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Best 5 Nintendo DSi Games

Updated on August 29, 2009


Hello! Are YOU a fan of Nintendo Dsi but are struggling to find a game that is right for you? Well then, look no further, this is a perfect opportunity for gamers to get an inside look on the latest and most rated games that are on the rise. Even if you are not interested in Nintendo Dsi, stick around, maybe you will like something or learn something new. What is the harm in that? Time to get started.

Number 1 on the list is Mario Party

Number 2 is brain age

Number 3 Mario Kart

Number 4 Saduko Master

Number 5 Brain Age 2

Number 1 on the list is Mario Party. One of the highest rated games designed for both kids and adults alike. Everyone loves mario it just never gets old. For the more mature audience out there, if you will, Mario definately brings back good old memories. Mario Party is a fun and exciting game and I would recommend it for anyone young or old!

Number 2 on the list is brain age, brain age is a little different from regular games it is fun and good for kids and they don’t even know it. While kids are playing its really testing their brain and if it is week, 20 is the highest this way you could even know how well they are doing and if they need a little help I would really recommend this game to parents that want their kids to be happy while their still nurturing the brain.

Number 3 on the list is Mario Kart most people will say “how is mario kart helping our children`s brain” and other stuff. Well all parents know is that games are for fun they are not helping the kids brain or nurturing the brain;nonetheless, they are wrong mario kart was a game designed where your kids have the aportunity to race againts chracter and get them more competitave and pump them up for whats coming in there future and that they should`nt have any fear in them because inside they know that they are a winner.

Number 4 is Saduko Master what saduko master is, is that you or your kids have to use their brain more due to the fact that saduko is a game where your brain has to be alert 4 ways(verticaly,horisontely,right diagonal and left diagonal) witch kids or even parents their self consuntrate more then any games and well you don`t even know it and your brain is getting knolegded and instead of being lazy it is alert at all times by virtue of the fact that your brain is used to be staying alert and reconizes the digits and what they mean I would really recommend this game for everyone and expecially children so if you have kids or you are interested in saduko buy it, it will do you good and your kids.

Number 5 the last one is Brain age 2 is this name famailuar yes brain age 2 is a like as brain age brain age is much easier then brain 2 owing to the fact that brain age is the beginner level so if you want to get brain age I recommend you get brain age 2 as well,moreover, if you were going to get brain age 2 for your kids to give them a challenge it is also ok.


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