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Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Updated on October 26, 2014

The Best Xbox 360 RPG

Welcome to my list of the top 10 Xbox 360 rpg. I have spent many hours playing each of these games and consider them to be some of the best role playing games that you can buy for the Xbox 360.

These games have been rated on several factors, all of which are important to me when I play games.

These factors are:

1) Story

2) Graphics

3) Game Play

4) Music

5) Replay Value

You will not find any MMORPGs on this list. I consider those games to be in another category than regular rpgs.

I have spent many hours on each of these Xbox 360 role playing games and hope that you may enjoy them as much as I have.

Screen shots have been included underneath each game. Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge them. For additional screen shots of each game, click on the game case images.

Xbox Live Gamer Tag ID: Wonderbread4286

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Eternal Sonata - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Late on the night of October 16, 1849, Frederic Francois Chopin, also known as the Poet of the Piano, lies on his deathbed. He dreams of a beautiful, magical world filled with bright, vivid colors and strange creatures, as if something from a fairy-tale.

In Eternal Sonata, those who are afflicted with incurable illnesses are able to harness the power of magic. Frederic encounters a young girl who faces a terrible destiny and a young boy who is willing sacrifice everything to save her.

Although Frederic thinks that this world is just a figment of his imagination as he lies on his deathbed, he realizes that there might be more to this place than he first thought.

Eternal Sonata - Xbox 360
Eternal Sonata - Xbox 360
Number 10 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. This Xbox 360 game revolves around a real world person, but has nothing to do with reality. Although Mr. Chopin was used as a game character, this 360 rpg is a fantasy role playing game all the way. - 3 player co-op Sweet! - 12 different playable characters each with unique fighting styles. - New and innovative combat system - Unlock real music composed by Frederic Chopin - Bandai/Namco - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Eternal Sonata Xbox 360 Cutscenes and Gameplay

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games The Last Remnant - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

In the world of The Last Remnant, ancient artifacts known as Remnants were discovered all over the world. The powers of the Remnants slowly began to change the world causing a rift in between those who ruled, and those who served. War breaks out and lasts for many years. In the end, the world is almost destroyed.

1000 years later, the journey of Rush Sykes begins.

Rush lives a peaceful life when suddenly his sister is kidnapped by a mysterious group of soldiers. He goes after them and eventually saves her, but not before meeting David Nassau, ruler of the state of Athlum.

Together with their other friends, Rush and David travel to discover who created the Remnants and why. Is history doomed to be repeated?

The Last Remnant -Xbox 360
The Last Remnant -Xbox 360
Number 9 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. I really enjoyed this Xbox 360 RPG. The story was amazing as usual from a Square Enix game and the battle system is unlike one I have seen before. You can have up to 18 active characters in you party at any given time, but there are hundreds of characters to build your party with. The choices in party structure are virtually limitless. Add this together with over 20 unit formations, magic and massive battles you get one epic role playing game for the Xbox 360. - Massive battles with up to 18 controllable characters - Over 100 characters to build your party with - Tons of optional side-quests - 100+ hours of game-play - Square Enix - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Last Remnant Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Blue Dragon - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Blue Dragon revolves around a young wide-eyed youth named Shu. His village has been plagued for a decade by ominous destructive purple clouds that come once every year. Shu is tired of the pain and suffering that these clouds bring and the next time they come, he bolts into action to try to save his village. Shu is joined by his childhood friends Jiro and Kluke.

After a short fight and cool cut scenes, the party encounters the cause of the clouds and promptly gets defeated the enemy, Nene. This however is just the beginning.

Nene blasts them out of his ship, but Shu vows to catch-up with and defeat him to prevent anything like what he did to Shu's village from happening somewhere else.

Together, they set off to find Nene.... and perhaps save the world!

Blue Dragon - Xbox 360
Blue Dragon - Xbox 360
Number 8 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. - Character designs by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball Z, Chrono Trigger) - Summon powerful Shadow creatures to annihilate your enemies - Voice acting cast brings the characters to life - 1080i HD capable - 80 hours story-line play - Mistwalker Studios - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Blue Dragon Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Fable II - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Fable II is a fun game that has gone a step above its predecessor. In a world where every choice you make has an effect on the world around you, you must overcome many hardships during the lifetime of your character.

