image Credit: Monster High

2013 Monster High Dolls

all monster high dolls ever made
all monster high dolls ever made

Cleo De Nile

Daughter of the Mummy

She is more or less 5,842 years old.

She is the captain of the fearleading squad of Monster High.

She is the girlfriend of Deuce Gorgon.

She is arrogant, selfish, spoiled but extremely loyal, thoughtful, kind and caring to her friends.

Her skin is brown and flawless.

Her big sister is Nefera De Nile.

She has a pet snake named Hissette.

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Jinafire Long Scaremester Doll
Jinafire Long Scaremester Doll

Jinafire Long

Daughter of the Chinese Dragon

She came from Fanghai.

She is 1500 scales old.

She has a strong willed personality. She is brave, patient, clever and fiery.

She loves fashion and she has the ability to breath fire.

Currently, she doesn't have any pet but she might own a qilin to help her keep cool all the time.

She doesn't like physical deaducation because when she sweats her scales feel itchy.

See more

Spectra Vondergeist Doll
Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Spectra Vondergeist

Daughter of the Ghost

She was born on October 30.

She is a 16 year old ghost from the 19th century.

She is self-centered and judgmental.

She is the best gossiper at monster high because she has the ability to hear and float through the walls.

Nobody knows about her real life story except Ghoulia Yelps.

Spectra Vondergeists' Dolls

Frankie Stein Basic Doll
Frankie Stein Basic Doll

Frankie Stein

Daughter of Frankenstein

She is only 16 days old.

She is sweet, polite, naive, clumsy, friendly and athletic.

Sometimes she feels happy, worried, sad, enlightened, confused, excited and hungry all the same time.

She has a crush on Jackson Jekyll.

She has a pet dog named Watzit which was built from different parts of animals.

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Draculaura Doll
Draculaura Doll


Daughter of Count Dracula

She is 1600 years old vegetarian vampire.

She hates blood.

She is sometimes childish but friendly and sweet.

She is the childhood friend of Elissabat in Transylvania.

She is deeply in love with Clawd Wolf, the brother of her best friend, Clawdeen Wolf.

All Draculauras' Dolls

Lagoona Blue Black Carpet Doll
Lagoona Blue Black Carpet Doll

Lagoona Blue

Daughter of Sea Monster

She is 15 years old.

She was born on June 10th.

She is the girlfriend of Gil Webber.

She is very friendly, easy going, level-headed and calm. She can befriend anyone even Cleo De Nile.

Her hair is naturally blonde but the chlorine in Monster High pool makes it colored blue.

She has a pet piranha which she always carries in her purse.

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Clawdeen Wolf Doll
Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen Wolf

Daughter of the Werewolf

She is 15 years old.

She was born on April 30th.

She is very fashionista and she always stands out in a crowd.

She is loyal, protective, confident, fierce and energetic.

Her pet is a cute and fuzzy kitten named Crescent.

She likes flirting with the boys but she doesn't have a steady relationship.

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Toralei Stripe Basic Doll
Toralei Stripe Basic Doll

Toralei Stripe

Daughter of the werecat

She is 15 years old, but she is still on the first of her nine lives.

She was born on August 20th.

She is mean, self-assured, trouble maker, opportunist and manipulator but she is honest and she has a softer side for people whose in need.

She is competitive but she believes victory is worthless if it is earned by cheating.

Her pet is a tiger cub named Sweet Fangs.

See other Toralei Stripe Dolls

Catrine De Mew Doll
Catrine De Mew Doll

Catrine DeMew

Daughter of the Werecat

She is a great artist from Scaris.

She is a purrfectionist.

She is 17 years old.

She doesn't have a pet but she likes pigeons.

She was first revealed at SDCC in 2012, but it took more than a year before her official release in 2013.

Catrine De Mew Dolls

Abbey Bominable Basic Doll
Abbey Bominable Basic Doll

Abbey Bominable

Daughter of the Yeti

She is 16 years old.

She is confident, fierce, tough, easy-going and headstrong.

Her accent and voice is different from other girls at Monster High because English is her second language.

Her pet is a female baby mammoth named shiver.

She doesn't have a boyfriend but she is getting intrigued with Heath Burns.

Complete list of Abbey Bominable Dolls

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      2 years ago

      thay have powers and thay are mosters and i love mosters because thay are scary and freaky and thay are cool and thay are awesame


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