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Top 10 ways to profit in SL

Updated on September 16, 2014

So, you know Second Life... now time to get some Lindens L$

This metaverse is hard to master, newbies usually experience the sense of beeing lost in its vastness and don't know what to do or where to start. Once you get the hang of it you will make it, so what is important in real life and you need in your second one? A job!

Second Life is hard to label,

While some argue that its an online game, others believe its a metaverse that differs from a game in a wide ammount of key factors, beeing an alternate reality and, as the name says, a second life.

Game or not, it has its own currency as we all know, thats the Linden Dollar, which is represented by this symbol= L$

So, is this currency valuable or monopoly money?

Its absolutely valuable - Thats because there are always people looking to buy L$ to invest, buy Land, go shopping etc... SL has its own economy and the currency exchange value fluctuates as every other currency does.

If you use to access SL you probably know its frustrating to always count your change and seeing everything good so costly at the marketplace. For you, I made this lense, which hopefully will point you in the right direction to earning enough or even make some extra real dolars by converting L$.

This list will be constantly updated, as with the new laws are coming out frequently which alters the way this virtual economy behaves.

One big hit that made me update my strategies about SL moneymaking (long before I wrote this lens) was when gaming and sl banking became illegal. I was getting a very good interest rate at Ginko.

1 - Land Swapping and Real Estate Trading

Hard, but profitable...

Well, as it is a metaverse, a second life, you will need a house right? Well you dont NEED, because you dont sleep or eat, but everybody wants one - Status, owning a bit of virtual space, having a safe haven, the reason varies.

And if you want a business? You will need an HQ, a shop or a workshop maybe? A factory.

If you want a garden? Same thing...

You always need land, its a need.... A business is something that exploits needs, and covers them. Thats what makes a solid business, beeing needed. So Real-Estate is profitable, but its hard to master, you may even end up loosing your own L$ so just remember this: Where there is no risk, there is no gain!

2 - Be a DJ

Ricka Ricka kaTCHINGA

If you know SL you know that in every corner there is a nightclub, do you know what nightclubs cant live without? Thats right - DJs. Another need, see the pattern? I think now that I am making you think you wont need to read the rest of my lense because you can start to identify ways to earn some off other people's needs. If it seems cruel it isn't. Fulfilling other people's needs is noble and needed, you are glad to pay for food when you are hungry...

So How do you become a DJ? You have to be able to use a Stream, you can get one free here .

You may have a stream but its better that you have a DJing software and some insights to be able to do a good job and finish your shift without beeing fired. Try watching or reading some tutorials in order to get ready.

Djs work for a base salary, but they work for tips only too.

Get your discs moving.

3 - Sell Clothes

SLmarketplace is the best place...

Almost every avatar owner is always looking for a way to make is avatar look better - the need for clothes enters here.

If you are able to make clothing items in Photoshop or in a 3d moddeling software, you should sell them!

How do you sell them? Be an affiliate of the Second Life Marketplace and youll get a box to put things you want to sell inside. On your account tab in the marketplace place a price, description and photo and voilá.

The same works for accessories, skins, shapes and every other SL resource. Try it, you only need a litle parcel of land to rez your box (those 10L$ week places do)

4- Be a Builder

Seriously, its better than its real counterpart...

The SL building too is pretty simple to use, but very hard to master. So if companies and persons want to have something look good, they need someone that has the ability to do it perfectly - NEED.

So, exploit the need once again and become that person, if you have building abilities make a classified and offer yourself, if you dont you can learn, watch tutorials - tutorials once again are important.

Remember you can always learn... its not a waste of time.

5 - Win Contests

Best in....

Once again I mark that clubs are the majority in Second Life, so take advantage of it.

In every club there is an event running - Best in Neko, Best in Formal, Best in Red.

Every contest has a prize - 500L$, 1000L$ sometimes more, sometimes less, but its a good and skill free thing you might want to try.

So get your costume and win it!

6 - Splodders and Game machines

Remember, Gambling is illegal...

Altough Gambling is illegal, there are still lots of mechanisms that go around this law and act as gaming machines.

So youll find severall sploders in SL that you may join.... you will end up loosing small or winning big. Just remember, altough this option is quick and there is no skill needed it has lots of risks.

7 - Sell your Services

If every corner has a club....

,... and every club needs a Logo - then it needs a designer service. Photoshop your way to L$

Who says designer services also says promoting services, newsletter services, event planning services and etc etc....

Find out what you are good in and how you can apply it to the second life universe, make a living out of something you love to do. Think!

8- Make the bridge between Virtual and Real

From atom to pixel...

If you have a company or provide an online service, why not make that service available in Linden Dollars too?

Do some segmentation and prepare a landing page only for traffic from SL, on that landpage make everything cost linden dollars which you can later convert to real cash if you want... Good way to get a little boost from a marginal market.

9- Networking

Yes, even here its vital...

Networking is vital almost in all worlds (that contain life at least)

If you know people that have a big business there, try and emphatize that friendship, not to take advantage, but to learn from them.

You can learn a lot dealing with all kinds of people, and in SL you deal with lots of people from everywhere - not only they are different but they also differ in culture, religion, believes, points of view. Live and learn - you will profit from it.

10 - Be Thoughtfull

You think its lame?

Its not, I have 4 years of second life on my shoulders, and I've been paid for things I never thought possible.

Small favors you do to your friends.... Givers get.... Upload things for them, solve problems, i dont have to tell you how to help your friends.

Just help everyone in need and you will absolutely get some L$ free.

*WARNING* you must only do this if you like helping people, not if you are a twisted bad person :D

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      There's a place where you can earn points transferable to free Second Life Lindens It is called Stuffpoint.

      Itâs a simple and easy to use process and all you have to do is register, participate in games, surveys, tasks and contests to earn virtual world currency as for example free lindens. So join STUFFPOINT right now!!!

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      Some wonderful ideas - thank you for the introduction.

    • TTMall profile image

      TTMall 5 years ago

      I always like reading lens like this :)