You begin the game as a penniless street urchin who is just trying to survive in a world filled with cruelty and despair. Throughout many quests the land of Albion will begin to change. Will it be for good or evil? The choice is yours!

The usual three character strengths are available to be chosen. You can level up your strength skill to do more damage with physical attacks and take less damage. Skill experience is gained by using guns and bows. Magic experience is gained by using any of the different magic spells that are available. The more you use a skill the stronger it becomes.

Fable II
Fable II
Number 7 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. All in all, this is a great role playing game. You will find yourself spending many hours doing nothing but hanging around one of the huge town doing menial tasks. Taking a job as blacksmith, for example, and listening to the comments that some of the villagers make can pass a few hours. This time around you get a companion dog that follows you around and can dig up buried treasure. Some of the best items in this Xbox 360 RPG can only be found through this method! The best feature of this Xbox 360 game is the fact the it has 2 player co-op capability. Now your friend can play as your side-kick or evil minion beside you at home or on Xbox Live. - Complete choice on how the world changes with your decisions - 1080i HD capable - Over 100 optional side-quests to choose from - 2 player co-op play on the same console or over Xbox Live - Huge replay value - Lion Head Studios - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping Fable III has now been released on the Xbox 360.

Fable II Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Infinite Discovery - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

The life-giving moon, long a symbol of status and power to all who walk the planet, has been ensnared by the "Order of Chains". Led by its enigmatic leader, the Dreadknight, the Order has constructed these chains to lock the moon in its position in the heavens.

The power of these magical chains spawn foul creatures that begin to blight the land. Crops fail. Trees wither. Humanity cries out for salvation.

In Infinite Undiscovery you follow a young man named Capell on his journey to defeat the Dreadknight and discover what it is that he fights for.

Infinite Undiscovery - Xbox 360
Infinite Undiscovery - Xbox 360
Number 6 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. You play as Capell, who prefers to avoid confrontation whenever possible. He is mistaken for Sigmund, the leader of the rebellion against the Order and thrown in a dungeon. A member of the rebellion also mistakes him for Sigmund and promptly rescues him. Upon meeting Sigmund, Capell is very surprised to meet a man who shares an identical face. Nobody wants Capell to join the group, but Sigmund sees something in Capell and insists that he join the rebellion. When something happens to Sigmund that prevents him from continuing the journey, Capell is revealed to be able to destroy the chains as well. He is forced to become the leader of the rebellion and continue the war angainst the Order. This Xbox 360 rpg is stuffed with an amazing story that we have now come to expect from any Square Enix game. Definitely worth the price to buy this Xbox 360 role playing game. - Recruit 15 different playable characters each with unique fighting styles - Over 80 hours of story-line with 40 more hours post-credit play - Gripping story that will having you laughing and crying - Square Enix - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Infinite Undiscovery Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Lost Odyssey - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Lost Odyssey follows the journey of an immortal man named Kiam Argonar. He has lost his memory and has wandered the world for 1000 years, not knowing his purpose.

After some great opening cut-scenes, in which Kiam is one of the only survivors of a meteor impact, players will begin an epic journey across a war torn world filled with magic and monsters. During the game players will learn the pain that come with being immortal and discover why the immortals exist.

Kiam is joined by several other companions, some immortal and some mortal. The characters have been wonderfully brought to life with an excellent voice cast and CG cut-scenes.

Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360
Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360
Number 5 in my top 10 xbox 360 rpg list. Square Enix, look out! This is the closest role-playing game I have played that has even come close to matching a Final Fantasy title. I guess that is what happens when half of the Final Fantasy team works on another project. With an awesome story, tons of side quests, and quirky characters, this game is a must for anybody who like to play role playing games. - Turn-based JRPG - 7 playable characters - Music composed by famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu - 70 hours of game-play - Mistwalker Studios - Xbox 360 games from Amazon are eligible to receive free shipping

Lost Odyssey Xbox 360 Video Review

During the video review he will say that there is loading issues. I am not sure if they just had a bad console or Mistwalker Studios has addressed the problem, but I had no issues with loading times during my play-through with this game.

