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Top 5 LEGO Pirate Ships - My List

Updated on October 1, 2012

The Best LEGO Pirate Ships

I've put together this list of the top 5 LEGO Pirate ships ever, because everyone loves both Pirates and LEGO, right?

The Pirate theme first appeared in 1989, and has been an important part of LEGO history ever since. The Pirates' enemies are the Imperial Soldiers, who seek to keep the seas free of the scurvy pirate dogs and safe for merchant ships.

Pirates were one of my favorite LEGO Themes growing up, second only to Castle, and I spent a good amount of time comparing and contrasting the different ships. Each one has it's strengths and weaknesses, and I've weighed them carefully and come up with my ranking of the best LEGO Pirate ships. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm pretty much an expert on this. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the top 5 best LEGO Pirate Ships!

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Number 5: Skull's Eye Schooner

Skull's Eye Schooner is a serious LEGO Pirate Ship. Armed to the teeth, and with plenty of sail square-footage, this is one to be reckoned with. Not to mention the full complement of 9 pirates included! The sight of that Jolly Roger is bound to strike fear into the hearts of even the doughtiest Imperial Soldier when he sees the full range of cannon on board.


Number 4: Raft Raiders

I know this one hardly counts as a ship, but I think it's a great set. For such a small set, 3 pirates AND a shark was a great deal, and I really liked the little raft. They looked like refugees from a shipwreck trying to make it back to the little desert island where they'd buried their treasure before setting sail again. And look! The treasure is included in the set. Look like I was right all these years!

Number 3: Carribean Clipper

This ship, one for the Imperial Soldiers, is a great little ship. Although smaller than some LEGO pirate ships, it made up for it's diminutive size with elegance. The admiral and imperial soldiers aboard this ship were highly disciplined fighting men, out to rid the seas of those scurvy dogs and make the way safe for merchant vessels to return to the homeland. I always imagined them having British accents, mainly because of pirate movies I had seen, I guess. Ah well, anyway, this ship richly deserved it's spot at number 3 on this list!

Number 2: Imperial Flagship

As the largest pirate ship ever released by LEGO, you might expect to find this one near the top of this list. It's an impressive ship, with 3 masts, 8 sails, and 8 cannon. This ship is also probably the most realistic, and comes complete with 9 minifigs, including the beautiful and rare Admiral's daughter. LEGO really surpassed expectations with this latest round of pirate ships, and this one is worthy of a spot on any list of LEGO Pirate Ships.

Number 1: Black Seas Barracuda

Well, here it is. A classic from the first round of LEGO Pirate sets ever, in 1989. It may just be my nostalgia showing, but for my money this one is the best of them all. It has everything, from the ferocious Captain Redbeard to a longboat for shore parties. It even came with a monkey for the crew, a parrot for the captain, and a plank for prisoners to walk into the shark-infested waters below! What more could a pirate ask for?


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    • profile image

      LegoLegoLego 6 years ago

      I consider Myself a HUGE LEGO FAN, But this is the first time i have seen these Lego Pirates, great reviews on the products, you explain things well, another LENS LIKED!