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Final Fantasy XIII - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

This was an amazing Xbox 360 game. Unlike most titles in the Final Fantasy series, the game game did not revolve around one main character.

Instead, the story is told from the perspective of each character and the party as a whole. During each chapter a little bit of each characters backstory is told until you feel like you know them.

Final Fantasy XIII starts off in a floating city called Cocoon. Soldiers are stuffing people into trains to lead them to their death. This is called "The Purge".

As some helpless people are being roughed up a bit too much by the soldiers, a mysterious woman throws off her white mage type cloak and proceeds to thoroughly whoop the soldiers into submission.

Click here to read my full Final Fantasy XIII review

Final Fantasy XIII: Platinum Hits
Final Fantasy XIII: Platinum Hits
Number 4 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. As usual, Square Enix has done an awesome job with their latest installment of the Final Fantasy series, only the second for the Xbox 360. The graphics in this game are amazing and the music is great! This is a top-notch game. - New innovative combat system - 1080i HD capable - 6 different characters to play choose from - 100+ hours of game-play - Amazing cut-scene details - Square Enix - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

After the third World War, earth becomes uninhabitable and mankind is forced to reach out to the stars for salvation.

Star Ocean The Last hope begins 400 years after the war with players taking control of our hero, young Edge Maverick.

Explore the galaxy in your quest, making friends and enemies alike of the alien races that you encounter. Explore four massive worlds and a space station filled with danger at every step.

Fans of the Star Ocean Series will be thrilled to learn that in this Xbox 360 role playing game, Gabrielle Celeste and the Ethereal Queen make quite a major appearance.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Xbox 360
Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Xbox 360
Number 3 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. This Xbox 360 game is one of my favorite role playing games. I am currently 200 hours into my third play-through and only have about 75% of the achievements unlocked. This game will provide any player with hours of endless fun. - Recruit 7 different playable characters - Multiple secret endings - 2 Secret Dungeons will provide players with 100+ hours post-credit play - Real-time battles - Stunning cut-scene visuals - Amazing voice acting cast bring the characters to life - Square Enix - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Star Ocean 4 Xbox 360 Video Review

Xbox 360 Role Playing Games Dragon Age Origins - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

From the creators of Mass Effect 2 and Knights of the Old Republic comes yet another amazing game where every choice you make has drastic consequences on the world around you. When you buy this Xbox 360 role playing game from Amazon, you get a free expansion pack with an extra downloadable character and additional quests.

Players begin Dragon Age Origins with one of six opening scenes depending on what race/class they choose at the start. After the initial scenes the main character becomes one of the last two Grey Wardens in the country.

Grey Wardens are charged with the duty of containing an invasion of cursed beings called "The Blight" and destroying the Arch Demon. (The enemies actually reminded me of the Orc Horde from The Lord of the Rings)

Dragon Age: Origins - Xbox 360
Dragon Age: Origins - Xbox 360
Number 2 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list and my personal favorite. Players will embark on an epic journey with danger lurking with each step. With hundreds of skills and spells to choose from, you will never have the same game experience twice. This Xbox 360 game is definitely worth picking up if enjoy Xbox 360 role playing games. It is one of my favorites. - Recruit 9 different playable characters to form your party - Over 100 optional side-quests to choose from - Hundreds of skills and spells - Unlimited replay value - Bioware - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you will receive free shipping Dragon Age II has now been released and is available for order.

Dragon Age Origins Xbox 360 Video Review

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the latest installment of the Elder Scrolls saga and one of the best games I have played in a very long time.

Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel and the future of the empire hangs in the balance. As the Dragonborn, the prophesied hero born with the power of the voice, you are the only one who can stand among them.

200 years have passed since what has now come to be known as The Oblivion Crisis, with players exploring the mountainous region of Skyrim. Civil war has erupted, dragons have returned and the end of the Empire is at hand.

What adventures await the dragonborn are your to discover in this epic tale of war and destruction. Welcome to Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Xbox 360
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Xbox 360
Number 1 in my top 10 Xbox 360 rpg list. - Huge beautiful open world - Epic dragon battles - 200+ hours game content - 1080i HD capable - When you buy Xbox 360 games from Amazon you get free shipping

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Video Review

Please share your thoughts and tell us what is your favorite Xbox 360 rpg is.


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